Zombie Night Terror APK 1.5 [Mod Money]

Zombie Night Terror APK 1.5 [Mod Money]

Version: 1.5 ·
October 21, 2020 (2 years ago)
Publisher Plug in Digital
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Prepare for the most frightening night of your life with the exciting puzzle game, Zombie Night Terror. In the game, a strange disease appeared and made millions of human turning into bloodthirsty zombies. They walked around the city and attacked the people. However, you would be very surprised because the person who is behind this pandemic is you. In this game, you will not become a superhero to rescue humanity but will become a bad guy who plots to infect people with the disease of zombies. You have to complete the mission of spreading the pandemic to the whole world and wipe out the human race from this planet.

Zombie Night Terror mod apk download

Zombie Night Terror APK [Paid/Latest]

After more than 1 year of release on PC (via the Steam platform), the mobile version of Zombie Night Terror is officially available on Google Play for $ 7.99. At the moment, it is only available in some countries. If you want to experience this game early, we will help you. In this post, we would like to bring you a modified version of the game named Zombie Night Terror APK. It will provide gamers with more advanced features. Moreover, we give you all the information of the game as well as bring the link to download the game for free. Let’s check it out right now!

The gameplay

If your mission in Zombie Catchers is to find and catch wandering zombies, then everything in Zombie Night Terror is the opposite. At the beginning of the game, you will see a short piece of news on television announcing the zombie pandemic. The world became chaotic. But that’s what you want because you are simply behind all these events. You will control an “army of zombies”, wandering in the city and breaking into houses. The mission of the game screen only revolves around 2 things: Bringing your army to the designated point or “eating” a certain number of human. Of course, the task is not easy. People are smart. They quickly adapt to the attack of zombies and fight back with weapons and many traps.

Zombie Night Terror gameplay

Like zombies in other zombie games, your zombie forces are a bit stupid and clumsy. They only listen to your commands mechanically, so you always need to pay attention to them. When you left, zombies will turn their heads back and easily fall into a deadly trap set by the opponents. With the plot to destroy the world, you have to know how to make your zombies smarter to win the game. Besides, you have the right to use mutant genes to upgrade your army and meet the needs of bloodthirsty zombies. You should always remember that your opponents are smart people.

In addition, Zombie Night Terror has over 40 different levels with increasing difficulty according to the playing process. Along the way, you will have to solve puzzles, fight against strong enemies to survive. The closer you get to the goal of destruction, the harder the game’s difficulty is, as well as, the more focused and skillful you have to be.

Zombie Night Terror features

Zombie Night Terror key features

  • Command your zombie forces: you are the head of your army. You can order the zombie army to do anything, even the craziest. There will be no objections. All will follow your orders no matter what the outcome. Besides, you can spread the deadly pandemic to the world by commanding the army to attack humanity.
  • Unique mutation gen system: Owning an immortal zombie army is a great thing, but the mutant zombie army has many advantages. You can take advantage of this to break the enemy’s defenses and gradually create the stronger zombies force. Each zombie type will have its own power and ability, which helps players conquering. Of course, mastering the power of each zombie will make it easy for you to win the game.
  • Combo system: In the game, you not only use the mutant system but also create combos swipe out all the enemies easily.
  • Take care of your army: Gamers always take care of the zombies as pets, in which, you can feed the zombies and keep them busy with human attacks.
  • Freely destroying everything: in a zombie pandemic, people often hide in their homes or under cellars. However, hungry zombies do not allow them to wait. Your army of zombies can destroy walls, break into houses and attack the human.
  • Unique graphics: Zombie Night Terror was designed with simple Pixel graphics. Besides, the color is mostly black. The use of simple graphics game controls can work on most Android devices.


Zombie Night Terror is a great game with suitable graphics and many advanced features. Especially, the game has very unique gameplay. Instead of playing as a superhero like in other Zombies game, you will be a person who is behind the pandemic. It will definitely bring you the most interesting experience. Let’s download Zombie Night Terror APK and enjoy it right now!

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