WitchSpring4 2.7 (MOD, Paid)

WitchSpring4 2.7 (MOD, Paid)

Version: 2.7 ·
January 21, 2021 (2 years ago)
Full NameWitchSpring4
Publisher Kiwiwalks Co.
Mod FeaturesPaid, Patched
Latest Version2.7
RequireAndroid 5.0 and up
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Among hundred of Role-playing video games released each year, the Korean video game WitchSpring 4 promises to give the players with the prominent features inspired by the dreaming animated movies. Coming from Kiwiwalks Co., Ltd., WitchSpring 4 has scored an almost perfect score in multiple critical reviews. The game is the fourth installment within the series of the same name, and it is now available on platforms including Google Play, App Store, and TapTap from December 19th, 2019.

Regardless of the fact that WitchSpring 4 has just debuted in less than a week as a paid application, it still managed to receive more than 30,000 downloads. The success of the game proves its undeniable attraction, as well as the loyalty of the WitchSpring series’s fandom.

WitchSpring4 for Android

Kiwiwalks has released the latest version of WitchSpring4 on December 22nd, 2019, and it weights around 30M. The game requires devices with Android from version 5.0. The users have to enable the game to get access to their device’s gallery, memory, and Wi-fi connection in order to play. There’s no limit in the ages of the users, which means this game is content-safe for anyone to play and have fun with.

WitchSpring4’s plot

WitchSpring4 tells the tale of Moccamori, who is the queen of Ürphea. Ürphea is the 3rd continent within the world of WitchSpring. This land used to belong to the King of Vavelia. After the Ürphea Spring War, Moccamori has taken over the entire land. Her job now is seeking to conquer Vavelia and Derkarr, the other two continents.

WitchSpring4 story

Moccamori is a witch, and she has multiple minions working for her. She crafts items to upgrade her powers. There will be more than one time when Moccamori has to go exploring on her own. As the story keeps going, she will become even more powerful.

Adorable and intensive gameplay

WitchSpring4 features the combats that include the softest elements, but still be thrilling enough to draw the player’s attention. The players can craft items and spells to make the protagonist grow so much stronger. Throughout the game, the story of the game will be revealed through the character’s bubbles of conversations.

Great combats with deep elements

There are five different factors that contribute to the great combats in the game, including Soul Stone, Talon Attacks, Magic Talons, Spells, and Minions.

The Soul Stone boosts Moccamori’s stats in any battle. The boost raises its level to increase itself, and this act requires feeding it the magic powers from the dead enemies.

WitchSpring4 combat

Apart from the previous version of WitchSpring4, the protagonist can now obtain completely new attack types as soon as she gets stronger. The Talon attacks can be unlocked through Fight training. Besides, the Magic Talons can help Moccamori to compensate for the limitations of the regular Talon Attacks. Through Magic Level training, Moccamori will gain more Magic Talon skills.

From WitchSpring4, the players can have Moccamori creating a spell’s form by using a medium including a bow, sword or spear and imbuing it with the elemental magic. The three Magic elements that the protagonist can use are Fire, Lightning, and Ice.

Last but not least, Moccamori’s minions help her to acquire incredible powers during a battle. Moccamori’s minions can wear her inherited weapons, which is a big help in battle.

Character’s development

To support the combats in WitchSpring4, there is a wide range of equipment for the protagonist. Three available equip slots are: outfits, accessories, and weapons. The players can change the types of equipment through the item menu, as well as filter all of them by tapping on the Armor icon in the bottom menu, or filter by individual kind by tapping on the + icon.

WitchSpring4 characters

The protagonist’s outfits are freely interchangeable in the main storyline. When one outfit is equipped, it gives her bonus effects. Furthermore, the outfits can be swapped in the Royal Chamber’s armoire when the protagonist owns at least two different outfits.

The game gives the player “Browning Light” as a default outfit. Using additional talons, Moccamori can bolster her Talons’ strength. Some additional Talons come from enemy drops, while the others come from recipes of Pruto Weaponsmith Barnell and Lunata Weaponsmith Dorman. Almost every accessory of Moccamori can be bought, while only Brinicle’s Blessing can be crafted using the recipe from the main story.

WitchSpring4’s mechanics

Comparing to the earlier installment in the series of WitchSpring, it is easy to notice that the graphics of the fourth installment is the way “more lively”. The character’s movements become smoother, and they aren’t inflexible like before. As mentioned above, the skills and effects system of the characters look way more gorgeous, which draws all of the players’ attention in the matter of second.

The sounds and music in WitchSpring4 ease the players’ experience with violin instruments and deeply relaxing whistle. The players will be diving deep in a world where magic does exist, and the edge between dream and life is blurred.

In conclusion

WitchSpring4 deserves your attention, and as the game is still releasing more precious updates, you can have the chance to cope with more enhanced gaming elements in the future. Let’s have fun with the magical world of this game, and rule the world as the real emperor now! 

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