Xiaomi Survival Game APK + OBB Download for Android

Xiaomi Survival Game APK + OBB Download for Android

Version: 1.0 ·
January 18, 2019 (4 years ago)
Publisher Xiaomi
Latest Version1.0

Since PUBG appeared on PC in 2017 and quickly became a storm, there have been many other games that quickly get into the Battle Royale theme and become popular. Basically, these games are like a 3rd-person shooter, but there are many different factors that make it appealing to players. Firstly, the game is still the fierce competition among other players on a shrinkable map. A balanced gameplay mechanism at the beginning of the game makes all players have the same starting point. The win depends on skill and a bit of luck. Overall, producing a Game Royale game is not difficult because the rules have been already available. But that ease makes it hard to succeed because there are so many games inspired by PUBG. Therefore, players have more options to find suitable games.

We cannot deny the appeal of this game genre. Xiaomi also decided to embark on developing a Battle Royale game of its own and officially released on Play Store.

The new Battle Royale game from Xiaomi is called Xiaomi Survival Game, taking the sci-fi context and coming with many interesting features and game modes like Fortnite. In the game, the battle will start with a lot of players. Their mission is to fight with other players on the map to find the winner, meaning the last survivor.

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Familiar gameplay

Xiaomi Survival Game brings the players similar gameplay to other Battle Royale games. To start each game, 100 players will move on a spaceship to outer space. Here, they have the right to choose the place, time to land and start the war of survival. Instead of playing at random maps, players are allowed to choose the Map that they want before starting the battle. It will make the game experience easier because players can focus on practicing skills at familiar maps. After landing, the most important mission is to find and collect items on the map. You should find and collect the suitable weapons and be ready to attack the opponent. The winner is the last person surviving on the map.

Xiaomi Survival game all heroes

The developer also added a bit of an RPG game element when allowing players to choose one of the 4 Hero classes. They are BigUncle, Nekoneko, Ragnar and Nefertari. Each hero will have different attributes. You need to use Chip or Money to unlock a new class.

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The Game Modes

Xiaomi Survival Game offers 2 main game modes including Solo and Squad. At Solo mode, you will play alone and join the match with up to 99 other players. The battle still takes place with normal rules, in which the winner is the only survivor. The squad is a team mode, which means you can invite friends to form a team or randomly join other players in the server and participate in the battle. This is a popular game mode because it has tactical elements from the combination of team members. Besides, playing and communicating with other players always brings a more fun experience.
Currently, Dua mode is not yet available. The developer also announced that it would come with a future update.

The graphics

Xiaomi Survival Game uses the beautiful 3D graphics. However, according to our evaluation, its sharpness and image quality is inferior to PUBG Mobile. However, it is still enough to bring the good gaming experience on many Android devices. Besides, Survival Game is also optimized by Xiaomi on many levels and tested on different smartphones on the market, which will ensure the smoothest gaming experience. However, the company has not yet disclosed a list of devices that will be supported. At the Battle option in Setting, players can change the Fame Rate to suit their device configuration. The lowest level is 20Fps and the maximum is 60. Of course, to play at the highest FPS, your device needs a powerful CPU and GPU.


It seems a bit late to release a Battle Royale game at the present. Because PUBG and Fortnite are still the top names and have great attraction. However, Xiaomi still knows how to make a difference in their products. Xiaomi Survival Game brings pure PUBG gameplay and adds many unique features that make the battle in the game more fun and interesting. Currently, you cannot download it directly from the Play Store because the game is still in beta. If you want to experience it early, you can only install Survival Game via APK file. Please download it at the link we provided below!

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