Rush Wars: FULL Beginner Guide! (Latest SuperCell’s Game)

June 14, 2020 (2 years ago)

Welcome to Rush Wars, the latest product from SuperCell! The game is inspired by a subtle combination of Clash of Clans and Clash Royale. The game has now officially entered the Beta phase and is currently available on the Play Store in Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and Finland. Rush Wars takes players into real-time battles with other opponents around the world. Your ultimate goal is to steal Gold from the enemy’s base. Do not forget to set up strategic defenses to protect your gold vault from the reach of attackers. It sounds like what you need to do in Clash Of Clans but I’m sure there will be more.

Rush Wars FULL Beginner Guide

FULL Guide for Beginner in Rush Wars

If you want to get ahead of other players in this game, follow this article because we bring a complete guide for beginners. This article will consist of three parts: Overview, Offense, and Defense. Let’s explore it now!


First, let’s talk about your base (pictured below). Skip the Quick Menu and we will talk about the main components you need to care about.

Attack Button

Attack button: Click here to access your Attack Squad. Here, you will see the entire list of Troops, Airdrops, Commander and other elements of team building. It is exactly where you will arrange the squad’s components before joining the battle. Pay attention to the empty stars in the Attack icon. These stars are similar to the crown in Clash Royale. It assesses the achievements you have from the battle. There are 3 gold treasures that you need to destroy in battle, each with a star. When you collect 5 stars from the battle and fill them up, you will receive a free Chest based on your rank. However, they require a key to open.

The opposite side is the “Gold Mines“, which is exactly where you will defend against attacks from other players. It contains 3 gold mines capable of auto-production. You can collect Gold from here. This item will unlock when you have 10 stars from the battle. To protect this area, you need to place the Defenses at appropriate locations.

I will talk about other constructions you will see at the main screen of the game. There are 2 gray areas that you can see from the image below. It is the place where the Free Chest can be opened. You can increase their numbers by upgrading HQ.

Upgrade HQ

HQ is considered the soul of the game when its level is an assessment of your progress in Rush Wars. It is a large building located in the middle of your base (like a town hall in Clash Of Clans). There are 2 things that you need to upgrade HQ are Gold and Experience Points. Gold can be earned from Gold Mines and battles. Experience points will depend on your level, they can also be received from the battle. The HQ upgrade gives you the ability to find new cards and add a free box (the gray area we talked about). Besides, it also increases Defense Production and extends Gold Storage. Click on the Next icon to see what happens when you upgrade HQ in the future (new cards, increased number of Free boxes or Gold Storage).

Now, pay attention to the little building on the left of HQ, it’s Chopper. You can view Chopper as your army camp like in Clash of Clans. It is home to your Troops, Airdrops, and Defenses. You must upgrade Chopper to move to new locations.

Rush Wars Chopper

Finally, the building is located right next to Chopper with funny effects, called LAB. This is where you can access all the cards you’ve unlocked or not. It is also where you proceed to upgrade the cards. Just touch each card to see all its information and stats. In fact, there is a useful button below that when you check it, the game will only display Cards ready for the upgrade. Check the LAB regularly and upgrade the Card immediately when it is ready. You also need to pay attention to the number displayed next to the card, it represents the residential space that this card occupies. Then we will talk about this later in the article.

Rush Wars Shop

Now look at the top corner, there are 3 icons you will see, they are Ranking, Battle Log, and Shop.

  • Battle Log is a table that displays your battle log. It contains information and replays about the attacks and defenses you have made.
  • The ranking will display the list of players with the largest stars. Similar to Clash Royale, the ranking is divided into 2 categories: Global and Local, they display the rank of all players or only players in your area.
  • Shop: Where you can shop for everything. Of course, they are quite expensive and you need to pay with real money. There is also some pretty good short discount offers that you can consider buying. Ok, we’re ready for the next part of the article: Offense.

Rush Wars Offense


First, let’s talk about the types of cards you will use to attack other players’ bases in Rush Wars. There are three main types, in fact, four but we remove Defense Cards because they are not part of the Attack Squad. Each Attack Squad has a certain space. So you need to ensure that the number of cards you carry does not exceed the limit. Some cards may take up to 3, so consider them before you use it. The space in Attack Squad can be expanded by upgrading Chopper. You cannot start the match unless the Attack Squad’s space is full.

The second type is Airdrops. They are considered a Spell in Clash of Clans. Each airdrop also occupies a certain space and they also have a separate area to place. Using Airdrops brings powerful effects in battle and can destroy more extensive range than conventional attacks.


The last part is the commander. You can equip the Commander card once in a battle. And it does not take up any space of Attack Squad. Commanders have special skills and they often have greater power than regular Troops. However, once they are defeated, they need time to recover.

Setting up a perfect Battle Squad is not easy. Because cards have their own strengths and weaknesses, you need to know how to combine them. Rush Wars is unlike the Clash royale when building Desk based on available characters from Clash of Clans. The cards in the game are completely new. And if you have no idea how to build an Attack Squad, please refer to the image below. This is a comparison of some Rush Wars units that we find similar to the cards in Clash Royale. Once ready, you can join the fight immediately by clicking the Attack Icon.

Rush Wars Red boxes tip

The battle in the game takes place on a rectangular map and is divided into two camps. On the right is the base on which you are about to attack. The opposite direction is where you will arrange soldiers to get ready for battle. There is enough space for you to organize your team. When ready, press Start to start the attack. Please note that if you use Airdrops, the battle will begin immediately. There is a tip you should know before you start attacking. Touch your finger to the enemy troops or defensive towers to determine their attack range. From there you will have the appropriate military arrangement to avoid unnecessary damage. You can also distract the opponent’s defenses by using a few troops to move early into the attack area. Then arrange other Troops to move to positions favorable for combat.

Keep your finger on the enemy

You should also pay attention to the red boxes. You can think of them as obstacles. However, they will be really helpful when you know how to take advantage. Drop airdrops on them and you will see how it works.


We talked about tips on attacking in Rush Wars. And now these things you need to know to protect your Gold Mines from enemies. Gold Mines is not only a place to produce gold, but it is also a place to store and protect it from attacks from enemies. You will be provided with a random basis with the basic layout. However, you can freely move buildings and obstacles or place the army in any position you want.

Gold Mines Stars

Talk about the stars you got from this defense. First of all, you can see a Defense box icon displayed on the screen. And you need 100 stars to open it. The question is, where do you get them? It is from the effective defense or not. When your opponent attacks your base, their target is the Gold Mines. You have 3 Gold Mines to protect. It corresponds to 3 stars if completed the task. If the opponent destroys 1 Gold Mines, you get 2 stars, similar to 1 star if 2 Gold Mines is destroyed and 3 stars if everything is intact. These stars will count in your League Progress. They will not be lost after adding them. This means that when there is a new attack and all gold reserves are destroyed, you are not deducted stars in League Progress.

League progress

Arranging smart Troops is the most important factor to protect your base. Make sure your troops stay away from the red boxes because the enemy can use them to take advantage as we said in the Offense section. Besides, pay attention to the attack range of each troop before putting them into position. You need to make sure that all locations around the gold depot are within the army’s range. Don’t forget to upgrade your tokens as soon as possible.


So we have brought you a detailed guide of Rush Wars for beginners. Of course, there will be other useful information we may not yet bring in this article. But hopefully, it is useful for you. Rush Wars is now available on Android and iOS and you can download and experience it now.

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