Wild Beyond APK 1.80

Wild Beyond APK 1.80

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February 10, 2019 (4 years ago)
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Wild Beyond is a fast-paced RTS-inspired PVP combat game on Android and iOS. The game brings the same gameplay as Clash Royale of Super Cell, but there are some differences from content and features. The game is based on science fiction and out-of-space context.

In this article, we will instruct you on how to download and install this game easily on your Android device.

Wild Beyond apk

Selecting your faction

The game was inspired by the battles in space, in which the players control their army to fight against opponents by breaking their defense system and destroy Commander. At the beginning of the game, you need to select Factions to join. The game has 3 different factions:

  • Rogue: The warriors who survived after the war of Revelation, who live in a chaotic and dangerous society.
  • Legion: An army of many complex elements, who have great strength and combat skills.
  • Ascension: Represented by artificial intelligence. In which, there are many super robots with great fighting capability. However, their strong point is the high defensive ability.

In the game, each player needs a commander, who directly affects the tactics and the desk that you are building.

Wild Beyond gameplay

Fight and win fame

Fighting and enhancing your fame are the ways to show your army’s strength in the galaxy. A battle takes place within 3 minutes, which is shown on the horizontal screen. You and your opponent are placed on a miniature map where you have to manage and arrange your troops. When the time expires without any side being completely destroyed, the game will be based on the damage of the two sides to bring out the winner.

Wild Beyond apk for android

You summon and manage troops through the cards, which show up with a list just below the screen. So, You can drag and drop them to summon. Remember, You can only place your troops on your land. In battle, each faction is protected by a green or red energy shield, in which your task is to destroy the other side’s shield for destroying the Commander. The game ends when a commander is killed.

To summon a unit, you need energy. You should remember that it is not endless. Your energy is displayed just below the cards which will automatically fill. Each time you use a card, you will consume energy corresponding to the number shown on the left side of the card. You should use the proper cards to match your energy to win the game.

The game mode

There are currently three main game modes including multiplayer, campaign and quest. In multiplayer mode, you will join the server and play with other players around the world. Of course, you need the internet connection if you want to play this mode. Every battle situation takes place in real time so there will be no room for even the smallest mistakes. Campaign mode is where you can explore the different areas of the galaxy. The map of the game consists of different regions. You must complete all stages in a region if you want to unlock the next region. Quest is where you see the missions. You have to complete them to receive valuable rewards.

Expand and enhance your Desk

At present, there are six commanders and more than 70 units from 3 factions. The existing Commanders are Kuro, Giga, Avasa, Roxie and Nash. Commander brings different effects to your desk. So you should choose a suitable Commander for your tactics. Do not forget that these Kamen riders are not available as soon as you start the game. You can only choose one to unlock. You need Alliance Tokens to unlock the remaining Commander. There is a quick way to unlock the Commander is to buy the Elite Membership Pack.

Wild Beyond desks

After each win, you will receive the random gifts that are sometimes cards. You can collect enough cards if you want to upgrade units in your desk. A card has two other attributes including Heath and Damage. You can improve these stats by upgrading.

Should the players buy Elite Membership?

Wild Beyond offers an elite membership package that allows you to purchase if you want. When you buy this package, you will receive some special benefits like quick level-up, double the bonus and unlock the Commander faster. In fact, you may not care about it, but you can still experience the game completely without any difficulty. If you want to accelerate the gaming process, you can buy it. If you are just a regular gamer, you can skip it and enjoy the game.

Final Verdict

Overall, Wild Beyond is a fun and easy-to-play Android game that you should try. Although it has a bit of influence from Clash Royale‘s gameplay, there are still many interesting features for you to explore. The game is available for free at Play Store and App Store. You can download the game from the link below.


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