Zombie Panic! Mod APK 01.01.30

Zombie Panic! Mod APK 01.01.30

Version: 01.01.30 ·
June 12, 2019 (3 years ago)
Full NameZombie Panic! Mod APK
Publisher Classy Lizard
Mod FeaturesMoney
Latest Version01.01.30
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Zombies, maybe you all know who they are and how dangerous they are. For those who do not know, they are zombies no longer human. They can infect you and turn you into a zombie when they catch you and bite or scratch you somewhere. The best way to combat being infected by zombies is to shoot it or run away from it. However, if you really meet a zombie, the first thing most people will do is panic. That’s right, even if you have a gun in your hand, it’s hard for you to hit them with panic that makes you spin and try to find the exit.

Zombie Panic!, zombie apocalyptic game released by Classy Lizard. The player is almost the only survivor in the zombie apocalypse. The big explosion creates a huge fire that always chases after you and you just have to run away from it moderately against a series of zombies who are trying to eat your brain.

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Real panic

Zombie Panic! Does not show the panic of the character on the face because it is designed in pixels and not too detailed about facial features. However, the game makes you panic really for many reasons. The player will always be panicked by the smoke and chase are chasing you so you must always run continuously to not be transformed into zombies. At the same time, you must always fight and find a way to escape the encirclement of zombies trying to catch you. However, the player is even more panic because the control system has a loose part of the game which makes it very difficult for you to move and fight as you wish. Perhaps it is a part that makes the game more interesting but also makes some players skip this game.

Run and shoot

You start with a small gun and a small number of zombies surrounded. You use them to shoot zombies and find no escape from fire and smoke. In the next steps, more and more zombies are waiting for you to run. Players will be given more guns to fight and destroy them. Sometimes you will get the machine gun shot with the ability to shoot bullets continuously, making it easy to destroy many targets when moving the gun back and forth. Sometimes you get a gun that can fire many bullets at the same time in different directions. Thus, in just one shot, you can destroy numerous zombies standing around you on all sides.

Zombie Panic run and shot

It is worth noting, you should not shoot bluff without aiming. You have a limited number of bullets and if you keep firing bullets all the time without hitting zombies, you will run out of bullets before you can kill them all. There are guns that give you 100 to 200 bullets, however, there are guns that only have 7 to 10 bullets. Therefore, you should pay attention to the amount of ammunition you have to be able to plan the best fight.

Continuous attack

The fire will always be behind your back so you can’t turn around when being chased by the excessive number of zombies. There are zombies that use bombs and many other weapons to attack you to make you feel compelled and need to run away from them. But the way in front of them was blocked again and the way to the back was blocked by fire and smoke. This is the moment you have to use guns correctly and keep calm to find a way to escape the siege and crazy attack of zombies.

Operation mechanism

Control and move on the left and aim at the right. This is one of the most familiar mechanisms for action games. However, Zombie Panic!’s control is somewhat of a distraction because they don’t really respond to your will. Do you move in a straight line or move smoothly. Players will sometimes feel frustrated because you have to run around when you are forced to run continuously from the fire and evil mobs.

Zombie Panic mod apk weapons

Random characters and scenes

Follow the latest update of Zombie Panic!, there are already for characters with different looks and costumes that appear randomly every time a player logs into the game. This makes players feel less boring. Players will not know what they will make every time they enter the game. Levels and attacks are also different, so it is difficult to repeat what you played at the previous play.

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Zombie Panic! only released yesterday, however, the game also received some positive feedback from players. This is an entertaining game that is really interesting and worth experiencing. You can now download the games for free on the Google Play Store.

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