Valhalla Chronicle: Endless Ragnarok APK

Valhalla Chronicle: Endless Ragnarok APK

Version: 1.0 ·
April 17, 2019 (3 years ago)
Publisher X-Legend Entertainment
Latest Version1.0

Valhalla Chronicle: Endless Ragnarok was designed and marketed by X-Legend Entertainment – a Taiwanese developer, producer, and founder who only has a reputation for PC MMORPG games such as the Aura Kingdom. As an awakening, realizing the value and future of Laplace M – an emerging game, published by Zilong Game, the giant in entertainment on PC games of Taiwan has boldly tried and released beta version of Valhalla Chronicle: Endless Ragnarok, inspired by Laplace M with a typical new point, is suitable for playing on mobile devices. Coming to Valhalla Chronicle: Endless Ragnarok, you will be transformed into characters in the Ragnarok universe as heroes from myths and legends such as Thor, Loki, even the Frog Prince...


If you have played MMORPG games on X-Legend Entertainment PC games before, you will have to believe in the quality as well as the interesting that Valhalla Chronicle: Endless Ragnarok contains though this game is made to play for mobile devices instead of PC as usual. And it will be even more appealing to gamers who are waiting for the super-sounding Valhalla Chronicle: X-Legend Entertainment’s Endless Ragnarok when they heard about Valhalla Chronicle: The Endless Ragnarok was born to compete officially with Laplace M of Zilong Game publisher famous. You can play Laplace M first, then play Valhalla Chronicle: Endless Ragnarok, then you will have the most accurate comparison and feel of Valhalla Chronicle: Endless Ragnarok.


Accurately speaking, Valhalla Chronicle: Endless Ragnarok is a strategic action RPG. Valhalla Chronicle: Endless Ragnarok has a diverse character system, from available to high-class characters that can only be opened when players are at a fixed level and condition. Players will transform into legendary heroes and fight with others, using a combination of skills and help effects. The interesting point in this familiar way of playing this pk game genre is the choice of characters and flexible fighting according to different matches, instead of repeating the old movements and gameplay. Enjoy the feeling of being a hero, fighting to lose blood, and even if you’re not careful, you’ll die and have to leave the battlefield in regret.


New interesting features in Valhalla Chronicle: Endless Ragnarok

Interesting for players in Valhalla Chronicle: Endless Ragnarok is a game that contains many surprises after every duel, depending on the outcome of the player’s gain. Gradually conquering and unlocking characters or collecting items is also considered a feature that has surprises and stimulates the player’s passion to conquer. Giving off powerful blows and the flexibility to avoid enemy attacks will never be boring in Valhalla Chronicle: Endless Ragnarok.

Valhalla Chronicle Endless Ragnarok mod apk

Graphics and Sound

Graphics of Valhalla Chronicle: Endless Ragnarok is carefully cared for. This can easily be noticed through every tiny detail of the character. With the creation of characters in the 3D – anime format with high aesthetics, the combination of colors and vivid, non-natural movements have created a charm right after looking at Valhalla Chronicle: Endless Ragnarok. In terms of sound, Valhalla Chronicle: Endless Ragnarok uses a fast, powerful, characteristic sound source of familiar fighting game genres, which acts as a drum on the arena, cheering spirit and mind Releases for game players.


If you are a loyal fan of the mythical series and hypothetical movies about the end of Ragnarok, Valhalla Chronicle: Endless Ragnarok is for you. Enjoy the moment of becoming a hero in the world you long for. Enjoy the dangerous fighting moments that splendor you imagine only in legends and movies. And enjoy complete relaxation and endless entertainment with Valhalla Chronicle: Endless Ragnarok anytime, anywhere with just a small portable mobile device. Don’t wait any longer without downloading Valhalla Chronicle: Endless Ragnarok on the machine and conquer the mighty Ragnarok right away.

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