Winter Survival MOD APK 0.0.3

Winter Survival MOD APK 0.0.3

Version: 0.0.3 ·
November 18, 2019 (3 years ago)
Full NameWinter Survival MOD
Publisher Winter Game
Mod FeaturesEnemy can't move
Latest Version0.0.3
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There’s no more high-tech survival equipment. The world, as you know it is gone – everything is now buried in ice and snow. That’s terrible enough, but zombies called White Walkers are waiting for you! Welcome to Winter Survival: The Last Zombie Shelter On Earth, where you can use your survival and building skills to escape this freezing nightmare. We also bring you the latest mod of this game. So You can download and play it completely for free.

Introduction to the game

As the name suggests, the world is now buried in the freezing winter. There’s no shelter to face the cold and dangerous hungry zombies. But staying with our kind isn’t safe either – people fight each other for food and warmth. No modern technology is available now. Instead, you are given the tools of the cold along with magic to build the best shelter and defend against White Walkers.

People co-exist with dragons in this game, too. Your ultimate goal is to find the Hidden Dragon clan. They’ll help anyone to expand and be the most potent human resistance in this cold world.

Winter Survival has a unique gameplay

Similar to Last Day On Earth, the game brings a hot and competitive survival atmosphere. The art style of the game reminds me of the age of dragons, and the inventory is also realistic for that period. Your bag is pretty small with a few slots, so you need to select items every time you go out for resources carefully.

Winter Survival gameplay

It’s not always good to attack the White Walkers all the time. It’s best to avoid them, and attacking is the last options. Attacking one can result in many zombies coming to hunt you down. Therefore, it’s necessary to build your base strategically. By doing it, the chance of encountering zombies reduces, and they’ll have no way of entering your shelter. But not only zombies can harm you. The winter’s frostbites are more likely to bring you down. If you don’t equip yourself with a coat and boots, there’s a high chance that you’ll die very quickly. This feature adds some more realism to the game’s set up, and it reminds us how dangerous nature can be.

The game is great just to look at

Winter Survival has a 2.5D perspective. Overall, I can see the game’s potential in terms of graphics even though it’s only an early access game. Motions and actions are smooth to the eyes. The map is continuously in dark conditions, but the game’s lighting and effects give it a mysterious look, which is suitable for games this genre.
I also appreciate the way artists illustrate in-game objects. Nothing feels too round, soft, or too edgy. That makes the game a little cartoony and absolutely fun to play.
For zombies, the White Walkers, their actions, and facial impressions aren’t much similar to horror games. The way they walk is somewhat goofy, but getting trapped in a zombie crowd is something you must avoid at all costs.

It’s relatively simple to control your character

The control layout is pretty straightforward. You get a joystick for direction, a button for chopping wood, one for using the shovel and, most importantly, a big button for attacking.

Winter Survival MOD APK tip and trick

Some tips and tricks that I found

Although the game is still relatively new, my skills in survival games translate well into it. If you’re building something, it’s best to gather as many people as you can to construct. Less time is spent on building, and more shelter is available.
Furthermore, there should be no vacancies in every part of your shelter. There have to be at least 2 people to guard each location, so it doesn’t take time to move from one place to another.

And did I mention that you shouldn’t always attack zombies? They can come out in hundreds – you won’t stand a chance. If you manage to escape, though, you’ll likely still die because of blizzard damage.

My final verdict

The game runs well in spite of being early access. I installed it on my Samsung Galaxy tablet, and it runs effortlessly. It also doesn’t drain my battery and put my device to extreme heat. Advertisements are non-intrusive. They don’t interrupt my gaming experience much. In-app-purchases are still unavailable, as the game’s pretty new. This game is suitable for those who like a survival theme. It has everything you crave for crafting, sheltering, and expanding your base. The graphics and the game set up feel realistic enough, and the control is smooth.

Anyway, it’s still in early access, so it’s prone to bugs and crashes. I never get a crash myself, but ran into a bug where all of my characters just went nowhere. Nevertheless, I’m sure the developers are going to work hard for the game’s official release. As a result, I give Winter Survival a 7/10 rating. It’s a promising title in the survival genre. Go check it out on the Google Play Store, the creators still let users download the game for early access.

How to Install?

  • Download the file below that we provide. Save it to your device
  • Open the APK file and install it as usual.
  • Unzip the OBB file, move it to the Android / OBB path. The exact result is Android / OBB / com.wintersurvival.zombie/

Download Winter Survival MOD APK 0.0.3

Download (29MB)

You are now ready to download Winter Survival MOD for free. Here are some notes:

  • Please check our installation guide.
  • Some applications will only run when you install the correct file that matches your device’s chipset. If you don’t know what chipset your device uses, check it with CPU Z.
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