Shadow of Death 2 (MOD, Diamonds/ Money)

Shadow of Death 2 (MOD, Diamonds/ Money)

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March 19, 2020 (3 years ago)
Full NameShadow of Death 2
Publisher Bravestars Games
Mod FeaturesGod Mode, Unlimited Money
Latest Version1.31.5.0
RequireAndroid 5.0
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If you need to get yourself out of the regular mobile games for a while, then Shadow of Death 2 (MOD Money) will be an excellent choice. Following the initial departure of the first edition, this title is a promising RPG. You can get it for free on Android devices.

Shadow of Death 2 MOD APK download

The story continues

In the first release, your kingdom Aurora had fallen. A strange but known to be ancient darkness surrounded the area, drying crops and generating raging winds. The king left Aurora with his lust for power, and people were crying for hope.

Now, things continue with Maximus, a knight with cleansed memory. Take control of him and wander through the dark and fight back demons. The fate of Aurora is in your hands. Fight your way to restore the light back to this once glorious land.

Shadow of Death 2 Story

Intense gameplay

There are two modes just like on the first edition. First, you can enjoy the game in the Adventure mode. Here, you get to complete the game’s storyline. There are some main chapters, and each contains numerous episodes that you need to complete to advance.

You’ll face off a considerable number of foes on your way to the darkness’ origin. Each of them has a considerably larger size than you, so be quick to kill them before they get close. Killing them grants you experience and souls. Souls are essential for you to buy more advanced weapons and powerups.

The standard weapon you have is the shadow sword. For a start, it actually performs pretty well. You can slash and slide hundreds of demons without fearing that it’s not going to work. Anyway, the weapon arsenal, in general, is much more various than just a basic sword. You can either spend your souls on better weapons or just upgrade your initial one. Keep in mind to invest in the defensive side as well. Helmets and armor are crucial on your path to eternal light.

Shadow of Death 2 Gameplay

In the Challenge mode, you can face off other players. This mode is exceptionally entertaining and very rewarding as well. There’s a good chance that you can receive HP potions, swords, or experience points. The daily reward section is also compelling stuff in the hack-n-slash category. You may find it hard not to come back every day for better prizes! We also provide you with the latest mod version of this game. So you can unlock everything in the game completely free.

A more in-depth look into the armory

You can tell how good a sword is by looking at its rarity and passive ability. The rarity perks are something I’ve seen in a lot in games of the same genre, but that’s a smart way to set up the game. Players will need to hunt more for the best weapon possible, and they can learn to master the fighting within the track. The rarest item is in red, and it’s titled legendary. The most common thing you can find is in white.

Besides the essential items like swords and armors, you can select up to three skills for your quest. They can either be passive or active, and a right combination of skills is crucial in Shadow of Death 2. Sometimes, the basic attack is just not enough for the massive army of demons, so it’s an excellent choice to make use of skills.

Shadow of Death 2 MOD unlocked

Furthermore, there are other upgrades like wings or pets. Some wings allow you to execute more complex skill shots, and pets often grant you passive bonuses, like life-stealing – it draws HP for foes, which goes directly to your own HP pool.

Bonus runes strengthen your hero

There are three main types of runes in Shadow of Death 2, which are Power, Arcane, and Tactic.

  • Power runes: These items will upgrade your skill damage. The higher level your runes are, there will be a better chance to deal exceeding harm to demons.
  • Arcane runes: If your fighting style depends significantly on using skills, then this is the type of rune that needs extra attention. An Arcane rune reduces the cooldown of your abilities, which allows you to deploy them more frequently in each battle.
  • Tactic runes: These runes increase the chance of your character triggering a bonus effect.

Various mastery choices

A mastery benefits a specific stat. If you have spare runes that you don’t need, you can use them for training a skill. A type of rune is strictly tied to some masteries. For example:

  • Armor and Ancient armor are the things that increase your defense. A Topaz goes with them.
  • Hunt and Ancient killer work best with bosses and other players through PvP matches. It sticks to Diamonds.

