Utopia: Origin APK+ OBB 2.9.0 [Mod/Unlocked]

Utopia: Origin APK+ OBB 2.9.0 [Mod/Unlocked]

Version: 2.9.0 ·
April 10, 2021 (1 year ago)
Full NameUtopia: Origin
Publisher HERO Game
Mod FeaturesUnlocked
Latest Version2.9.0
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Utopia: Origin is an attractive survival game on the mobile platform, which was built on beautiful graphics. In the game, you need to collect resources, build a residence and search for food to live, even establish a kingdom.

Utopia Origin APK

Utopia Origin APK+Data for Android

Utopia: Origin is available on mobile platforms (Android and iOS), so you can get it for free from the app market. However, if you want to unlock more features, you need a mod version that is mentioned in this article. First of all, let’s take look at the game right now!

Utopia: Origin Key Features

The story

Utopia: Origin has a very simple story, which is similar to many other space travel games. In the game, when you woke up from sleep, you find that you were no longer in the familiar room. You were in a fantasy world, as beautiful as paradise. This is Utopia, the land of Beia. Only survival instincts and adventure hobbies can help you explore Utopia and find ways to get back to real life. Fortunately, you will start the game with something good. You will the great help from Xiaxia, who is the guide in the game. Your exciting adventure will start here.

Utopia_ Origin story

Some survival games like Survival: Man vs. Wild or Ark: Survival Evolved brings you to the gloomy world. Their content is also directed to survive. Utopia: Origin is unlike. It welcomes you with a colorful and bright, even magical world. Here there are legendary or fairy-tale creatures like dragons and unicorns … Of course, the survival factor is still top but Utopia: Origin also focuses on adventure elements.

Build your campsite

The first task to survive is to find a place to live. The world in Utopia: Origin is vast. However, there are no houses available. In the game, you have to build your shelter. Xiaxia said that when night falls, spooky creatures begin to appear, which can attack you. The only thing that scared them was Light. So make sure you have built a safe and lighting house to avoid unexpected attacks.

Utopia Origin mod apk

To build the house, Utopia: Origin offers a variety of options allowing you to be creative in your home. Materials are everywhere. They are stone, wood, grass… You need to process them into construction resources. You can also combine ingredients to create weapons or items that support in-game missions.

Learn how to survive

There is one important thing that we always remind you to pay attention to in the game, in which you need to know how to balance the physical and mental strength of the character. To do this, you need to eat on time and don’t forget to fire at night. In addition, building a house to avoid bad weather, making clothes to ensure character index … You also have to create weapons to confront the wild creatures in Utopia: Origin. However, these animals will be a source of precious ingredients such as meat, skin, and nails… They will help you create superior and more durable items.

download Utopia Origin apk

Explore the immense world

After completing the house, you can start exploring the magical world in the game. In Utopia: Origin, the ambient background is quite diverse with islands, forests, deserts and snow-capped mountains, treasures …

Utopia Origin game features

In each different geographical location, it will also bring resources and secrets. The secret is hidden deep that you can slowly explore during the game. It may be a treasure that creative gods are currently protected by monsters or the wreckage of unknown time with chests full of gold and high-end equipment…

Tame wild animals

Wild animals can become your companions. You should search and tame them into friendly pets. To ride a wild horse back home, you first need to prepare food for it. When you smell the aroma of food, the horses will come and enjoy. This is the time for you to win them. In which, you should gently climb on the horse, let the sunshine on the shoulder and begin the journey to explore the wild world of Utopia: Origin. Riding animals not only help you move through the land faster but they also support you in fighting with other opponents.

Utopia Origin gameplay

Play your way

Utopia: Origin brings two game modes including Peace and Chaos.

  • In Chaos mode, you will be met with challenges and threats from other players as you explore the world and build a hearth. Revel in the joy of competition!
  • In Peace Mode, you can play with ten thousands of other players, explore the world, build your health and build your own utopia.

The game world is very large, in which there is almost no limit. You can do whatever you want to explore Utopia. The game also brings many other survival features like mining, fishing, cooking … They will make sure you are always busy in Utopia: Origin to create your own world. In addition, you can even do all of the above with your friends. Beautiful and bright graphics are also a point to help you always have a comfortable spirit to enjoy the activities available in Utopia: Origin.


Utopia: Origin is one of the best survival games on Android and iOS. The game brings a large open world with a lot of quests and challenges for players to conquer. In addition, the game also helps players in creating communities for supporting each other to complete their tasks. If you feel tired of the intense survival battles in the Battle Royale Game, you should experience the new survival gameplay in Utopia: Origin.

We bring the latest mod of the game in this article. Please download it via the link we provide. If you have any questions about the game, please leave a comment below.

Download Utopia: Origin APK+ OBB 2.9.0 [Mod/Unlocked]

Download (49M)

You are now ready to download Utopia: Origin for free. Here are some notes:

  • Please check our installation guide.
  • Some applications will only run when you install the correct file that matches your device’s chipset. If you don’t know what chipset your device uses, check it with CPU Z.
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