SoulWorker: Zero APK+ OBB v1.0

SoulWorker: Zero APK+ OBB v1.0

Version: 1.0 ·
April 16, 2019 (3 years ago)
Publisher VisionBros
Latest Version1.0

SoulWorker: Zero is one of the best examples of an online anime action RPG on PC. This game is really great if it can be tweaked to operate pharmacologically on mobile platforms.
SoulWorker ZERO will be the answer to that request. The game was developed by a Korean studio called VisionBros and released by Aprogen Healthcare & Games Inc. As its name suggests, this game publisher is active in the health care sector when it owns a biomedical technology business and has a stake in the wireless communications industry.

After a week of Soul Worker ZERO opening a closed test in Korea to allow players to experience the game, the company officially closed it in preparation for the official launch. In this article, we will discuss the outstanding features of this game. We will also provide links to download Soul Worker APK as soon as this game is available on Play Store.

SoulWorker ZERO apk download

Based On The Successful PC Version

Soul Worker Zero is the mobile version of Soul Worker previously released on the PC platform. SoulWorker is now available on Steam and many other servers in the West. Soul Worker is a game built around the mouse and keyboard controls with most special gestures that need to be used with number keys. When the player holds the left mouse button, the basic melee combo is automatically started. The mobile version is based on the original plot but has a more independent approach. According to the PC version, SoulWorker is an action-packed MMORPG with a free third-person view. Players will become powerful psychopaths fighting the abandoned city of Cloudrealm.
SoulWorker ZERO was developed based on the very successful original PC version, but the unit that created it was the strange VisionBros rather than the Lion Games. However, the essence of the old action online game has remained the same.

SoulWorker:Zero - First CBT Character Creation vs Main Story

Eye – Catching Anime Graphics

Soul Worker has been loved by many people on the PC platform by eye-catching anime graphics with hand-drawn 2D graphics and 3D models. The features that make Soul Worker’s irresistible charm both transmitted to Soul Worker ZERO, this mobile game takes the plot and style of the elder. Of course, it is indispensable for the player to demand a ‘quick screen’. You will experience the frantic punching phase, the quick combo phase to blur the whole eye … Along with that extremely beautiful and cute cartoon graphics platform.
The characters in Soul Worker ZERO still retain their true nature and cuteness like the PC version. Players can still see their favorite characters with sharp images, true graphics on touch phones.

SoulWorker ZERO characters

Items And Characters

Although there is not much official information about the number of characters in Soul Worker ZERO, according to many guesses, the number of characters to use for the player may be the same as the PC version. Because the PC version only has 6 playable characters. This number is not too much compared to other MMORPG games. However, each character is beautifully designed with different styles, different fighting styles, and unique advantages. The PC version still has certain restrictions on the character, such as changing the costume or gender of the character. If you love the functions and capabilities of a certain character, but you want your character to be a different gender, that’s not possible in Soul Worker’s PC version. Will developer Soul Worker ZERO change this and add more to Player vs Player mode (PvP).

SoulWorker ZERO gameplay

How to download Soul Worker APK?

The mobile version of Soul Worker has not been officially released yet, so we still don’t know how many bugs users reflect when they experience the trial version will be fixed. The game still has no other language support except Korean. Having a small error caused the display size of the game to be changed, however, people with this condition could not correct the size again as default. This may be corrected in the official version of the game.

Currently, this game is in the process of completion and will be released in the near future. We will update the download link of this game when it is available. In the meantime, we recommend another RPG game to experience on Android is LYN: The Lightbringer.

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