Tales of Crestoria APK Download [English] for Android

Tales of Crestoria APK Download [English] for Android

Version: 1.0 ·
December 24, 2019 (3 years ago)
Full NameTales of Crestoria
Publisher Bandai Namco
Latest Version1.0
RequireAndroid 4.4 and up

Bandai Namco Entertainment has recently announced the release of a new product in “Tales of” series named Tales of Crestoria. If you are a fan of RPG on mobile, you probably know “Tales of” game series – one of the most popular games on many platforms. Normally, after a few months, the new product of this game series will be released by Bandai Namco.

The developer revealed that Tales of Crestoria would be a “completely original” game, with the aim of the project is launching a completely new “Tales of” series on the mobile platform. The game is free to download and install. The other experiences are also no limits. However, there are still IAP packages that you need to pay in cash if you want to buy them.

The story

Tales of Crestoria takes players to a fantasy world where everyone wears a device called Orb Vision. They recorded the actions of the users and sent them to Vision Central. Here, when someone is judged, their record will show up here. The council will evaluate it and make a decision. The story of the game began when Kanata, the only son of a monk, who ruled a village, fell in love with Misera, an orphan living in the monastery.

On a fateful day, Misera was attacked by a group of strangers. Kanata appeared and saved her, but his actions were condemned as crimes. As a result, people demanded a punishment for both through Vision Orb. Kanata and Misera became the wanted criminals, they started their adventure to escape the pursuit and found a way to prove their innocence. On the journey, they received the help of Vicy – a demon is wanted by humans.

God gives you the choice, in which would you be swallowed up by crime or fight against it?

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Tales of Crestoria APK Download [English] for Android

The gameplay

Tales of Crestoria brings to the familiar gameplay as other traditional RPG on mobile. The player controls a group of heroes involved in the adventure. Each character has its own attributes and skills. You can easily switch among them. The game also offers a variety of equipment and weapons, where players can easily change their equipment or upgrade their weapons. In addition to Story mode, you can participate in other battles in PvP Mode. You should not forget to complete the main quest and side quest in the game to receive rewards.

The characters

Currently, Tales of Crestoria introduces six characters. Of course, there will be more characters in the upcoming updates. Here is the information about them:

Kanata Hjuger


He is the main character in the game. He is the only son of a monk who runs a village. Despite being a strong man who always stands on justice and protects everyone, Kanata sometimes annoys others by being over straightforward. He is particularly interested in Orb Vision and the mechanism behind it.



She is a main female character in the game. Misera is an orphan who grew up in a monastery headed by Kanata’s father. Misera’s strength is perseverance and strong personality. She is willing to do anything to protect Kanata’s safety. Despite receiving Vicy’s help on the journey, Misesa remains hostile towards him. Because she knew he would lead Kanata into the crime.



This is a “criminal demon”, which is hunted and scared throughout the world. However, he is open-minded and friendly. On his journey for a new shelter, he met and helped Miresa and Kanata. He has special skills, which are really useful in battles.

Aegis Alver

Aegis Alver is a perfect and handsome knight of Midasmegur. He has a straightforward personality and absolute belief in Orb Vision. He always fights for justice and is willing to die for it.

Yuna Azetta

Yuna Azetta is a perfect hunter, who has a friendly and humorous personality. However, she always lied to hide the truth. Yuna Azetta teamed up with Vicious and became the informant for him.

Orwin Granbery

This is the oldest member of the team (34). He is a useless person with no belief in life or anything else. Orwin Granbery has a wife and a daughter. He lives entirely on the money that his wife earns.

Download Tales of Crestoria APK Download [English] for Android

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You are now ready to download Tales of Crestoria for free. Here are some notes:

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