ROME: Total War 1.10.8RC8 (MOD, Paid)

ROME: Total War 1.10.8RC8 (MOD, Paid)

Version: 1.10.8RC8 ·
April 10, 2021 (1 year ago)
Full NameROME: Total War
Publisher Feral Interactive Ltd
Mod FeaturesPaid
Latest Version1.10.8RC8
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Rome: Total War is set around 246 BC (the beginning of the Punic War) until 14 AD (the event of Augustus Emperor’s death). Rome: Total War (RTW) returns the player to the conquest and dominated the ancient Roman Empire. There are a lot of comments saying that RTW is the best version of the Total War series, which is the most successful game of the TBS genre. It is completely right. You will surely be convinced by the way that Rome: Total War Mobile builds gameplay and design details in the game. Instead of focusing on the ongoing war of territory, in this version, Rome: Total War directs you to the plot of the game more. It means that, in addition to battles, you need to focus on the other issues of the empire.

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Free download ROME Total War APK Latest Version

Download Rome: Total War APK for Android

Rome: Total War is released on Android through Play Store, but it is a paid game which you need to pay nearly $ 7 if you want to receive it from the Play Store. If Visa is not available for payment, we will help you to download and install Rome: Total War APK easily for free. All you need is to follow the instructions that we provide in this article.

About Rome: Total War Gameplay

In Rome: Total War Mobile, the gameplay is a combination of Turn-Based and Strategy/TBS. If you are a fan of turn-based games, you will soon find the gameplay of Rome: Total War is quite familiar and easy to master. The players start the game by choosing one of the three powerful Roman families including Julii, Brutii, and Scipii. As we mentioned, in order to focus on the story, the game has a short list of empires that you can manage. However, you should not be despair because you can unlock new empires during the game.

ROME Total War apk download

In RTW, your task is to govern your factions. To do this, you need to expand the territory and influence it to every land. However, this journey was not easy due to the appearance of the Senate, which rules all authority in ancient Roman society. The faction will issue tasks and judgments that directly affect your power.

Rome: Total War gameplay is a combination of Turn-Base Strategy and Turn-based in Realtime. In a turn-based mode, players will outline the economic development plans on tactical maps such as trading routes, planting crops, opening seaports … to make profits and spend them for military activities (creating troops, paying wages …), building works or diplomatic activities.

In addition, players can set their own ambushes, build the detector bases or temporarily defend on the map to protect the border. Battles can take place in large fields or in huge cities, with more than 100 different types of units depending on which one the player chooses.

The huge map

As usual, RTW brings a huge map where players have to do a lot of missions to complete and lots of lands to conquer. RTW has a wide map similar to Medieval Total War (MTW), but the lands in RTW look wider with the more diverse terrain. “Wide” because the way of moving in the game is not “drag-drop”, which takes the form of moving steps. This move is similar to Lords of the Realm, Heroes of Might and Magic…


In addition, your moving speed depends on other factors: the number of troops in the group, the terrain that you choose to move… Overall, RTW’s maps will not disappoint you, which will also take you hours to explore.

High-end graphics

Graphics is also a strong point that makes Rome: Total War attractive to players. In the Rome: Total War Mobile version, the graphics of the game are still impressive, even better than the PC version, which was released many years ago. You will be conquered by the spectacular graphics of the battles: the knights are over hit by Phalanx, the aggressive elephants or the agility of the archers … They make the battle more fierce and impressive.

ROME Total War apk Android

The sound of the game will also bring you excited in the battle with the epic soundtrack or the weapon impacting sounds, the shout of the soldiers, which make up the great atmosphere of real war.

Interface and controls

Rome: Total War is a tactical game ported from the PC version, so it should be optimized on touch devices. Developers have done this well. Although there are many complex features, the layout of the game looks neat thanks to the icon system is divided appropriately. The military control is also easy to implement. All actions in the game are done through touch, drag, or swipe actions. Rome: Total War game has a lot of features. So, we recommend you play it on a device with a widescreen of 5 inches or higher for the best gaming experience.

How to download and install

Warning: The OBB file size is large, so we recommend that you download it using a Wifi connection. Of course, you can still download it on your Smartphone. Make sure your device has at least 3GB of free memory to store it.

Before installing this game, we recommend that you check the configuration of the device you are using. Developers have announced the requirements of the game, so your device needs to ensure that it meets the gaming experience as well. Your device must be running Android version 5.0 or later. It also needs 3GB of free memory and 2GB of ram.

If all is well, please follow our instructions below to install Rome: Total War:

  • Click on the download button at the bottom of the article and download all the necessary files. If you download them on your PC, please transfer the data to your Android device.
  • Open and install the APK file as normal. Then you can see the game icon displayed at App Draw but it can not run now.
  • Use the File Manager or Winrar to open the OBB file. Then extract and copy it follows: Android/OBB/
  • All done! You have successfully installed the game.

Note: Turn off  WiFi or Mobile Data if you see a license error message.


Rome: Total War Mobile recreates the success that Rome: Total War brought on the PC before. The game still has many interesting features of the TW series. An extensive mission system, extensive maps and lots of sub-tasks are sure to attract to you. If you are a fan of the Turn-based strategy game, you should not ignore RTW. Do you like Rome: Total War mobile version? Please leave a comment below!

Download ROME: Total War 1.10.8RC8 (MOD, Paid)

Download (34M)

You are now ready to download ROME: Total War for free. Here are some notes:

  • Please check our installation guide.
  • Some applications will only run when you install the correct file that matches your device’s chipset. If you don’t know what chipset your device uses, check it with CPU Z.
3.9/5 (90 votes)

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I too have WiFi and Mobile internet connection turned off before opening the game and I still get the invalid license message. Is there any fix for this?
Reply -
Everyone just turn off WiFi or Mobile Data and it should fix the license error
Reply -
Bruno Pereira
Bruno Pereira
I already tried to turn off Wi-fi and Mobile Data, it did not work. When I try to launch the game it shows "There was a problem validating the game license.".How did you manage to fix It?
Reply -
Yeah tried lucky patcher and everything but doesn't work, either that I'm offline when I'm not, or there's invalid license
Reply -
I have tried many times using different tactic. Apk file + obb file,no positive result. Even using lucky patcher, cannot play this game.
Reply -
I cant play because when i start the game he say i m not have internet but i have it why?
Reply -
An1 find a fix for license required? Or a way to download this game for free?
Reply -
Says Invalid license. Can't open game past splash screen. Wasted 3gb downloading...
Reply -
Will this work if it's being installed on a device that isn't in the official list of compatible devices?
Reply -
I have downloaded it onto my divice but it keeps coming up with the message "No Valid Licence" and I can't get it to work. Please Help
Reply -
Did anyone find a solution to the licence problem?
Reply -
Whenever i start the game it says license failed, i downloaded trough my android s8. Please help!
Reply -
Try using lucky patcher to clear the license verification..
Reply -
There is no hyperlink for the Android version
Reply -

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