Underworld: The Shelter 1.8.8 (MOD, Unlimited Money)

Underworld: The Shelter 1.8.8 (MOD, Unlimited Money)

Version: 1.8.8 ·
January 31, 2021 (2 years ago)
Full NameUnderworld: The Shelter
Publisher Dreamplay Games
Mod FeaturesUnlocked, Money
Latest Version1.8.8
RequireAndroid 4.1 and up
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Survival game is a popular genre on many platforms like PC, Console, and Mobile. In fact, there are not many mobile games for post-apocalyptic themes on the mobile platform. They are not good enough to impress the players. Therefore, after the Fallout Shelter from Bethesda, This War of Mine is ported from PC to mobile. Those who love the genre will have a new product to experience, which is called Underworld: The Shelter.

This game reminds us of Fallout Shelter. However, it has many different points. It is also easier to approach than the games from Bethesda.


The interesting gameplay

Overall, the gameplay of Underworld: The Shelter is quite similar to other survival games like This War of Mine or Fallout Shelter. In the game, you need to build and manage an underground tunnels system. They are the shelters for people living in post-World War II.

Initially, Underworld will feature two different dungeons: Living Quarters and Infirmary. They have the function of healing and creating more people. Because this game is designed in the form of the vertical screen so the basement will arrange as the ladder. In our opinion, this is a good point of the game because you will not have to waste time identifying the same room as in Fallout Shelter.


Each character will belong to different classes, which correspond to the work of each room. For example, Wanderer will have the task of looking for items and resources to build and develop the dungeon; Mining will have the task of earning gold; Mushroom Cultivation will work at Mushroom Farm to produce food.

In the game, the hard part is that players are constantly on the job to earn enough gold and material to unlock new rooms or upgrade their old rooms to higher levels. There are a lot of things in the Underworld: The Shelter that requires you to spend the gold coin. So you need to go outside often to find out, face the danger of radiation or mutant beasts for finding the material for your cellar. This is where the Wanderer class must be.

In order to collect the ingredients, the players will have to pass through the locations on the map, each of which will have 2 to 3 different rooms, containing mutant monsters and necessary materials. It is not easy because of the radioactive fallout everywhere, which will constantly take your blood until it reaches zero. Each time a player kills a monster in a room, the door is unlocked and radioactive drops fly off. It also helps the player not to lose the blood.

Of course, the player can equip his character with a mask, but it will run out very quickly when he steps into the radiation area. Each character will have a droid with the task of attacking mutated beasts.

Control system

The control mechanism has been minimalist, which is suitable for mobile devices. You only need to use a left side navigation key to move the character. The actions such as attacking, picking items or rescuing the victim are automatic. In general, this control mechanism is appropriate for the game experience. The actions of the character have a lag, so they create a sense of suspense when playing.

Upgrade your character

The gameplay of Underworld: The Shelter combines a few of RPG elements. It takes players more time to experience and upgrade characters.


The people you manage have their own skills that only match a certain mission. After killing a monster or opening a box, your character will gain some experience points. When you reach enough levels, the stats like blood, respirator mask will be filled up again and added.

The game mode

In addition to the Story mode, Underworld: The Shelter offers another attractive mode of PvP. In which, you will fight with other players. You can connect to the internet and pair with other players to participate in this mode.

Because it is a free game, so you still see ads in the game, or as sometimes the game requires you to see ads to get rewards. Shop in the Underworld will still be charged in real money, but this feature does not affect the player’s experience.

Graphics – Sound

The game has a graphic design in comic style with 2D images to match its lightweight capacity. So, the game’s graphics can be customized on content and good enough for you to experience.


The sound of the game has been almost minimalist. Even in the waiting room or in the basement, there is no background music. There are only the chuckles of the characters, mechanical machinery or some other characters sound. However, when entering the radioactive area, the background music is slightly raised so that the player feels a bit scared, just as the characters have to go out alone when the world is engulfed in radioactive fallout without any life.

Underworld: The Shelter has done this well. Although it is minimalist, not eliminated, which still provides a good gaming experience to the players.


Overall, Underworld: The Shelter is a quality product and is worth a try. The game is not an as strong investment as Fallout Shelter or This War of Mine, but its gameplay is still very impressive with many interesting challenges to conquer. In addition, with 2D graphics, the game can work well on most Android devices including the low-end ones.

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