Stardew Valley- Best Tips for Beginner

June 14, 2020 (2 years ago)

Stardew Valley – an exciting role-playing farm game available on Android, tablets, and Chromebooks. If you’ve ever been a big fan of Mobile Farm games, then you definitely can’t ignore Stardew Valley. The game has beautiful graphics, interesting gameplay, tons of missions to explore.

Although Multiplayer mode is still in progress. Stardew Valley Mobile still creates a big effect when it brings exactly the great experience of the PC version. This article will teach you some good tricks to master Stardew Valley, even if you are a new player.

Stardew Valley- Tips for Beginner

Transfer Stardew Valley data files saved from PC / Mac to Android.

The data conversion process is very simple, just a few steps. First, you need the current save file:

  • On the PC, open File Explorer and type:% AppData% StardewValleySaves into the address bar.
  • On the Mac, open Finder> Go> Go to folder, then type: ~ / .config / StardewValley / Saves.

You will find the folder containing character names and lots of numbers. Create a copy of this folder. Connect your Android device to your computer via a compatible UBS cable and change the notification status from USB MTP to File Transfer.

Transfer Stardew Valley data files saved from PC to Android.

Access memory in your device at Devices and PC drives. If you are using Mac OS, you can try Android File Transfer. Now paste the folder you copied in the previous step into the “StardewValley” folder. It is in the original menu of phone/tablet memory. If this folder is not available, you can fix it by reopening the game and exiting it immediately afterward. The next time you open Stardew Valley, you’ll see that the PC / Mac saved game data has been imported.

Choose the best crop

Although there are many ways to make money in Stardew Valley, your main source of income comes mainly from harvesting crops and livestock. To know which seeds bring the greatest profit, you have to try and take risks. Don’t worry, the tips below will help you.

Choose the best crop

The best plants in Stardew Valley change seasonally. It means, if you plant summer seeds in the spring, it will not grow. Also, make sure to use the bin to preserve jam and juice. They are made from the products you harvested. These things can bring you a bigger income. However, if you want to sell them as raw materials, here is a list of the best seasonal crops we recommend:

  • Spring crops: Strawberries (only at Easter), Cauliflower, Potatoes, Rhubarb (bought at Oasis store).
  • Summer crops: Blueberry, Carambola (Oasis shop), Fruit melon, Hops, Red cabbage (only in the second year).
  • Fall crops – Rare seeds (bought from Gypsy Wagon), Cranberry, Pumpkin, Grape. Spring plant: Strawberry (only for Easter), Cauliflower, Potato, Rhubarb (buy at Oasis store).
  • Summer crops: Blueberry, Carambola (Oasis shop), Fruit melon, Hops, Red cabbage (only in the second year).
  • Fall crops – Rare seeds (bought from Gypsy Wagon), Cranberry, Pumpkin, Grape.

Make your plan according to each season

If you want to maximize profits in Stardew Valley, you need to be careful when buying and planting seeds. Unlike real life, the time in Stardew Valley passes faster. Each season lasts only 28 days. When the weather changes, the crop that you planted in the previous season will wither and die immediately. Remember that some seeds (like strawberries) take several weeks to fully grow to harvest. So if there are only a few days left until the new season, you should not sow these seeds. Instead, you should use them for next year.

Make your plan according to each season

For example, Strawberries, although grown best in the spring, can only be bought at Easter. This festival takes place in late spring so you only have enough time to plant and harvest a strawberry crop. However, if you have enough savings, you can store strawberry seeds for the second year to get the maximum amount of gold from this fruit.

How to restore the Community Center?

Rebuilding Community Center is one of the important goals you need to accomplish in Stardew Valley. Don’t sell it to Joja Mart, because it’s really not worth it. To perform this task, you need to complete the Bundles at Junimo’s request (a strange creature). You can then refurbish each room in the Community Center. To complete the Bundle, it will take a lot of time. Therefore, you should prioritize certain rooms and Bundles. Because not all of them bring the same prize.

The most important task to complete is to repair the Boiler Room to bring the wagons back. It allows you to move quickly between mines, bus stops, quarries and to the right of the town. Your precious time while skipping areas will take you more time during the day to complete other tasks. The greenhouse is the most important reward you will have if you complete the Pantry Bundle mission. Every seed planted here can grow well without regard to the weather. This means you can grow strawberries here at any time of the year.

