WorldBox 0.8.1 (MOD, Free Shopping)

WorldBox 0.8.1 (MOD, Free Shopping)

Version: 0.8.1 ·
April 26, 2021 (1 year ago)
Full NameWorldBox
Publisher Maxim Karpenko
Mod FeaturesFree shopping
Latest Version0.8.1
RequireAndroid 5.0
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Bringing back the old school video game vibe with its pixel graphic, WorldBox is a “God Simulator” game released by an indie studio called Maxim Karpenko in 2018. With more than 5 million downloads and an average rate of 4.3 stars out of 5, WorldBox proves itself to be one of the most popular games for its genre.

A quick look at this game

Bizarrely addicting and relaxing at the same time, WorldBox gives players a chance to create a world for their own in a sandbox mode, where players can freely choose to create anything from a variety of options. Differs from thousands of games from the same genre available on app stores with its cool looking graphics and simple gameplay, the game promises player fun and unique gaming experience.

WorldBox mod download

Players can choose to play the game with its default options, or buy the full version of it, which will offer even more exciting functions permanently.

Simple but addictive gameplay

Players will take the role of a god-like character, living in a 2D pixel world, which gives them the ability to freely built and destroy, thus creating their own world. They are introduced to 5 basic tabs that contain various elements needed for their use.

WorldBox gameplay

The first tab contains landscape choices like mountains, soil, hill or ocean. Second tabs contain civilization related choices like humans, villages, territories or mythical creatures like orcs and elves. Civilizations will also develop on their own, starting from prehistoric men. The third one would contain a pretty impressive list of animals and monsters. From basic rabbits to aggressive bears, from cute chickens to fearfully giant worms that destroy the landscape, the game has it all. The fourth tab contains nature and disasters elements like rains or tornado, players can choose to use them either as a way of aiding aid the living creatures, or destroying some villages or some herds of sheep. The final one is offering players quite an amount of destruction powers like bombs or nuclear bombs as a way for players to experience the loss as one is being activated.

However, to fully experience WorldBox, players can choose to purchase the full version packs to unlock even more cool elements to spice up the game. Or they can choose to watch an ad to experience the full version for 30 minutes.

A peaceful utopia or a cruel world of war

The game offers players a function called “World Laws” which can give them the choice to choose between two modes: forever peaceful or constant violence. For peaceful mode, people do not attack each other and would focus on building villages or doing producing goods like minerals and crops.

On the other hand, in the aggressive mode, players will have a chance to thrillingly watched constantly aggressive wars between villages. People will have to fight with not just humans, but also from predators like bears or wolves. However, an aggressive would be more interesting to experience as it can portrait the world in a realistic way, where everything has to try their best to sustain their life. Setting the game in its aggressive world might be the best way for the world simulator in its name to be understood.

Old school feeling graphics

WorldBox gives players a sense of nostalgia as it uses the 2D cool looking pixel style art. Despite the designs are being fairly simple, comparing to other popular sandbox games, WorldBox still has it as a strength since they are easy to understand and memorized, therefore its players only need a short amount of time to competently control their worlds.

WorldBox graphics

The variety of looks for objects like houses or trees for this game is also a place for the compliment. Based on the outside activities of the creatures living nearby, objects can change their looks gradually. A small wood house can become a stone house with the help of its owner as the owner is developing. A cool thing about this game is whenever a tree is being cut down, another tree would automatically grow back to replace the old tree in a random position. It is like watching the real world.

Exploding effects in the game are unexpectedly amazing as the explosions are realistic looking, and their physical effects are also being very accurately and rationally demonstrated. From harmless and beautiful fireworks to horrible and scary atomic bombs, just set them up and let the game work it out.

What’s in the latest mod version?

We bring you the latest mod of Worldbox. Here are the mod features:

  • Unlimited resources: You can use unlimited in-game resources.
  • Free shopping everything in the game.
  • No ads.

Final thoughts on the game

A well-designed game that could be addictive and relaxing at the same time, WorldBox Sandbox God Simulator offers players a chance to experience the ability to freely creating and destroying a world of their own. Already being well-known and beloved by millions of people, the game is promised to let anyone with an interest in this genre down. WorldBox is widely available on app stores and ready to be downloaded. Come on and give it a try!

3.8/5 (48 votes)

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