The control is easy to familiarize

Things look straightforward in this game’s control. Like the majority of RPG games, you have a joystick to the left of your screen. Everything else is on the opposite. If you’re playing for pure entertainment, I think it’s sufficient to use only the joystick and the attack button. Anyway, I’d strongly recommend utilizing the full range of switches that the game offer. You can dash forward or jump to dodge incoming attacks. If you have the right execution, you can get out of a dangerous situation with ease. It looks extra pleasing as well.

Shadow of Death 2 MOD APK graphics

As I mentioned before, there are abilities that you can use within the game. The buttons for them are situated around the main attack one, so it’s relatively easy to navigate around. They’re pretty useful in the game, especially when fighting against bosses. A quick, concentrated blow is lethal to them.

Good-looking ‘shadow’ theme

The name tells it all, and I think Shadow of Death 2 has one of the best themes for a hack-n-slash RPG. If you’ve played games like Limbo, or Shadow Fight 2, Shadow of Death 2 takes the same coloring concept. Everything is in a dark and mysterious fog. The background continually changes, and they glow green. It’s a breathtaking view, and that fits well to the storyline.

Impressive graphics

It’s a detailed one, and I think the creators have worked very hard on creating it. Everything oozes blood upon being beaten or slashed. The bloody stuff is actually one of the best things that I see in Shadow of Death 2. They fit well to the impact, and it’s pretty realistic. You can turn them off anyway, so it’s fine to play if you don’t like the idea of blood coming from everywhere.

While the game is based on a 2D background, where every supporting element lies flat, your character and the enemies get a little touch of 3D graphics. That makes fighting scenes very smooth, and that’s a pleasure to the eye. The movement and actions are not sticky and laggy, so big shout out to the animation team!

Some tips and tricks to get the most out of Shadow of Death 2

Dash through enemies to avoid being hit

Besides assisting you in moving around quickly, a dash is useful when you are surrounded around a lot of enemies. Dashing grants you a short burst of invulnerability, so it’s an ideal tool to escape from extreme combat.

Take out ranged demons first

I think this rule applies to every hack-n-slash games out there. Ranged units are not tanky, but they deal a lot of damage if you can’t dodge their attacks. What is more, they can be extra annoying as well.

Save your skills for bosses

It’s not so wise to waste everything on usual foes. They can be taken down with regular attacks, but bosses are on a different page. It’s best to launch your skills at them as rapidly as possible, and at the same time. That makes your road to victory less strenuous too.

Aim for three-star victories

The game assesses your performance based on how many achievements you complete after each round. Getting a three-star rating is beneficial for your progressing speed. If you don’t exactly know what the objectives are, just do your best and kill everything you see.

Upgrade your equipment when you have enough souls

Upgrades are generally cheap in this game, so there’s no reason you don’t do it regularly. An upgrade may not be impactful, but with everything at +20, you can see a significant boost in your stats.

Upgrade your masteries upon ending a level

The chance doesn’t come after every round, but it’s always worth a check. If you’re lucky, you can remarkably boost your hero’s power.

Watch a video to get extra rewards

This needs patience, and the rewards are worth your time. After each level, you can watch a short, 30-second video ad to increase your experience points and souls. Not only that, you can double your daily claims as well.

The final verdict

All in all, I’m very interested in Shadow of Death 2 MOD. Even though it’s still in early access, there’s a great potential to this game. Anyway, because it’s still new, there are still some performance issues, such as lag spikes or non-audio gameplay. If you wonder why I didn’t mention audio above, this is why. Compared to the first edition, there have been some apparent changes to the game. The graphics feel much smoother now.

Download Shadow of Death 2 (MOD, Diamonds/ Money)

Download (131MB)

You are now ready to download Shadow of Death 2 for free. Here are some notes:

  • Please check our installation guide.
  • Some applications will only run when you install the correct file that matches your device’s chipset. If you don’t know what chipset your device uses, check it with CPU Z.
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