RPG Ruinverse 1.1.4g (MOD, Unlimited Money)

RPG Ruinverse 1.1.4g (MOD, Unlimited Money)

Version: 1.1.4g ·
October 10, 2020 (2 years ago)
Full NameRPG Ruinverse
Publisher KEMCO
Mod FeaturesUnlimited Money
Latest Version1.1.4g
RequireAndroid 5.0
Get it On Google Play
How to activate the mod feature
  • To make money in the game, you need to open the Global Map and choose a random match and defeat the monsters in it.
  • Click the book icon in the right corner of the screen then select Skill-> Skill Tree.
  • Upgrade any skills.
  • Select Reset then Confirm.
  • All done!

Great adventures in Ruinverse RPG have opened for gamers to explore! The game took place in a fantasy world where people and other races lived together in peace.

Ruinverse RPG is an Android role-playing game released by KEMCO. After about 4 months of testing in Japan, the global version of the game has been released. In this article, we will show you how to download and install this game for free. Please join us to find it out right now!

RPG Ruinverse mod for Android

The story

Ruinverse RPG is set in a continent in the south of the world. Here, there were 4 races living together, including Humans, Elves, monsters and dwarves. Each race possessed unique skills in terms of power or magic. These races built a term of peace in order to develop a great world together.

Specifically, the story of the game revolves around Kit. In the game, he was a human who did not possess any special skills. He was considered a carrier, who had to travel across different lands to deliver goods. Besides, Kit was an adventurer and wanted to explore new lands. He gathered a team of those who have the same passion to start their adventure.

The characters

Besides the main character, Kit, players can meet and make friends with many other ones in the Ruinverse RPG. The first is Ellie. She is a knight. This girl belongs to the human world but has a hybrid with another race. Ellie shares her soul with Alvyn, an unknown character. That is the reason why she has special powers and skills of using swords.

Besides, another fairy-tale character you will encounter on your journey is Lexor. He does not have the ability to fight but has great skills of using magic to restore health and energy to other members of the team. Lexor looks like a high schoolboy. Also, he is intelligent and has a lot of medical knowledge. Moreover, you will get acquainted with other 2 characters from other races, Toto and Nana. In which Toto is a white wolf (beast race). He has a great passion for antique items. Toto is very strong in melee fighting because he has great HP and strength. However, if attacked by magic, Toto was easily defeated. Finally, Nana is a girl of the dwarf race. This character has the biggest HP in the team and the one who always rushes first in every match.

In general, you have a 5-member team and begin exciting adventures in the game Ruinverse RPG. Players can take control of them to defeat opponents, move through lands around the world, receive and complete quests, uncover mysteries, and search for the victories.

The upgrade system

In Ruinverse RPG, the upgrade system is similar to other RPG gamers. After winning the matches, your characters will receive experience points. When the indicator bar is filled with experience points, they will level up. At the new level, the character can upgrade for a better overall index. Besides, a number of new skills are also unlocked. Also, you can equip weapons and support items for each member of the team to increase their stats.

Moreover, every time you level up, you will get an additional Skill point. Gamers can use this to level up the characters’ skills. At this point, you should choose to upgrade the Skill tree appropriately. Players should focus on optimizing a particular skill tree instead of upgrading the balance for all. Of course, this upgrade depends entirely on your playing style.

Simple gameplay

The gameplay mechanism of Ruinverse RPG is quite similar to turn-based fighting games. In which, you will control your team with a maximum of 5 members to fight the targets during the journey. Although there will be 5 members at the same time, the control mechanism in the matches is quite easy. You just need to touch the targets to attack, or open the character’s skill tree and use them. During the fight, the parameters of the team members will display at the bottom of the screen. You need to pay attention to them to use support items when needed.

Besides, commanding attack or defend for characters is the key for you to win battles. Remember that each character has different stats and skills. For example, you should allow Toto and Nana to go first in each battle because they always have a large amount of HP and strength in the team. Also, you should pay attention to order Lexor to heal the members of the team. With the right combinations, you can easily overcome the hardest challenge.

The graphics

If you are looking for an AAA game with beautiful 3D graphics, Ruinverse RPG is probably not suitable for you. The game uses quite simple 2.5D graphics. However, the characters are designed in detail and impressively. Also, different lands are also meticulously built.

Another unique feature is the transition between the graphic styles in the game as you play. When moving through lands or talking to NPC, you will observe the characters from a top-down perspective. However, right at the start of the match, the arena will switch to 2.5D with a horizontal view. You will easily observe and control the characters.


Ruinverse RPG is definitely an interesting Android game that you cannot miss this June. Thanks to the familiar gameplay, huge mission system, and lots of interesting content, Ruinverse RPG will definitely take you many hours to explore and complete the missions. Currently, the game costs $5.99 on the Play Store. However, you can enjoy it for free thanks to the necessary files that we have provided at the end of this article. Readers can download the game at the link below.

Download RPG Ruinverse 1.1.4g (MOD, Unlimited Money)

Download (91M)

You are now ready to download RPG Ruinverse for free. Here are some notes:

  • Please check our installation guide.
  • Some applications will only run when you install the correct file that matches your device’s chipset. If you don’t know what chipset your device uses, check it with CPU Z.
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