Top 5 Best Japanese RPG Mobile Games in 2018 for Android/iOS

June 14, 2020 (2 years ago)

RPG Game (or mixed tactics) are always the favorite genre of mobile gamers. In this article, you will find 5 role-playing games (RPGs) for Android and iOS, which are worth experiencing in 2018.

Tales of Crestoria

Bandai Namco Entertainment has recently announced that they would release a new game in the “Tales of” game series. it is Tales of Crestonia. The predecessors of this series have performed very well on the mobile platform. As we have seen that there is usually a mobile game named “Tales of” that is released every few months. Bandai Namco has revealed that Tales of Crestoria is a “completely original” game, with the aim of launching a new “Tales of” on the mobile platform. As expected, Tales of Crestoria is a great adventure game with free in-app purchases.

The main theme of this game will be Crime, in which the main character will suffer the certain burdens of responsibility through some form of crime to protect his dears. In the game, the residents are required to wear magical devices called Vision Orbs to record everything. These records were sent to a location in the town called Vision Central. When someone’s action calls for a judgment, the person’s record will be displayed then all the citizens will vote on whether this person is convicted or not. If the defendant is found guilty, an enforcer will be sent out to execute the verdict.

The protagonist is called Kanata Hyuga, who is the son of a monk. As with all the main characters, Kanata is a man who stands up to protect the weak people. Therefore, he gets into many troubles. That’s it!

Pre-registration is now available at the game’s official website

Dragalia Lost

Dragalia Lost has first released in April. It is a new mobile game developed by Nintendo and Cygames. Considered as one of the key projects of Nintendo, a special live stream of Nintendo has recently been broadcasted just to announce new details of the game. First and foremost, Dragalia Lost debuted on September 27th in Japan, the United States, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macau with versions in Japanese, English and Chinese.

Best RPG Mobile Games

It seems odd that Nintendo and Cygames decided to take North America as part of the distribution area because their games were first available in Asia than in North America and Europe. Dragalia Lost talks about the story of humans and dragons in the imaginary kingdom of Alberia. In the game, the royal family possesses the power to form a treaty with the dragons, borrows the form and uses the powers of the dragon. The protagonist, the seventh prince of the kingdom, is on the journey looking for a dragon to perform the connection and join together to protect the Sacred Shard which is gradually weakening. On this journey, he will meet new friends and face new dangers.

Based on the live-stream, there will be about 60 companions on the journey for the player to get with the Gatcha system. Players will battle in groups of 4 characters, who are selected from many different roles including attack, defence, support and recovery. Characters also have the ability to transform into dragons when requirements are met in battle. At present, there are 5 dragons that have been released, each of which is representing a different dragon element. Instead of just revolving around a campaign for a player, Dragalia Lost also provides online co-op mode for the players to fight the bosses together.

If you put the usual RPG elements aside, the player can relax by building his own town or fortification as it is the way it is called in the game. The different buildings can be built and opened to new functions, even enhancing your team and training more for the dragons!
Gamers can register in English at

ROSE Online Mobile

ROSE Online, also known as Rush On Seven Episodes, is a longtime online game that still operates in Japan with a dedicated company called ROSE Online Japan Inc., who are still developing the game. Recently, the company has announced a new mobile game based on ROSE Online IP, titled “ROSE Online: Dreaming Goddess and Star’s Journey,” or ROSE Online Mobile. With the game, the wave of memories has come to life in the hearts of loyal players because the seven planets are still an important part of the storyline of the game. Will we see all of them at this time?

Best RPG Mobile Games from Japan

There are 4 basic classes already announced for ROSE Online Mobile, including Rogue, Soldier, Mage and Gunner. Besides, there are several other character classes including Bourgeois and Artisan, were removed and replaced by the Gunner class. While the cart system (along with many skins) can still be found in ROSE Online Mobile, the current Castle Gear robot has not been mentioned. As it is a mobile MMORPG, players can expect the great Raid Bosses and PvP system. With the PC version has been working for 13 years, the mobile version can bring the loyal players and also attract new players to the old classic PC game.

Best RPG Mobile Games from Japan

In addition, in the first screenshots, it appears the pet system, which is not in the PC version of the game. Players can also expect character costumes to be invested in large numbers along with incredible variety, massive battle scenes with giant bosses. ROSE Online has been working on the PC for about 14 years so far. Hopefully, the first mobile MMORPG based on this classic IP will create a powerful punch to boost the popularity of this popular game.

Currently, there is no news or announcement for the official release, but we will update you as soon as possible. Can ROSE Online Mobile lead any of the recent MMORPG games like Ragnarok Mobile, Black Desert Mobile and Rohan Mobile in the future? Let’s find out and visit the official game site for more details

Blade X Lord

Japanese developer, Applibot, has just announced their latest mobile game named Blade X Lord at the annual Tokyo Game Show. While the current Japanese market is undoubtedly full of new mobile games, Blade X Lord is a product of Hisatoshi Hayakashi, the former executive producer of Brave Frontier and Final Fantasy: Brave Exvius. It is also the former CEO of Ali – the game maker has given 2 games mentioned. The trailer does not explain or show much about the gameplay of the Blade X Lord, but it is great that it has an English dubbing.

Best RPG Mobile Games from Japan in 2018

With information published at the moment, Blade X Lord will be a 3D role-playing game (RPG) on the Mobile platform. Applibot also announced that the three features of the game will be the storyline, combat system and a stunning world that is completely different from the game of the same genre. Moreover, the skill system of the character will be taken care of to give players the best role-playing game.

There are three main focuses of Blade X Lord including the world, the plot and the battle. In a full 3D mobile role-playing game, players can expect gorgeous graphics effects during the battle along with CG cutscenes. The real gameplay of this title is something that all gamers get used to including recruiting new characters and exploring the vast fantasy world. The official site has not added features and systems yet, so you should follow the article for more updates. Blade X Lord will be officially launched in 2019. The pre-registration is now open at, but the campaign sections have not been updated yet. We will definitely have a reward for pre-registration when the publisher has set it up.

Brave Frontier: The Last Summoner

Brave Frontier: The Last Summoner is an exciting mobile JRPG game that has been released worldwide through App Store and Google Play. Everyone can download the game. The game is a full JRPG game which has officially set in the expanding Brave Frontier universe in the adventures of a new branch of the story about 1000 years after Brave Frontier, leaving behind Grand Gaia. In the game, the players will meet new characters when they unravel the mystery of a new world in Brave Frontier: The Last Summoner!

You can immerse yourself in the abundant and vibrant fantasy world of Vask and meet the seductive and stylish characters, unique animated cartoon style with deep enthusiasm to bring you the greatest battle in a mobile role-playing game. Brave Frontier: The Last Summoner also engages gamers in battles with the epic turn-based mode, in which up to 50 characters engage in battle. You will start attacking, release the Brave skills and summon powerful spirits to destroy your opponents no matter how big they are.

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