Weed Inc: Idle Tycoon Mod APK 2.76.28

Weed Inc: Idle Tycoon Mod APK 2.76.28

Version: 2.76.28 ·
April 30, 2021 (1 year ago)
Publisher Metamoki
Mod FeaturesMoney
Latest Version2.76.28
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Weed Inc: Idle Tycoon is an idle clicker game for Android smartphones and tablets. The game was developed by Metamoki. Now, it is available for free to download and install on Play Store and App Store. In the game, you will become the boss of a cannabis farm. Your company grows and sells marijuana for medical purposes (not for drug addicts). Of course, your company is licensed, as well as, local certification is completely legal. Therefore, you can be assured of growing and distributing marijuana for medical globally.

We have introduced many other Idle Clicker games on Android but they have different themes. In which, Idle Miner Tycoon allows you to master a mine; Idle Supermarket Tycoon makes you a supermarket manager. In this game, you are the boss of a cannabis distribution company. You must have never thought of that before. It is hard to make that happen in real life. In the game world, Weed Inc: Idle Tycoon will help you do this easily and attractively. In this article, we bring a special version of the game which has some advanced features such as unlimited Gold and Cash that are not available in the original version. Let’s check it out right below!

Weed Inc Idle Tycoon mod apk

Manage and develop your marijuana factory

As mentioned, in Weed Inc, you became a boss who manages a production plant. Marijuana and its preparations are the items that your factory produces. The process to make the final products is also not simple. They are a closed loop: Growing, harvesting, processing and distributing. Initially, you will sell marijuana products to customers who visit your factory. Their needs are not the same, so you need to know how to optimize production to make suitable things. Once you have credibility and profitability, you must develop the factory to a larger scale. If you are eligible, you can partner with other companies to distribute marijuana around the world. Of course, everything is not easy. You will start your work with a small factory in San Francisco. After that, you have to develop it to earn a big profit then expand your business to other big cities like New York, Los Angeles or Denver.

Weed Inc Idle Tycoon bussiness

The game simulates the production process in a simple and interesting way. In reality, to grow and process marijuana, it requires a long and complicated process. But, in Weed Inc, everything was surprisingly minimal to the developer. With the support of modern machines, the production process takes place automatically.

Hire more employees

Weed Inc: Idle Tycoon brought a cannabis plant with modern machinery. However, you still need people to operate them, so hiring staff is necessary. Similar to other Idle games on mobile, in-game profits are automatically generated even when you are offline. To increase them, you need good employees. At the beginning of the game, you have to do everything yourself. When you have your first sales, you need to hire staff to work for you. There are important positions in your factory as harvesters, salesman and general manager. To evaluate the employees, you need to look at their index. Of course, the better the employee, the more the payroll will be.

Weed Inc Idle Tycoon hire managers

With these employees, your job becomes freer. Now, instead of doing everything yourself, you will just need to manage it together. Of course, you should upgrade the existing employees and recruit new ones as soon as possible for to make your factory the world’s largest marijuana one.

Expanding business market/upgrading machines

As mentioned, you start Weed Inc: Idle Tycoon at a small factory based in San Francisco. You are an ambitious boss, so you have to do your best to make this place the largest and most attractive to those who love marijuana. In the game, your task revolves around two things including managing and upgrading. If you do these two things well, your company will be more and more developing. When you feel your city is small, you should think about expanding your market to the other big cities like New York or Los Angeles. They help you attract more customers and increase your money.

Weed Inc Idle Tycoon new locations

Machines are the main tool for your work, so don’t forget to take care of them. Upgrade will help them produce more goods. Of course, you need to upgrade everything balanced. You may have over needed ingredients while the bottling machine does not meet the productivity.

The graphics and sound

Weed Inc: Idle Tycoon uses graphics quite similar to other mobile Idle games we have introduced. The design is simple with animated style. Each of your employees has his/her costumes and looks. You can even remember their names. Using friendly graphics makes the game always give players a relaxing feeling. Also, the game works smoothly on many Android devices.

The sound of the game is not so prominent but it still good enough. The music background and other sounds are as simple as the design of the game. It makes gamers focus more on the main things of the game.


Generally, Weed Inc: Idle Tycoon is an interesting Mobile Idle game that you should not miss. There were not many tasks that caused a headache because Weed Inc: Idle Tycoon is really a game for idle when it only took a few minutes a day to do everything. We have also provided the latest mod of the game for free with unlimited money, which is surely not available in the original version. Let’s download and enjoy the game right now!


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