Rest in Pieces MOD APK 1.6.5

Rest in Pieces MOD APK 1.6.5

Version: 1.6.5 ·
April 26, 2021 (1 year ago)
Publisher Itatake
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Latest Version1.6.5
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Rest in Pieces is a famous horror mobile game, which was officially released on the app store. It is available on Android and iOS platforms. Players need to make direct payments of $ 4.99 for having this game. We understand that not everyone has a visa card or Paypal to do this. If you are looking for ways to download and install Rest in Pieces for free, you have come to the right place. We bring the latest APK file of games, direct and secure download links, so you can install the game easily and play it completely for free on Android.

Rest in Pieces APK download

Rest in Pieces Gameplay

Horror is the factor that the publisher aims in Rest in Pieces, so it’s not hard to imagine what will happen in this horror game. You will have to control your character as they are swaying throughout the journey, away from obstacles to reach the finish line as quickly as possible. It sounds simple, but the characters in Rest in Pieces are ceramic figure, which will be easily broken when encountering collisions.

The control mechanism of the game is very simple, in which you can use motion sensors in the device to navigate the doll to avoid obstacles. Besides, you have to pay attention to the white eye icons that appear on the road, which you should collect to perform attacks on the bosses. A status bar displayed at the top right shows the progress of each level. You need to fill it to complete the challenge.

If you want to challenge your courage, try the other horror games that we have introduced, The Evil Nun and Deranged.

Rest in Pieces gameplay

In addition to horror element, Rest in Pieces gameplay is a harmonious combination of puzzle and adventure. The context makes us think of horror movies. The sound of collisions and crashes is simulated in a realistic way, which can make you startled.

Unlocking new themes

There are 3 themes in Rest in Pieces, with unique difficulty and details. They impress the player. The topics are (The killer clown nightmare), (Kraken rises from the depths) and (The rage of Yeti).

As with common puzzle games, you will end the game by confronting the final boss. The bosses always appear dimly at the end of the horizon during your game. They only appear clearly at the end of the game screen. One of the bosses is the horror clown, whom you saw in the trailer of the game. The bosses often cause you disadvantaged in the game, which often creates random obstacles and moves to attack towards your doll. If you are not really awake to control, you will have to play the game from the beginning.

Rest in Pieces figures unlocked

Besides, you can completely unlock and use ceramic figures with different sizes and shapes, corresponding to the topics in the game: Georgina, Leotard and Tiny (The killer clown nightmare); Kapten Bjorn, Alana, Jack Parrot (Kraken rises from the depths); Brandy, Ingemar, Bunnyt (The rage of Yeti). Each doll has its own story which you can explore during the game.

Graphics and sound

Haunting and scary are what can be seen in the game. The main colors in Rest in Pieces are black and white. Other colors only appear on figures and sparks that sometimes appear on the road. This graphic style makes us think of another famous puzzle adventure game, Limbo.

Rest in Pieces Boss Fight

In addition, the sound is also really impressive. Without horror soundtracks, the game scares you with sounds coming from anywhere. They can be ghost laughter, wind or screams from hell.

Rest in Pieces graphics and sounds are really impressive. However, the game has quite low configuration requirements. You can play it smoothly even on low-end devices. The game does not require an Internet connection to experience.


Rest in Pieces is one of the few Android games that players appreciate. The game content is simple, but the way the developer builds it makes us impressed. If you have been bored with warriors in the Battle Royale and are looking for something new and exciting, Rest in Pieces is a great game that you cannot ignore.

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