Trigger Heroes Mod APK 1.2.2

Trigger Heroes Mod APK 1.2.2

Version: 1.2.2 ·
August 18, 2019 (3 years ago)
Publisher Lucky Kat Studios
Mod FeaturesUnlimited Money
Latest Version1.2.2
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If you have been crazy about a hit game like Tank90 or Jackal on the SNES Console, there is another great game that you should try named Trigger Heroes.

As an adventure – classic shooter game, Trigger Heroes was built by Lucky Kat with a simple storyline. In the game, you will be reincarnated in Red – a warrior fox in the battle against the mercenary invaders in his hometown. Your mission is basically to hunt down and kill from the very weak soldiers to the very strong bosses with tremendous power. There are five levels of difficulty in the game, and be ready for what you will face if you do not want to get into trouble before the battle.

Trigger Heroes mod apk

Trigger Heroes Mod APK Download for Android

It is not hard for players to associate this game with the snes games such as Jackal from the very beginning, and especially the Rockman x4 with a fairly similar character formation.

Classic Gameplay

The highlight of the game is probably the simplest gameplay. It does not have to be a controller or virtual keys, in which all you have to do is control the direction and shoot with a swipe or touch operations. The bullets are also in the direction of the character, with each bullet fired for each move.

Trigger Heroes mod

Occasionally, you will find a gun box, in which you can switch to another stronger gun, or keep your gun. As with other games of the same genre, the damage is inversely proportional to the speed of fire, which is something you should consider carefully.

Unlock new characters

Your character will also have a certain amount of blood. This is a big advantage of Trigger Heroes compared to other classic action games. Surely, Red will never have a sudden death, or the same thing happens when you meet the last boss. In the course of the game, the impact on the target as well as on the bullet will also give you a relatively small amount of blood. But do not be subjective because you will have to maintain blood to the end of the game, or spend a little gold at the shops along the map to recover the lost blood.

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Trigger Heroes characters

If you are feeling that Red may be too weak, or if there are not too many mutations in the game, you can completely switch to other characters by unlocking them with the money. Each character has its own attribute, as well as its speed, attack, skills… with much difference. Usually, the player will rely on his style to choose the appropriate character.

Discover a variety of unique weapons

In addition, the possession of rich weapons collection also gives players more choices to pass the game. There are a lot of guns like Lazer, cluster munitions… but it is hard to find. However, you have to try to find and own them because their damage is great, which bring you the big support in the difficult game.

Trigger Heroes gameplay

The advertising is the element that is quite popular in free games. It sometimes causes the players discomfort, but sometimes, it is also necessary. Trigger Heroes allow players the opportunity to revive or gain extra blood by watching short promotional videos. There will still be banner ads or short clips interrupted each time the screen is over, but you can skip it in about 5 to 10 seconds with the Skip Ad button at the corner of the screen.

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Trigger Heroes is a great mobile game. It has sharp graphics, interesting sound and appealing story. Let’s download the game for free at App Store and Google Play!

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