Super Mecha Champions APK+ OBB 1.0.10596

Super Mecha Champions APK+ OBB 1.0.10596

Version: 1.0.10596 ·
February 6, 2021 (2 years ago)
Publisher NetEase Games
Latest Version1.0.10596
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In the first quarter of this year, NetEase Games is focusing on developing shooting games on mobile devices. Besides launching Disorder, this Chinese publisher has just released Super Mecha Champions (APK/Mod). Although both games are still in the process of further development, NetEase has started to bring Super Mecha Champions to users through the beta version on iOS and Android. The game was registered in advance last month and is now available in Southeast Asian countries.

Super Mecha Champions APK download

Super Mecha Champions has certainly attracted a lot of attention since the producer announced. The game currently has more than 200,000 registered users. Those who subscribe to the registration list right now will receive more rewarding and special rewards than those who participate in the game on the day it launches. The rewards will include the game’s electronic money and the “Arthur” mecha. In this article, we will talk about the salient features of this game. We will also show you how to download and install Super Mecha Champions APK easily in just a few steps.

Battle Royale Gameplay

Super Mecha Champions is a new battle royale game, taking the future and combining a bit of science fiction elements. In the game, instead of all players sitting on an airplane and parachuting into an island where a survival battle occurs (Like Fortnite or PUBG), you will be able to control a spaceship or use your own high-tech devices. Even while fighting, in addition to various types of guns, you will receive support from the robots (Mecha).

Super Mecha Champions gameplay

Especially like the name of the game, during the battle, in the last round, when there are only 10 final players, you can unlock and choose a unique Mecha. They are combat robots that possess special skills, different powers to combine with players to fight against other opponents. Super Mecha Champions is still a survival battle where you will fight 99 different opponents and become the last stand. However, the game brings some unique features that make the battle in the game more attractive and unexpected.

Attractive art style -Beautiful characters like in the manga

Super Mecha Champions can attract a large number of players thanks to the art room mixed between anime and mecha battles. The voice actor for the characters in the game is also very popular and pleases anime fans. Tomokazu Seki (Gilgamesh, Fate/Zero) and Rina Satou (Misaka Mikoto, A Certain Scientific Railgun) are famous voice actors who take on male and female roles in Super Mecha Champions.

Super Mecha Champions graphics

Eight characters in Super Mecha Champions are designed and built beautifully and personality. Each character has a unique character about personality, strength and clothing, hair color. This brings great diversity and a great attraction for the game. Players will see extremely beautiful and cool faces when you choose your character. However, when participating in the battle, they will be wearing extremely large armor and various functions.

Huge and gorgeous armor

The armor helps them fly up and attack in different ways. If Arthur wears white armor, then the female character has an extremely lovely pink armor. If you have not imagined how they will be, you can take Iron Man’s supervisor as a prime example.

Super Mecha Champions weapons

There are armor with a laser gun, armor with swords and other weapons. Has power support and has a set that delivers speed. Each player with different preferences will choose the right armor. If you are a person who likes to fight on the ground and use melee attacks, you should equip yourself with speed and fast armor. If you like to fight from above or use firing weapons, then the armor with the jet will suit you better.

Full control

In Super Mecha Champions, you will play the role of the character you choose and fight with the first view. Players have complete control over the movement and action of mecha. This means you have to be really competent in the controls to become a good warrior.

The left thumb will be used to navigate and move the character. While the right thumb will be used to shoot, jump, attack, use special skills or even evade the opponent’s attacks. In addition, the left finger can also be used to perform a weapon change in use. Therefore, the player must know the position of the control buttons so that you can combine the action in the fastest and most effective way.

Many battle modes

The game offers a lot of battle modes so that players don’t get bored. You can participate in human fights or mecha with mech. Each category brings different methods and techniques. Players can be hegemony and always win in mecha rounds but can be quickly knocked out in human rounds. Therefore, you need to have time to experience and become proficient in different game modes.

Great to play Super Mecha Champions now

Super Mecha Champions brings you to a future world through beautiful and luxurious designs of the city and city, and the modern and advanced mechas. Super Mecha Champions graphics are one of the points to be noticed and praised for this game. Currently, open games allow players to register to experience this game first at its fanpage. Its true quality has not been explored, please wait for the next review when this game has allowed players to experience it.

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