The White Door 1.1.23 (MOD, Paid)

The White Door 1.1.23 (MOD, Paid)

Version: 1.1.23 ·
March 3, 2020 (3 years ago)
Full NameThe White Door
Publisher Second Maze
Mod FeaturesPaid, Patched
Latest Version1.1.23
RequireAndroid 4.1
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The White Door marks itself as the eleventh video game by the genius game developer Rusty Lake. The game has just debuted in the early days of 2020. It is now available on Android, Microsoft Windows, and Mac OS.

Rolling around the recovery of a man who loses his memories, The White Door continually being a puzzle in Rusty Lake’s series of point-and-click video games. The game has various sizes depending on the device. The player must be aware of the moderate violence, as well as horror content that may appear in the game.

The mysterious game plot

The White Door tells the story of Robert Hill, who is now living in a mental health facility. After an incident in the past, the protagonist does not even know what his name is, though he must follow a strict daily routine. Every time when Robert closes his eyes and dives deeply in bed, he dreams about his past. The dreams are the only key that unlocks the protagonist from where imprisons him.

The White Door story

Looking through the tired eyes of a mental patient, the world in the game has only two basic colors: black and white. However, as mentioned above, the vivid dreams of Robert will unlock him from reality, and survive from the creepy mental health facility. As the game progresses, it turns out that there is another threat that Robert must face. There is a stranger who has been stalking after the protagonist the entire time. What does this man want? And Why?

Attractive gameplay

The plot of The White Door has guided the player to the goal of the game, which is helping the protagonist to recover his lost memories.
The gameplay brings the player from one day to another, which follows the timeline in the game world. There are seven days in total, and the environment starts to change after day 4. Every day, Robert would wake up, finishes his daily routine, and then get back to sleep again. The main activities in the game include completing tasks around the room and answering the questions of the daily checkup.

The White Door gameplay

Every day, Robert must press the red button next to the door of his room to meet his nurse. The goal of this activity is finding clues to reply to the nurse. As the player gathers hints, he also uncovers the information about Robert, as well as advances further in the game. The White Door enables the neat split-screen perspective not only to tells its tales but also to give the player a chance to interact with the game. Every action of the protagonist needs taking care of by the player. For example, Robert Hill would send a signal through his thought in the game, then the player must imply the task from his demand. After each day in the game ends, the player can choose to continue his adventure, or restart his progress.

Using a third-person perspective, the game allows the player to capture not only the protagonist but also everything that happens around him. The player will find himself stuck in the same boring environment. Only by solving the game’s puzzles, the player may have the chance to turn things upside down. More and more non-playable characters will show up in the game to speed the game progress. The major of the people around Robert plays a big role in his recovery, as they either worse the protagonist’s life or mess it up.

Maniac mechanics

The game’s major colors are black and white, which represents the life of the protagonist in the mental health facility. By using these two fortune colors, the developer also implies how the character sees the world. The designs of the game follow the simplicity, with the help of the 2D animation techniques.

The White Door graphics

Alongside the exciting graphics is the game sounds and music, which has its own mind. When the story in the game meets its rough parts, the player will hear the unstoppable and thrilling sounds come from all the corners of the environment. It is undeniable that these two factors have dominated to the success of The White Door.

About Mod version

The player can download the mod version of the game, which includes features that require big achievements in the original version. It’s no wonder that surpassing the original game is way more challenging, but getting along with the mod version is always more exciting. To get the full detail of the mod version of The White Door, you can turn your head to our website now!

In conclusion

The White Door is a wonderful game title for you to explore. Everything you have been looking for, such as unraveling mysterious stories, overcoming big quests, and more will be appearing in the game. Check it out!

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