PUBG and Fortnite: which is the better Battle Royale Game on Android?

June 14, 2020 (2 years ago)

The Battle Royale game is seen as a trend of 2018. It has conquered all over the Tech world. You can easily search hundreds of games inspired by Battle Royale, but not all of them are good enough to play. Currently, the two most prominent names of this trend are PUBG and Fortnite. They are also inspired by the gameplay of Battle Royale. However, their graphics and features are designed in the two different directions. PUBG and Fortnite still dominate the rankings of the most popular mobile games.

PUBG vs Fortnite Which is Better

Compare PUBG vs Fortnite: Which is better?

Today, we will compare these two games in terms of gameplay, graphics and more to see which game will win and be the best Battle Royale Game on mobile. After releasing the free version on the console, Epic Games continues to bring the Fortnite to the Android platform. Of course, you can still download and play it for free. So far, Fortnite has been very popular in the Americas and Europe. In Asia, PUBG is a more popular name.

1. The graphics and realistic rate in the game

PUBG builds its gameplay in a realistic way like real life. You can see from the map of the game that everything is designed in such detail as buildings, hills, deserts, bushes, grass … It makes the player feel like being engaged in a real battle. The combat mechanic is also based on reality. You can feel it through the jerk of the gun, the speed of the bullet…

PUBG Mobile graphic

About Fortnite, its gameplay is somewhat less realistic, in which you can see your character moving and breaking things with just a hammer. The weapons in the game are designed in a more creative way. Fortnite graphics are completely different from PUBG because of the fun cartoon style. Besides, Fortnite attracts players because it is constantly updated with new content. Recently, many players are very excited after seeing the appearance of Thanos’s innocent gloves in the game.

fortnite graphics

PUBG and Fortnite are not for low-end devices. With the high capacity up to several GB and high-quality 3D graphics, you need a powerful enough device to play them smoothly. Epic Games also claims that only about 12% of current Android devices can play their games. On PUBG, you can use a support tool called PUB GFx+ Tool to optimize the game to run smoother. About Fortnite, there are not any tools available to do this. (It will probably be available in the future).

2. Loot mechanism

Loot mechanism in PUBG is quite complicated, in which the weapons and items are often found in buildings. They are often obscured by different details. So finding a good weapon at the start of a battle is not easy. In addition, good weapons often appear in hot spots on the map, where many players aim in. If you are a new player, you will easily be killed there.

PUBG Loot system

In Fortnite, weapons and items appear with more density. Moreover, they are highlighted so players can see from afar. Whether you land anywhere on the map, the chance to find powerful weapons and rare items is the same, so you do not have to worry about finding a good spot on the map to parachute.

Fortnite loot system

3. Challenge in the game

Maybe PUBG is the best place to find the right Ninja. Sometimes, you go to a game and then run around the map, but you do not meet any other players. You even use a car to find and see no one. Because the map is too wide resulting in the slow-paced of the PUBG gameplay, which makes the players tend to hide more because they do not know where the enemy will appear from. Of course, everything depends on how you play each other. You can still run into hot spots to fight with other players and enjoy the challenges that the game brings. But not all gamers tend to play like that. Instead, they like to feel safe in the buildings and look for good equipment.

Challenge in the game

In Fortnite, the first point we need you to know is that the Fortnite map is smaller than PUBG. So, the gameplay seems to be faster. Of course, it is not so fast that you jump to the ground and shoot at each other instantly. You still have some free time to run and collect materials for the battle. Small maps make it easy to catch up with other players, so the duration of each Fortnite game is shorter than PUBG.

4. Unique Features

One of the good things about Fortnite is the ability to destroy buildings and trees to collect resources and create various items for each battle. You can create traps to attack enemies, create a defensive wall to block enemy ammunition or build a stairway to move to better observation position. It all depends on your imagination to create unique tactics, causing the enemy to be defeated.

Unique Features pubg and fortnite

PUBG is different. In which, everything just revolves around Loot and fight with the players. There is not much to consider in the game. Winning often depends on the skill of the player and sometimes a little luck.


It is hard to say which is the better Android game between PUBG and Fortnite. With the huge gaming community, they are still the two most popular Battle Royale Gameplay games on the mobile platform. Bluehole recently released PUBG Lite, the other version for low-end devices. There is no information that Fortnite will have the same version.

Here are all our comparisons of these two titles. If you like games with fun games and animated graphics, easy to play, then Fortnite is a better choice. If you are a game enthusiast with real gameplay and graphics, PUBG is what you need. Of course, these are just personal reviews of us. You can agree or disagree. Do not forget to leave a comment to give us your views on these two games!

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