The Chosen – Legions APK+ OBB+ Mod 0.1.14

The Chosen – Legions APK+ OBB+ Mod 0.1.14

Version: 0.1.14 ·
December 25, 2020 (2 years ago)
Publisher Outact Inc
Latest Version0.1.14
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The Chosen – Legions is an RPG strategy game developed by Outact Inc. Outact is an independent game studio founded in 2014. It was built by a group of veteran developers with years of experience in building quality online games on a variety of platforms. The Chosen – Legions has just been released a few days ago, so the game is still waiting for feedback from the player’s experience.
The game stems from the world becoming chaotic and the gods pouring into the mortal realm. Immortal gods with different powers must work together to restore the broken order. Troops with different characteristics must be balanced including Fire, Wind, Water, and Earth.

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Diversity of heroes

There are many different options for players to choose the gods with different powers equipped for their army. There are gods who use special skills to attack from afar, while there are also melee fighters. Therefore, players must know the skills, characteristics of each person to use and combine them in the best way. Having a character uses their fist-power to attack the enemy, so they will have to run close to the opponent to fight. This provides an opportunity for characters with long-range fighting abilities to attack continuously on enemies without being affected or attacked. The melee army will create a longer time to help other armies can fight more comfortably and quickly destroy the enemy. Therefore, the ability to equip the melee army is quite important, the longer the attack capacity, the more likely it is to prevent the enemy’s army from getting closer to their army.

Diversity of heroes

When fighting a battle, players will have a chance to receive a new god with new power. You can add them to your army or not. You can use the experience gained in battle to upgrade characters. This will help your character have a higher attack power, use new moves, or withstand longer attacks.

The skills used are quite flexible, every time a character’s energy is fully reloaded, the player will click on the character’s icon to use higher damage special skills. Depending on the different gods, those special skills are also shown differently. For example, the hero uses a hammer “earth” to attack, his special skill will be to unleash a powerful, high-impact smash to destroy an opponent in front of him. And the special ability of another “wind” hero can attack 3 enemies at once. In addition, each type of hero has different characters, players can choose and combine to create the strongest army of their own.

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Traps and mantras

Besides attacking with heroes, you can set traps to stop the opponent’s advance or destroy them when they enter their territory. There are many different types of traps that players must choose to destroy the right kind of opponent. Each of our opponents has their own special abilities, so you can’t use a single trap to destroy them or make them fall into a trap. There are also spells to help you destroy the majority of enemies or create high damage. These skills you need to collect from time to time and upgrade them so they can bring the best result.

The Chosen - Legions deploy epic tactics

Strategy is not comprehensive

The Chosen – Legion allows you to make tactical adjustments in arranging troops, selecting heroes, positioning soldiers, and traps. However, the game does not allow you to control the position of the troops during the battle. That means you cannot choose the person you want to fight for the character you arrange. They will automatically move and automatically find enemies without any control. What you can do while playing is to use special skills and curses.

Eye-catching graphics

The Chosen – Legions has a pretty eye-catching image, it is nothing too special but the character’s designs are praiseworthily perfected. Each character has a unique character with very cool and powerful shaping. It can be said, the game’s graphics are a praiseworthy point.

The Chosen - Legions gameplay

Enemies are stronger and stronger each level, so you must always try to upgrade your character as strong as possible to face the enemy’s army. Although The Chosen – Legions’ tactics are not high, the combination of the different heroes wisely will help you win the game instead of choosing the great one without thinking. The Chosen – Legions is a game that is only a few days old, so it cannot avoid the inadequacies, however, it still brings valuable entertainment moments.


The Chosen is one of the typical tactical RPGs on Android that you should try. The game is now available on Android and iOS platforms, free to download. Do you love it? Please leave a comment below!

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