Tropico 1.3.1RC1-android (MOD, Paid)

Tropico 1.3.1RC1-android (MOD, Paid)

Version: 1.3.1RC1-android ·
March 4, 2020 (3 years ago)
Full NameTropico
Publisher Feral Interactive
Mod FeaturesPaid, Patched
Latest Version1.3.1RC1-android
RequireAndroid 7.0 and up
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If you’ve heard of the city building game genre, you must be familiar with titles like Sim City. But most of them don’t put you in a specific leading role. The new game Tropico for Android lets you do just that. There’s nothing in your way to build the perfect paradise.

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Introduction to Tropico

The franchise is pretty popular on consoles and PC, and now it’s on the way to the mobile market. Tropico is similar to its predecessor, while you take the leadership of a tropical island as a president. A lot is going on behind the fascinating beaches, jungles, and bungalows. The environment may seem peaceful enough, but the work that’s in demand is enormous.

I’d say that Tropico is a city builder and a government simulator. As the president, you need to make your citizens happy by giving quality education, accommodation, and signing foreign policies. However, each of your citizens belongs to a faction, like the industrialists or the communists. Every plan can make one happier than another, so there’d be some interesting choices to fulfill all the needs. It’s vital to keep your approval rating high enough to be elected again.

The gameplay is extraordinary

In Tropico, there are two ways you can rule your place. Either be a kind and warm president who listens to his citizens or the dictator that objects every demand. Both a vastly different, but enjoyable in their way. The first one relies on dedication to infrastructure and economic boom, while the latter should depend on military force.

Furthermore, it’s an excellent idea to ride the line between the two. It’s fine to bribe officials once in a while. It’s up to you to decide anyway, but it should be entertaining to try all the styles. Tropico is like other titles in terms of city-building. The standard residential, commercial, and industrial balance are in your hand. It’s also essential to invest in transportation, education, and foreign trading. Fulfilling them makes your people happy, and I must say they are well-designed and compelling.

Tropico for Android Gameplay

But what makes it stands out from the crowd is your character. With your power, you can do what needs to be done to ensure the throne. If one politician is on his way to be elected, you can bribe him to step down, or announce that there’d be no elections at all. What is more, if a threat is greatly damaging your reputation, hire somebody to assassinate him. Of course, people will react accordingly, so prepare to handle all the outcomes.

Create your character

From the developers’ screenshots, it’s possible to customize the look of your character. Anything from hairstyle, beard, hat, and the costume is what defines your true El Presidente. You can also keep a close eye on everybody to know what they’re up to, and whether or not they have an intention in ruining your presidentship. Mose importantly, going nuclear is something new to this mobile release. Why following the rules of the great nations, while you can be the greatest?

Creat Character in Tropico

Build and develop your city

Almost any type of constructions will get feedback from your people. For example, a military outpost reduces the liberty within its radius but having none can be devastating if other regions decide to attack. Anyway, it’s essential to build necessary infrastructures. Roads and agriculture are among those. Creating food and send it to your citizens is a vital task.

Your economy is a leaning tower than can tip anytime. Deciding what to do with your island’s products is a challenging task. A bottle of rum, for example, can boost happiness level for a bit but will be worth exporting. Anyway, if you’re in short of money, it’s possible to borrow $50000 to work your way out.

Tropico APK Build and deverlop your city

If you’re running the dictator way, it’s possible to ‘milk’ your citizen’s workforce. Rebelling, therefore, has a chance to occur, which is a significant threat to your control. However, it’s going to be okay with the assistance of your military. Invasion from other nations should be ruled out quickly, too.

The graphics and audio are very cool

From the screenshots and trailer, you can see the game’s animation. Like its predecessors on other systems, it’s smooth like a knife through butter. The color of the scenery is well-made, too. White beaches look stunning, and sceneries look fantastic. The graphical aspect is also appreciated on other Tropico releases, so there’s a lot to wait.

The soundtrack is another story, though. It wasn’t much appreciated on previous versions, and the developers have promised to upgrade it to another level. From the trailer alone, you can hear a Caribbean vibe tone, which is suitable for the game’s set up. Sound effects are compelling, too. Anything as simple as the beach or complex as a gunshot is well-handled.

Tropico Android Graphics and sound

My final verdict

All in all, Tropico is a promising title for the mobile market. Like its siblings, the depth of control and political aspects are sure to make the game rise to the top. It’s an in-depth city builder and excellent government simulator. As the El Presidente, it’s all up to you to make the island boom. The game is open for pre-registration on the Google Play Store since August 14th. We will update the link to download APK file of this game as soon as it becomes available.

Requirements: Android 8.0+ | LP / Jasi Patcher / Modded GooglePlayStore

Download Tropico 1.3.1RC1-android (MOD, Paid)

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You are now ready to download Tropico for free. Here are some notes:

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