Zombie Castaways 4.27.1(MOD, Unlimited Money)

Zombie Castaways 4.27.1(MOD, Unlimited Money)

Version: 4.27.1 ·
April 28, 2021 (1 year ago)
Full NameZombie Castaways
Mod FeaturesUnlimited Money
Latest Version4.27.1
RequireAndroid 4.2
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Zombie Castaways by VIZOR breathes a different air compared to the other video games about zombies. If you think that this video game is another tired example of the Plants Vs. Zombies copy-cat, then you are wrong. In fact, Zombie Castaways is deserved to stand next to Plants Vs. Zombies in the list of the best video games about the deadly creatures that live among humans. Apart from the combat between a force of zombies and humans, Zombie Castaways centers on how the zombies build their life on such beautiful lands.

Interesting Background

The game background no one sees before. Everyone likes getting involved in the dead matches that allow the players to use sorts of weapons to kill zombies, but none of us has known that humanizing zombies is even more exciting.

In the game world of Zombie Castaways, the players will have the chance to experience a farm frenzy gameplay with the appearance of the zombie characters. Zombie Castaways has created such adorable zombies carrying the works of cultivating and building the farms.

Yes, not a post-apocalyptic background like LDOE, Zombie Castaways brings a lot of fun thanks to friendly zombies.

An outstanding storyline

Once upon a time, there lived a zombie who carried huge feelings for a living woman. The borderline between a human and a zombie never fails to be a great deal, and that’s why the protagonist zombie had to accomplish a series of works on an island to help him win the life of a human and get to his dream girl. Zombie Castaways tells a story that can actually break anyone’s heart.

Zombie Castaways Story

However, upon the story of the protagonist zombie, Zombie Castaways brings out a main goal for the players to follow until they are able to write a happy ending for the game’s love story.

Many exciting quests

Following the storyline of Zombie Castaways, we have quite a lot of tasks to handle if we want our zombie protagonist to have a happy ending.

At the beginning of the game, you will see that the island where your base is not big enough for you to live in. Starting from that point, you will learn how to get your very first tool to cut down trees and dig stones in order to expand your land. For sure, we should not forget that the main quest of Zombie Castaways is cultivating plants. You can come to the in-game Market to buy new favorite seeds, like Blueberry, Clover or Rye. In addition to that, the seeds can be a part of some quests in the game, like combining or crafting new items.

As you advance in the game, you may see that you can expand your impact out of your island. Zombie Castaways allows the players to conquer the surrounding lands and take over whatever they want to enrich their income throughout the gameplay.

More than just one iconic image

All of the creatures in Zombie Castaways are incredible to play with, hereunder are some of the most necessary examples.

The spirit of the gameplay is the Water Well, which provides you with tons of tools and other useful items. The role of the Water Well is quite big since you are able to reach it and ask it for help from the beginning of the game. If you want the Water Well to produce more items for your work, you will need to upgrade it in the later chapters when you are able to.

Zombie Castaways Water well

Just like the Water Well, The Gate House also plays an impressive role throughout the gameplay of Zombie Castaways. Whenever you want to build a ship, the GateHouse will be the first thing you have in mind.

Furthermore, you can come to Faith Crypt to collect items that you need for your future journey and even your construction work.

Graphics and Sound

While you are experiencing the great islands, you will be catching up with the prominent game features. Zombie Castaways offers elegant graphics, every little thing in the game never fails to show its beautiful details. In addition to that, it is not a lie to say that the effects in the game have overcome the limitations of a mobile video game for their liveliness.

Besides the bright and enthusiastic game original music, the tinkling sounds you often hear in the game will ease your mind and encourage you to invest your gameplay the best way you can!


Ever since the game marks its first appearance in the huge market, Zombie Castaways has received more than seventy millions of downloads. The players around the world can’t help waiting for the new upgrades monthly from the game developers, and more positive reviews continue to show up at the official pages of the game on various digital stores. If you have always been a fan of farm frenzy video games, then this video game Zombie Castaways is the right pick for you this weekend. Please download the game to follow the link below.

Download Zombie Castaways 4.27.1(MOD, Unlimited Money)

Download (98M)

You are now ready to download Zombie Castaways for free. Here are some notes:

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