Turbo Stars 1.8.3 (MOD, Ad-free, Unlocked)

Turbo Stars 1.8.3 (MOD, Ad-free, Unlocked)

Version: 1.8.3 ·
June 8, 2021 (1 year ago)
Full NameTurbo Stars
Publisher SayGames
Mod FeaturesAd-free, Unlocked
Latest Version1.8.3
RequireAndroid 4.1 and up
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Turbo Stars is a Racing video game coming from the genius game developer SayGames. If you are searching for a video game that can easily keep your senses communicating with each other at the same time, then Turbo Star is a smart choice. 

Turbo Stars debuted on various movable devices’ platforms such as Android and iOS. It is not a lie to say that this game has been making a great impact on the gaming industry, as it has been receiving mixture reviews from both critics and users across the globe. 

Ever since Turbo Stars entered the market, it has been one of the most downloaded video games monthly. The game makes bank, which proves its endless attraction.

The excellent gameplay

In Turbo Stars, the player will be riding a skate-look-alike vehicle. The name of the vehicle (Turbo Star) may be inspired by the vehicle with the same name in the series “Kirby”, which gives rapid speed but hard to steer. 

The gameplay of Turbo Stars bases on the action sports game Skateboarding, which features the players riding and performing tricks using the Turbo Star. If the player has not been used to Skateboarding before, the gaming experience in the game world of Turbo Stars will shake their minds with lots of unexpected areas and obstacles. 

The amazing race

In addition to that, one player must face up to three opponents in one racing track of Turbo Stars. By racing against his opponents, the player commits himself to a ranking competition, which features the first racer to reach the finish line is the winner. As one player reaches the first place, a king crown will be appearing on his head to celebrate his victory. 

The special dish of Turbo Stars is the thrill in each competition. If the player cannot claim his victory in one racing track, his character in the game will show a sad expression, which proves how necessary it is to win any competition at all costs. 

Upgrades and boosters

Apart from his effort, what makes the player stronger in each competition? Every racing track in Turbo Stars features a great number of High-speed boosters. Every 100 miles in the game world, the players will have the chance to meet up with a High-speed booster. 

The appearance of these boosters enables the player to travel quicker in the game, as well as interrupting the player while he is trying to focus on advancing further until he reaches the final station. 

In addition to that, the game scatters many magnets alongside the racing tracks. The magnet is necessary when the player demands massive coin intakes, as the coins automatically fly into the player’s pocket after he eats one magnet. 

The significant rewards

Turbo Stars has coins are its currency, and the players can acquire coins while they are racing against his opponents. The game has the coins lining up, and sometimes structures of coins give the player a chance to earn more than he expects. 

The coins are useful, especially when the player wants to have a booster intake right at the beginning of each race. By spending two hundred coins, the players can have an immediate speed booster, coin bonus or start boost. 

Besides the coins, another game currency that the player can collect is the red gem. These red gems activate the purchase in the game store, where the player can buy new characters, vehicles, boosters and more. 

Unlike coins, red gems are not on the racing track. Instead, the player will earn a fair number of them after each time he reaches the finish line. 

The player’s big-time winning

Joining the coins on the racing tracks are the collectible keys. Turbo Stars offers the players to gather three scattered keys while he is chasing his greatness. Each time when the player successfully put a trio of keys into his pocket, he will get a chance to unlock one box from the set of huge rewards the game offers. 

An endless support 

Before the player even starts, Turbo Stars tutors him with a practice race that looks exactly like an actual race. From that point, the player can collect the coins and the collectible keys. 

Since there are only the player races through the practice race, the result of this race does not matter. However, what the player learns from the practice race plays a significant result in the overall competition of Turbo Stars.

Furthermore, Turbo Stars allows the player to win big by offering tons of advertisement prizes. The players can choose to watch an advertisement if he wants to multiply his rewards after each competition. 


Can you name a video game with familiar elements that give you the exact feelings that Turbo Stars make you feel? With prominent features, Turbo Stars will take your gaming experience to an entirely new level. No matter what you are looking for in a video game, this SayGames’s product never fails to give you precious leisure! 

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You are now ready to download Turbo Stars for free. Here are some notes:

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