Tank Raid Online Premium APK 2.67 [Paid]

Tank Raid Online Premium APK 2.67 [Paid]

Version: 2.67 ·
September 8, 2019 (3 years ago)
Publisher WolfFun
Mod FeaturesPaid
Latest Version2.67
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Tank Raid Online Premium is an attractive tank game released by WolfFun. The game attracts players with unique gameplay and sharp 3D graphics. With a capacity of only about 56Mb, the game is well compatible and runs smoothly on most mobile devices including low-end devices. However, in order to not have a connection error when playing, you need to connect to a stable internet connection or mobile data. Here are 3 game modes of the game:

Team Deathmatch

In this game mode, each battle will take place in the 3v3 form. The team that gets the highest score will win. Every time a tank is killed, it will be revived at the original starting place after 3 seconds. Each time you kill 1 tank of an enemy team, your team will receive one point. To win in this game mode, there needs to be coordination among the members. Independent operation only makes your team at a disadvantage.

Galaxy stone is the key to winning the game. It will appear in the center of the map. The team that captures it and holds it to the last minute will receive 5 additional points.

When your team won the Galaxy stone, you must try to protect it. It sounds cowardly, but hiding and escaping is a good way to protect the achievement. Conversely, if a member of the enemy team is holding the stone, you need to chase, kill and rob.

Solo deathmatch

This mode is similar to Team Deathmatch. However, instead of fighting in groups, you will fight alone to get the highest ranking after the match.

Your goal is to kill as many and avoid being killed. Each time you kill another player, you will receive one point. You will be deducted 1 point if you are killed. Here are some tips to help you play well in this game mode:

Avoid being killed

When you are killed, you not only lose your score but it also takes time to revive. You can also pay some gems to revive immediately.

When your HP is low, you should quickly move to the back of the obstacles or hide in the hexagon area to avoid the enemy’s attention. You can stop shooting for a while for recovering your HP.

Galaxy stone should not be taken too early

If you can keep the galaxy stone until the end of the game, you will get 5 more points. However, if you keep it in the beginning of the game, it will make you the target of the pursuit of all other players.

Normally, you will be very hard to resist a lot of players at once. Trying to capture it only causes you to be killed many times and lose many points. Meanwhile, the stone is also unlikely to belong to you.

When starting the game, you should focus on killing as many players as possible. In the last few tens of seconds, it is time to chase the player holding the stone and take it. Now, if you are lucky, you will own Galaxy stone and get 5 more points.

Pick up items

Items will continue to appear in locations on the map. Let’s collect them when you can. These items will bring certain advantages to the player such as increasing HP, increasing damage or refreshing skills.

Team galaxy football

Team galaxy football is a 3v3 match and has the same rules as football. In which, the player will have to seize the galaxy stone and bring it to the enemy team’s goal. Every time you succeed, your team will get one point.

The graphics

Despite of the small size, Tank Raid Online Premium has quite good graphics. There are 7 beautifully designed arenas for players to experience. The control system is also intelligently arranged, making the players operate on the touch screen easily.


Tank Raid Online Premium is a great entertainment game. The game only lasts about 4 minutes, making it possible to entertain anywhere and any free time. To win the game, the skill is still the most important thing. Besides, upgrading the tank and skills are also essential to help you increase your advantage in battle.

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