Swamp Attack (MOD, Unlimited Money/ Energy)

Swamp Attack (MOD, Unlimited Money/ Energy)

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January 19, 2021 (2 years ago)
Full NameSwamp Attack
Publisher Outfit7 Limited
Mod FeaturesUnlocked, Unlimited Money/Energy
Latest Version4.0.7.95
RequireAndroid 4.1
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This time we will review for you the game Swamp Attack (Mod Money). This is an action game, but there is no shooting action in this game. Perhaps like the action game labeling is Google based on the matches. Swamp Attack is highly ranked at the moment. It received 4.4 points out of 1.9 million ratings and achieved over 50 million downloads. Outfit7 is the developer of this game. They have released many famous mobile games like Talking Tom Candy Run, Talking Tom Hero Dash. The game I still see kids playing on their parents’ phones. I think this game can be played at any age, including children and adults by Swamp Attack is a relaxing and challenging game.

Swamp Attack MOD APK download

The plot is interesting

Opening with Swamp Attack is not a force of character, as big as the heroes in other games. You will become an ugly fat white guy with bad teeth. He wore dirty jeans and a sweaty sleeveless T-shirt. I think that shirt was once a white shirt. He lives in an old hut in the middle of a swamp, alone. That is not surprising.

He really needed to take a shower and cut his hair but he didn’t seem to mind the problem. And he liked cigarettes, drank beer, swayed on his old chair and spit and drank in front of his house. He likes country music and his old hat. Moreover, he loves his shotgun.

Swamp Attack MOD Story

The key feature of Swamp Attack

Formidable enemies

Your enemies this time are ugly zombies and formidable insects. They come in caves and slowly come to you. Wetlands are the only thing that slows them down and gives you time to prepare everything. Their gaze darted wildly and reflected nothing but a clear desire for blood. At some point, our guy is confronted by a UFO, which is responsible for reorganizing animals in the first place.

Our main character may not have the appearance of a true hero but his virtues are not really bad. He did not shed any sweat when the creatures began to attack. He also did not bother to put down the cigarette and ready to use his handgun to kill the creatures one by one.

Some elements of humor

One point that makes Swamp Attack stand out from other zombie games. The shapes of the zombies are really diverse, they include crocodiles, giant turtles, pandas, armed mice, giant venomous spray mosquitoes, UFOs and ugly bosses with red lipstick. Although they all approach you at a very slow speed, you need to reload your pistol to destroy them all. Therefore, the calculation and finding a reasonable shot position is extremely important. It helps you limit the enemies approaching you and gives you time to reload.

Swamp Attack gameplay

Kill the creatures

The main task of the player is to kill those creepy creatures. You will become an ugly, big belly owner and use your shotgun to protect your swamp and your life from zombies. The more creatures you kill, the more gold you will gain. The rewards are many and varied. These include explosives, Molotov cocktails, tonic, and other energy tonics. They help you turn your swamp into a delicious deep-fried fish steak.

Conquer all levels

The Swamp Attack game is divided into 7 episodes and each episode has 18 to 24 levels that need to be dealt with. In each level, you are required to deal with different monsters.

There are currently a total of 78 levels. At the end of each episode, he must confront a different boss. There are a few cases where you have to fight a UFO. They attack and make you easily injured. The UFOs will take away your additional bullets and you have to confront them otherwise. You only have a shotgun and find ways to lower the flying saucers to regain your strength. In the meantime, you have to fight with different types of creatures.

It’s clear that our main character is a braver and more talented person than we thought. However, his lifespan also has a limitation. Every time he lost life, the number of batteries decreased. And when all the battery in the game is exhausted. You will have to wait 30 minutes for them to be fully recharged before you can start the game.

Unlocked New Weapons

The weapons store provides some parts for weapons, defense, explosives and perks packages, such as double coins or revival potion. Can play without paying. You can return to any level, or play a quick mission to earn some money.

The weapon you get or you buy has a limited amount of ammunition and if it’s done, you have to reload a way to repurchase it, except for Shotgun so you should use it the most. Players can upgrade weapons, whether it is an upgrade to add bullets or reload or to upgrade the power of the gun itself. You don’t need to buy weapons because you can unlock them when you play, and all you have to do is upgrade them and buy more bullets for them. Besides the legendary pistol you have from the beginning, you will also be provided with lightweight UZI, dynamite, Molotov cocktail.

What’s more, you are provided with a refrigerator to freeze the swamp and slow down the creatures. The battery will sometimes help you to shock them and slow them down. In addition, you can use atomic bombs to destroy them all at once.

Simple controls

Control in Swamp Attack is very simple, you just need to touch monsters and your guy will shoot them down immediately. However, this gun has something special and you can just continue to exploit it crazily. UZI gives you a faster time to change bullets, but in return, it does not have the power to destroy and quickly run out of ammo. You will have to click on gift boxes, coins, rubber ducks to increase strength. After that, applying power-up requires you to drag it onto the creature.

Vivid and funny images

The design in the Swamp Attack is animated and quite attractive. Most importantly, it gives you the space of a stretch of a house near the swampy dirt but no less interesting. The soundtrack of the game is country music, so you will feel extremely relaxed while enjoying the game. Although, if I were a publisher, I would add more powerful songs and more beat. Such as Rednex – Old Pop In An Oak for example.

Sometimes, the swamp is surrounded by fog and you have no idea where the enemy is. You can be attacked to drop in any direction. The design of the game makes it extremely realistic and makes you scary than ever. The designer of Swamp Attack paid attention to details and created a character that you may have met in real life.

Praise sound effects

Swamp Attack provides good sound effects, just like With the graphics presented by this game, we will be able to enjoy every episode in this game. Playing a game like this, we should have a strategy to maintain the effectiveness of the shot, as well as determine the appropriate time to upgrade the weapons and items we have. If it does not work, the bullet will be exhausted during the play so that we get lost and cannot finish the game.

Swamp Attack MOD APK how to download

Download Swamp Attack MOD for the ultimate experience

Swamp Attack is worth the time you spend playing however, the amount of money you have to spend to upgrade the things you want is sometimes quite high. Please use the Swamp Attack that we have provided to buy and upgrade everything in-game for free. Moreover, you do not have to waste time waiting for your battery to recharge to be able to continue playing. The mod will allow you to play unlimited replay and you do not have to weigh too much about your life is limited.

To sum up

The conclusion about Swamp Attack (MOD Money) for me is that you should play this game if you love the simplicity and cartoon graphics. The game bears a bit of cuteness, humor. It gives you a very strange and new atmosphere. Monsters and animals are unique and have their own power levels. It is that becomes an interesting challenge for us. Swamp Attack also has a multiplayer mode, you can call your friends to join and fight with other players around the world. Moreover, the game does not require you to be connected to the internet every time you play, so you can enjoy the game anywhere.

Download Swamp Attack (MOD, Unlimited Money/ Energy)

Download (70M)

You are now ready to download Swamp Attack for free. Here are some notes:

  • Please check our installation guide.
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