Stick War: Legacy 2021.1.14 (MOD, Unlimited Diamonds)

Stick War: Legacy 2021.1.14 (MOD, Unlimited Diamonds)

Version: 2021.1.14 ·
June 8, 2021 (1 year ago)
Full NameStick War: Legacy
Publisher Max Games Studios
Mod FeaturesUnlimited Diamonds
Latest Version2021.1.14
RequireAndroid 4.1
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Can you resist the attraction of a stickman? Have you ever played through the genre of stickman including stickman adventure, stickman of death, and so on? Now, this is your chance to try another interesting game in this genre called Stick War: Legacy. Once you get into Stick War: Legacy, you may experience all battles in a dying world.

Stick War: Legacy is adapted from a familiar flash game on PC. In this mobile version, it is designed with a classic tactical style, along with the unique gameplay and too excellent sounds. This game is making a lot of attention to users and is emerging recently. So, you shouldn’t be the person who doesn’t know the existence of it, right?

Stick War Legacy mod

Clear and specific plot of the game

Don’t you know that with strategy games, the most important thing is that the plot has to have clear goals and specific purposes? And as if the plot of Stick War: Legacy doesn’t make players feel disappointed.

It is made quite detailed when bringing players to the land of Inamorta, a country being occupied by dictatorial forces. At this messed place, you will control the insurgency and your mission is step by step reclaim the freedom of the unfortunate people here, and unite it all to take the highest throne. Overall, the more victory you get through a battle, the more freedom you bring back to the local here.

What you should do through Stick War: Legacy?

Once you enter the dangerous world of this game, you will continue to follow the construction, buy soldiers, build your army, and create your kingdom. In the beginning, you are only provided a certain number of “people”. So, what you should do with these people? You must make them be the miner to make money or gold for you. A big problem with beginners is that they have to consider between economic and military.

Moreover, this game provides players with four main types of soldiers including Swordsman, archer, merchant, and wizards, as well as a final hidden boss. The strategy of the game is very clear because, in addition to limiting soldiers, you also have to calculate how to use soldiers as you know that each type has its strengths. And another thing you have to take notice is that the battlefield is quite narrow, so you have to arrange the team so that all of your warriors do not step on the head of each other is also the key to victory.

Moreover, it can be easier to gain victory by using many types of abilities purchased in the diamond shop. These diamonds are earned after each battle. Plus, Stick War: Legacy also allows the player to control directly, if you are good enough, you can alone defeat from start to finish, but this is a bit impossible.

Another special thing you have to focus on is that the enemy will have the same soldiers as you. And at the highest difficulty, they will be smart enough to combine different types of soldiers, attack or retreat in defense and it’s causing extremely much discomfort for players.

The key features

Stick War: Legacy is an interesting strategy game where you will manage and develop a stickman army to fight in epic battles. In the game, there are many interesting features, specifically:

Protect your kingdom

In Stick War: Legacy, gamers are the ruler of the land in the empire Inamorta. Despite being a perfect and friendly lover, your kingdom has always been annihilated by enemies. Of course, you never let that happen. In the game, players will develop and control a Stickman army to fight against invasions. You have to start with the mining workers to exploit gold. With enough resources, you can develop new units such as soldiers, archers, witches or even giants. When you have enough power, gamers can attack your opponent and destroy their Statue to win.

3 unique game modes

Stick War: Legacy offers players 3 different game modes, including Classic Campaign, Tournament Mode and Endless Deads.

In which, Classic Campaign is the main game mode in the game. You will join battles to complete with other empires. There is a world map with different locations and you need to conquer all of them.

Besides, Tournament Mode brings another way to play. In which you will face opponents in real-time battles. There will be 8 players participating in this game mode. They are divided into 4 pairs. After winning, you will reach the next round. The final will take place between the 2 best players. Finally, it is Endless Deads. This is an extremely fun game mode when you will fight with zombies. The opponent will attack in waves and your task is to defend and destroy them.

Use Boost items

Sometimes, the number of enemy troops is too large, making you face the risk of loss. Players can save this situation by using boost items. They immediately provide helpful support to help you fight the enemy. In this article, we provide you with the modified version of the game named Stick War: Legacy mod. By using this mod version, gamers can buy boost items for free from the beginning of the game. So the battle will be a lot easier.

Open the chest to receive a reward

When you win battles, you can receive chests. They contain a lot of lucky items such as diamonds, jewels to upgrade, equip the soldiers.

Note: Diamonds will automatically increase when you buy items. So, you should not buy too expensive items when starting. Instead, players need to visit the shop then buy an item for less than 20 diamonds. After that, the diamond will increase.

More armies

As I said above, the game provides you with four types of warriors, so, each type of army in Stick War: Legacy has its characteristics. Take the example that the swordsman will be fast and high-damage but they have weak health. The archer features good defensively but slow and not flexible. The wizards are extremely expensive but can be summoned small monsters for free. The merchant is a crowd but we have to spend more money to buy.

Easily upgrade everything

You can upgrade almost everything in Stick War: Legacy, from soldiers to homes, as well as other extraneous features. When soldiers are upgraded, they will look cool and impressive with a ton of weapons, full of armor, and even later you can put resources into a powerful stick guy, turning it into a locomotive clean the enemy.

Graphics and sound

The image of Stick War: Legacy seems to be as familiar and normal compared to a stick-man game with simple backgrounds and not much color in lands. However, its sound was very excellent, the soundtrack was intense when the two sides rushed to each other, enough to create a sense of inspiration. So, how wonderful while you as playing a game as listening to the great sounds that bring you to the great battles, right?

About the mod of Stick War: Legacy

As you know that diamonds are the most important thing in this game. So, besides earning after the battles, you can try to download Mod Stick War: Legacy at our website to get a huge amount of them. With this great resource, you can buy or upgrade everything you like including many interesting packs, super diamonds packs, turning off the ads, and so on. Don’t miss this chance.


Although there are a lot of popular stickman games on mobile, Stick War: Legacy has always been the most attractive to players. This game used to be in the top download on Google Play, so this will be a worthy choice for the stick fan. 

With unique gameplay, diverse images and sounds, Stick War: Legacy is an extremely worthwhile game to try for any player. Don’t forget to download the Mod Stick War: Legacy to have fully and the most interesting experience.

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Download Stick War: Legacy 2021.1.14 (MOD, Unlimited Diamonds)

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You are now ready to download Stick War: Legacy for free. Here are some notes:

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