Survival Heroes Mod APK+ OBB 2.4.0

Survival Heroes Mod APK+ OBB 2.4.0

Version: 2.4.0 ·
April 3, 2021 (2 years ago)
Publisher Snail Games USA Inc
Latest Version2.4.0
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Survival Heroes is an Android game developed by Snail Games USA Inc. with gameplay inspired by the perfect combination of the two most popular mobile game genres currently being MOBA and Battlegrounds. Survival Heroes are in the Soft launch process. You can download and install free games by following our instruction below.

The game has a very similar start to PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG). In the game, a balloon carries you and 99 other players to a random area. You need to select a good location to parachute to the ground. The battle for survival will officially begin as soon as you jump out of the balloon.
In the beginning, you have nothing. The first task of surviving is to find weapons and equipment.

The biggest difference in Survival Heroes’ gameplay is how to fight and win. Instead of destroying your opponents with guns and grenades, you will fight them with other weapons such as Swords, Sticks or Crescent, which you commonly see in MOBA Games. Of course, weapons are very diverse for you to choose from. They include melee and long-range weapons, each of which has its own strong points and weak points. In addition, there are many different types of skills, items for players to increase the power of their characters that are similar to other MOBA games. The goal in Heroes Survival is to try to be the last survivor. The game also features Forcefield for the purpose of shrinking.


Download Heroes Survival APK+Data for Android

As promised, we bring you the latest version of Survival Heroes so you can install it easily. Check out the link at the bottom of the article download and install the game. But first, let’s explore the exciting features of this game.

Survival Heroes apk download

Create your hero and join the battle for survival

Starting the game like all other MOBA games, in which you need to create a character. In fact, the game brings quite a few options, so you can only select the character gender and body form. Remember that after creation, you cannot change these attributes. Your character is equipped with a main weapon which you can use to attack the enemy at any time. In Survival Heroes, survival is the goal that all players aim for. To become the king of this valley, you need to destroy all the other players. Do not forget to choose the right weapon in each case.

Survival Heroes apk mod

Equipping the hero and practicing the skills

There are four main types of equipment for each of your heroes including Head, Chest, Leg and Foot Armor. Based on the properties of the equipment, they are divided into Binoculars and Necklaces. The equipment can be found from everywhere on the map. You just need to control the heroes, move to the houses, break the furniture or open the chest then you can get them. In addition to collecting equipment, you level up your skills, increasing your heroes’ power. The game has monsters that are divided into different levels, allowing players to hunt and receive equipment. You can also kill enemies to increase the level of heroes. The skills of Survival Heroes are also very interesting such as stunning, slowing, locking targets, trapping, dealing damage by poison, wide area damage and invisible.

Easy control mechanism

The in-game control system is familiar and easy to use. If you have ever played Moba game on mobile, it will not be difficult for you. In the game, you can use your left hand to control your character’s movement and right hand to use the skill. The Main Attack button is for attacking the enemy. There are three other keys that you need to pay attention to including the buttons to perform the skill. When they are filled up, click to perform the character’s skills. However, the skills have the cooldown feature so you should consider before using them.

Survival Heroes mod apk

What’s else in Survival Heroes Mod APK?

Survival Heroes has impressive 3D graphics, comparable to current the popular games such as Dragalia Lost or Asphalt 9. The game offers a variety of weapon systems with over 30 different ones. Each weapon corresponds to unique skills so you can freely customize them in battles. You can use the powerful weapon to destroy all opponents or to attack in a sneaky manner by trapping, hiding in the bushes and waiting for your enemies to enter.

Survival Heroes is not a pay-to-win game, which means that everything in the game is fair and cannot be interfered with IAP packages. In the game, you can join the guild and compete for rank with players around the world. There are many other exciting game modes that will be updated in the near future. The game requires your device to run Android version 4.4 or higher. Your device also needs at least 500MB of free memory and 2GB of RAM to play it smoothly.


Survival Heroes brings the players the perfect combination of Battle Royals and MOBA. You are still involved in a battle of survival in a limited area with other players around the world. Instead of shooting, you must use the skills of MOBA games. The game is released for free on Android and iOS, so you can download the game and install it easily through our instruction. If you have any questions about the game, please leave a comment below.

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