Bus Repair (Vault Bundle) is another reward. It gives you Oasis access to buy unique seeds.

Talk to friends and give gifts

Don’t be too obsessed with how to maintain the operation of the farm. You have a large town to explore with many strange but interesting residents to make friends. You can even start a romance with some characters. If you really get along with someone, you can get married and build a family.

Talk to friends and give gifts

In addition to the story, getting acquainted with neighbors also helps you get many useful prizes when reaching a certain friendship level. Prizes will be transferred to the mailbox. The heart is a measure of friendship. Each resident has 10 hearts. If you decide to marry, your wife will have two more hearts and all 12 cells will be filled. You will own Stardrop, which helps permanently extend the Energy meter.

There are many ways to increase the number of hearts with each villager. You just need to talk or give them gifts. However, you should also learn a little about the gift and make sure they like it if given. You will also receive your reward points if you give gifts to the villagers on their birthday (displayed on Pierre’s calendar outside the store).

Go to bed on time

Do not stay up late! Burning oil lamps at midnight can be a fun way (especially when you’re working smoothly in mines), but if you don’t go to bed on time, the energy for the next day will be greatly affected.

Go to bed on time

Therefore, you always have to go to bed before 12 midnight. The next morning, you will wake up with a full energy bar. If you don’t sleep at 2 in the morning, you’ll be completely unconscious. When you wake up, the energy bar has only half left.

Choose a career wisely

Not just a simple farm game, Stardew Valley made a little RPG. It has an upgrade system for 5 character skills. They are Cultivation, Mining, Breeding, Fishing and Fighting. Each skill will give you new items, improve the ability for each level to the maximum: 10. You should choose a career that suits your personal play. For example, at level 5, you can choose between 25% increase in fish selling prices or lower crab basket material. If you are not interested in making crab baskets, choose fishing or other jobs.

Transfer Stardew Valley data files saved from PC to Android.

If you change your mind later, you can switch jobs by going to the Statue of Uncertainty after having access to Sewers. This feature is priced at 10,000g and can only be selected once per day.

Watch TV every morning

What is the most important thing to do when waking up in Stardew Valley? No need to brush your teeth or wash your face, but turn on the TV to see what programs are available. Sounds strange right? But watching TV in Stardew Valley game is really helpful. In addition to animal feed tips and new recipes, TV also tells you what Luck today is. It affects everything in Stardew Valley, including the opportunity to double crop, receives treasure while fishing and find rare items in Mines.

The TV also tells you about the next day’s weather. Therefore, you will know when it is raining to plan accordingly, especially when you need to take care of your plants.

Only upgrade tools when needed

Referring to the upgrade tool, do not give it to the blacksmith if you are not sure you need it. You should prioritize picks, axes and watering tools because you will often have to use them.

Only upgrade tools when needed

Survival in the mine

Experience the Stardew Valley world almost peacefully, except in the mines. Mines are a series of randomly generated dungeons, filled with ores and gems. Unfortunately, they are also home to monsters, ready to attack when you get into their sights.

But the surprise attack in Mines will take you from the top floor to the bottom of the 120th floor. You can only go to the next floor by finding the ladder hidden in some rock. The deeper you get into the dungeon, the better rewards you will receive. Of course, the enemy is also stronger.

Survival in the mine

In this mode, time is also your enemy when you need to go out and return home before the end of the day. If you lose consciousness in Mines, you will lose most or all of the assets you have earned. Conversely, each time you pass 5 floors, you will have the opportunity to unlock the shortcut to the stairs to the top floor.

Stardew Valley’s fight is merely a slash to death but on mobile becomes a bit more difficult. The default control will automatically attack enemies near you. However, you can test other controls when fighting. The automatic attack function is effective with low-level monsters, but enemies are harder to demand wiser tactics.

You should bring food when exploring Mines. Preventing food will help you maintain full energy or health, increasing your chances of reaching more milestones. If not, it’s easy for you to rush away from the mine.

You can also use the fabrication menu in Mines. If you’re trying to find a ladder, use a bomb that “breaks” a rock. If there are 100 stones in hand, you can even build a ladder to the next level.

These are simple Stardew Valley playing tricks for beginners. Hope the article is useful to you.

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