The 10 best Android Launchers of 2019

June 14, 2020 (2 years ago)

We have been talking about the difference between Android and iOS, as well as, the never-end competition to find the best operating system on mobile. Each platform has its own unique features that make users interested in. What makes Android an outstanding operating system and different from the rest is that it allows users to intervene deeply into the system and do a lot of customizations.

You may know, Launcher is one of the most customized sections on Android. It is required to be available on any Android device before it comes to the user. Launchers contain everything that you can see on an Android operating system like Wallpaper, Wiget, Icon, App Drawer, etc. That’s the reason why all devices have a default launcher. For example, Google Pixel pre-installed Pixel launcher, one of the best and lightest launchers. Unfortunately, many Android devices from other manufacturers do not have good enough default launchers. They are often heavy and inefficient. Therefore, we recommend using 3rd party launchers. Currently, there are many great Launchers that you can find on Google Play.


Why should you choose a third-party launcher?

The answer is extremely simple because the third-party launcher often brings a lot of customizations to the users. Also, it is better optimized to serve many devices.
Android Launcher is becoming smarter. The developers regularly update and bring more features on their launchers. Besides, the race to win the No.1 position has never ended. In addition to the old and popular Launcher, there are always new launchers released on the app store every day. This fact brings a clear difficulty: there are too many options when searching for a Launcher on Android. Of course, it makes you confused. To “save” you from thousands of options, we would like to give you a list of the best launcher for Android.

Note: This list is not in order of priority, so you should select the launcher according to your needs.

1. Nova Launcher


Nova Launcher is one of the oldest and most popular Launcher on Android. Appearing for the first time in 2012, it is becoming more complete. In our opinion, it is the best launcher available on Google Play. Nova Launcher is fast, efficient, lightweight and suitable for most Android devices. It also offers many basic options to change the interface of the device such as supporting the dock customization, notification badge, option to display frequently used apps at the top of App Drawers, customize messages items, icons and more. Also, it supports application shortcuts that you can see in Android Nougat.

Prime version (the paid version) of Nova Launcher also offers more advanced options. We have introduced it, you can see more, here.

2. Evie launcher

Evie Launcher is designed with the main purpose of improving performance on Android devices. So it’s really light and smooth. Many Low-end Android users have changed to using Evie Launcher because it’s really smooth. Besides, the application also provides all the required features of a launcher.

Evie launcher

The Universal Search feature allows users to perform advanced searches easily. In addition, Evie Launcher provides a wide range of widgets for users to choose to add to the main screen. Besides, you can also customize App drawers and the way to manage the folders. One of the reasons why Evie is on this list is that it allows users to change search engines. Evie Launcher does not bring many gestures to choose from, but it is still enough to experience. In short, this is a lightweight launcher application, ensuring speed and simplicity.

3. Buzz Launcher

To be successful, there must be a difference. That’s what Buzz Launcher is about. The Homepack Buzz feature is the difference that we want to talk about. This is a really great home screen customization service on Android. It brings more than 700 thousand home screens uploaded and shared by many users.

Buzz Launcher

In addition, Buzz Launcher has an application locker and cleans built-in RAM so you don’t need to install any additional applications to do that. Also, it has many gestures that allow you to access shortcuts with just one swipe of the main screen. Besides, Screen Effects is also a highlight that we should mention about Buzz Launcher. This feature is similar to the animated wallpaper when your main screen will be covered by effects such as snowfall, rain, meteor… The only problem of this Buzz Launcher is that it cannot use the icon packs and themes on Google Play.

4. Apex Launcher

Apex Launcher is a stunning visual launcher application with thousands of themes and icons for you to download from Google Play. Besides, the app is lightweight, optimized for both smartphones and tablets.

Apex Launcher

In addition, you can add up to 9 customizable home screens and hide unused apps in the app drawer, arrange applications in the drawer by name, installation date or frequency of use. With the paid version of the app, you will unlock some attractive features, add the option to edit app drawer, etc. This is also one of the fastest launchers on Android.

5. Niagara Launcher

If you are tired of the clutter of app icons at the App drawer, as well as, are looking for a solution to organize them, Niagara Launcher is a great option for you. This app is for those who are looking for a lightweight launcher with a few options. Niagara Launcher does not overwhelm you by abundant options.

Niagara Launcher

Instead, it only brings simplicity and efficiency. In which, the smart application arrangement helps users reorganize the home screen in neatly. Besides, there are not many customizations that make Niagara Launcher one of the smoothest and lightest Launchers on Google Play. The application has no bloatware or sponsored ads, no Premium packages or something like this. In this app, everything is free. With low capacity, Niagara Launcher works smoothly on low-end devices.

6. Smart Launcher 5 PRO

Smart Launcher 5 Pro is another lightweight and fast Android launcher application on this list that we would like to introduce to you. Smart Launcher 5 can identify the applications available in your device then group them into folders and display at App Drawers.

Smart Launcher 5

In addition, this launcher also provides a great feature that allows users to hide the virtual navigation bar. This increases using space on the screen. Besides, it also has the ability to change the interface based on the color of the desktop. Although the free version offers some gestures, it is limited. To add more gestures, you need to buy the Pro version. If you are using the free version, you may be bothered by ads appearing at App Drawers.

7. Microsoft Launcher

Microsoft Launcher (formerly known as Arrow Launcher) is an Android launcher developed and released by Microsoft. This app is linked to the service from Bing so you can change the wallpaper easily. The main screen of the application applies the Microsoft Timeline feature that is similar to Google Cards. It provides a table showing the recent applications you are using. Besides, a list of regular contacts will also appear here that you can edit or add this list.

Microsoft Launcher

Microsoft Launcher links to Microsoft accounts, so you can sync it on many different Android devices. However, there are not too many special features in this application. The options are also quite a few.

8. ADW Launcher 2

ADW Launcher 2

This Launcher works quite stable, easy to use and offers hundreds of customization options. The point that makes ADW Launcher 2 popular is that it brings a pure Google interface. Besides, it also provides another unique feature that helps you to change the wallpaper flexibly. In addition, this launcher has badge icons, application indexing in the app drawer, launcher shortcuts, animations and more useful features. This is probably one of the most customizable launchers based on the user’s preferences on this list.

9. Google Now Launcher

Google Now Launcher is an internal launcher developed by Google. This application is based on the Launcher of Google Pixel devices. Google Now Launcher brings the purest Google interface that is very light and smooth. The app is now available on Google Play for free to download.

Google Now Launcher

If you don’t own Pixel devices but love Launcher from Google, you can choose this app as a perfect alternative. Unlike other launchers, this Android launcher adds Google Now card just by swiping to the right of the main screen. In addition, you can customize the Google search bar design right from the main screen. Besides, the application also allows adding application hints at the top of the screen and App Drawers customization.

10. Rootless Launcher

Rootless Launcher is an open source project to bring all Pixel launcher features to your Android device. Initially, it appeared on the XDA forum. If you want to own Android Pie launcher, you definitely can’t ignore this launcher. In fact, Rootless Launcher is ported from Google Pixel devices so the features are quite similar.

Rootless Launcher
Although it doesn’t have as many options as the other launchers on this list, it has most of the features of the Google Pixel device.

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