Random Dice 6.0.4 (MOD, 999% crit)

Random Dice 6.0.4 (MOD, 999% crit)

Version: 6.0.4 ·
April 28, 2021 (1 year ago)
Full NameRandom Dice
Publisher 111%
Mod Features999% crit
Latest Version6.0.4
RequireAndroid 5.0
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Random Dice is a unique tower defense game. It was designed and released by the developer 111%. Players will build defensive fortresses with dice to stop enemies. The game has simple gameplay, but challenging with PvP mode. Players will compete with each other by showing off their defensive talents. It also requires many skills from gamers as well as brings more interesting moments to players. Please join us to learn more about Random Dice!

How to play Random Dice

Random Dice has simple gameplay, which is suitable for entertainment purposes in a short time. Each game only lasts for 2 minutes. Players will press the dice button on the screen to buy it. You will randomly receive a dice piece on your defending army. You have to destroy the enemy to get SP and use that SP to buy dice. Also, players can choose to upgrade or merge options to power up their troops.

Random Dice gameplay

Upgrade your dice

When making money, in addition to buying new dice, players can also choose to upgrade their dice. There are five types of dice in the game. You can distinguish them based on colour. Besides, there are five separate upgrade options corresponding to each type. Upgrading will help you increase the damage on the enemy.

Random Dice upgrade

In addition, you always face two difficult choices, including buying more dice or upgrading existing ones. At the beginning of the game, buying a dice should be preferred. You need to add defenses to deal immediately with the onslaught of enemies. Initial attacks are not usually difficult to counter. Later on, the enemy will use stronger offensive forces. At this time, it is necessary to upgrade. Also, an important note is that the price to upgrade will not be the same, and they often go up. For example, the money to upgrade level 2 will be higher than level 1. And it will be similar to the higher levels. So, you have to choose a smart strategy based on existing SP resources and the level of the wave of the enemy’s attack. You should prioritize upgrading the type of dice you have. This will greatly increase your defensive power.

Merge the dice pieces

Don’t forget to merge the dices as they are available. Players can merge two pieces of the same color and the same number of dots to form a stronger dice. For example, you can merge two red 1-point dice into 2-points dice. After the merge, the color may be changed randomly.

In each game screen, only a maximum of 12 dices are allowed to appear on the board. So, merging them will help you buy more dice and increase your army’s power.

The game mode

In the game, there are two main game modes, including PvP and Alliance. In PvP mode, players will compete with another player. You can choose to play with your friends or a randomly selected player. The two players will show their defensive skills. In which, who stops the attacks of the enemy more effectively will win. The winning rewards are legendary dice, rare dice, gems, and many other things.

Random Dice game mode

In contrast, in Alliance mode, players will team up with another player to fight against a single enemy. The more waves of enemy you stop, the greater the reward will be.


Random Dice is an interesting game, bringing players to unique defense levels. Instead of using buildings and troops to defend like some games of the same type, Random Dice takes the theme of dice. It always comes with a chance. So, in addition to excellent skills, players also need to have a bit of luck to win the game. Random Dice is a free game, which you can download from the app store or the link below.

Download Random Dice 6.0.4 (MOD, 999% crit)

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You are now ready to download Random Dice for free. Here are some notes:

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