The Best Auto Chess Mobile-style Games for Android

June 14, 2020 (2 years ago)

If you need a recommendation for a famous game that makes a gaming trend at the moment, it can only be Auto Chess. Although the game is just a Custom of Dota 2, it has quickly become popular and successful beyond expectations. The Auto Chess player community has constantly been growing. However, Auto Chess is only available on the PC platform (Launching through Dota 2) that makes the game isolated with mobile users. We have also heard that the official version of Dota Auto Chess Mobile will be released in the near future. With many advanced features, it deserves to wait. However, if you are not patient enough to wait for the official version of the game, we bring you a list of the popular Auto Chess-style mobile games as below:

1. Arena of Evolution: Chess Heroes

Arena of Evolution: Chess Heroes is a Fanmade product, which means it was developed by Dota Auto Chess gamers. So, players can feel the familiar elements of a mobile version of Auto Chess PC. That is a reason why we put this game at the top of the list. Don’t underestimate Arena of Evolution when you know it’s just a copy product from an anonymous developer. Instead, you should give it a try. We bet you will change your mind.

Arena of Evolution Chess Heroes

As soon as you step into the game, you will feel everything is very impressive with deep gameplay, properly invested graphics, fierce battle… They all make the game as compelling as playing real Auto Chess on PC.

Arena of Evolution: Chess Heroes has up to 60 Hero to choose from. Based on the strength and attributes of these heroes, players need to choose the right tactics to challenge their power and win. In addition, the Arena of Evolution graphics also uses complete 3D models with beautiful effects. Also, the game interface is easy to get used to with the intuitive camera angles and closer zoom. It allows you to master all the moments in the arena.

2. Auto Chess Legends

Auto Chess Legends was developed by Suga Studio and inspired from Custom game of Dota 2. Auto Chess Legends is being developed based on 2 products released by Suga Studio previously, Ability Draft and I Am Hero. The gameplay content of the game is inspired by the Dota Auto Chess, which will bring many unique features to attract gamers. Besides, the gameplay of Auto Chess Legends still emulates Dota Auto Chess with familiar elements. In which, players will play on an 8×8 chessboard battlefield. Each side has half the map where the player can place the pieces (heroes).


After each Round, the player will buy and upgrade heroes from the Shop. The heroes will fight automatically based on their attributes. The number of players in 1 game in Auto Chess Legends is similar to 8-player Dota Auto Chess. You must find ways to defeat 7 other opponents and be the last survivor in the arena.

3. Heroes Auto Chess

Auto Chess Heroes is a product of OneTonGames. It is available on Play Store for free to download. At first sight, you will see the completely similar gameplay of Auto Chess. The developer completely simulates elements of Auto Chess such as chessboard area, rules, the heroes combination and upgrade…

Heroes Auto Chess game

In addition, gamers can collect 3 heroes like Class and Race to combine into higher level chess pieces. In each round, you will fight against different opponents so changing tactics is necessary. Also, the game requires players to use their economic management ability to be able to buy the most effective pieces of chess compared to the coins available.

However, a big minus point of the game is that there are no heroes from Dota 2. Besides, the graphics are not so impressive, as well as, there is no PvP game mode. You can try Heroes Auto Chess if you want to understand the rules of Auto Chess PC.

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4. Auto Chess Knight

Auto Chess Knight is another product inspired by Auto Chess. The game was developed and released by Zlong – a studio from China. It still simulates elements of Auto Chess such as the 8×8 Arena, battle rules, and the way to upgrades in the game. However, instead of using Heroes in Dota 2, the developer used the Knights. Each Knight has different attributes, so players need to know how to combine them properly to win the game.

Auto Chess Knight apk download

Auto Chess Knight also offers PvP mode that allows players to challenge other players in real time. The game supports global rankings where all players will fight to win the top position.


While waiting for the official version of Auto Chess on mobile, you can completely try the unofficial games that we have just introduced. Each game has its own interesting features, but they still bring the familiar elements of an Auto Chess game on mobile. If you have other suggestions, please leave a comment below!

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