Project: SU APK

Project: SU APK

Version: 1.0 ·
April 2, 2019 (4 years ago)
Publisher Epic Games
Latest Version1.0

If you are a fan of mobile games, you have probably heard of Fortnite – one of the most famous Battle Royale Games on mobile platforms. Besides, the game is also popular on many other platforms like the PC or Console. Fornite is a product of Epic Games, which is a well-known game development company from the United States. Fortnite is the first game Epic Game developed on mobile platforms. As expected, it brought good effects and huge revenue for them. After a long time focusing on Fortnite, Epic Games has recently brought a big surprise when they announced its next game on the mobile platform, Project: SU. It has quickly attracted the huge attention of the mobile gaming community.

In this article, we would like to give you the outstanding features of this game. Currently, Project: SU is in the process of developing. It will be completed in the near future. The game will definitely bring great experiences for mobile game devotees. We will update the download link of the game as soon as it is officially released.

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About Project: SU for Android/iOS

Project: SU is developed in collaboration with Epic Games and Loong Entertainment. The game was first introduced into GDC 2019. It received many positive reviews from attendees. Project: SU is adapted from a Chinese best-selling novel series. The game takes place in the fictional world when a war takes place between three powers: People, dragons and crosses. Besides, the game combines Japanese, Chinese and Western culture with magical elements. It brings both familiar and new experiences to players in the journey through the game lands.


The gameplay like a AAA Game on PC.

In Project: SU, the gameplay is a combination of open-world RPG and Sandbox, which promises to bring great experiences to players. This style of gameplay is often seen on AAA games on PC or Console like GTA 5 or Watch Dog. In fact, there hasn’t been any mobile game in the past that could fully bring this experience to the PC, but Project: SU promises to do this. In Project: SU, players can move anywhere and communicate any character along the way, whether it’s a real gamer or an in-game NPC.

The game has created a social ecosystem that is similar to real life. In particular, each NPC has a different personality and interests. They bring different options for players in conversation. You will have to choose the answer available, from which the game storyline will change as well. The developer also stated that the player can make friends and create a good relationship with NPC to perform in-game transactions. NPC can help players create different strategies when fighting, adventure and discovery.


The great graphics

Gamers can experience a bit of the graphical style of Project: SU in the trailer below. It is really impressive and unique:

As seen in the trailer, Project: SU brings high-quality designs of character models and open world. Besides, the lighting effects are very impressive. Also, the game supports a weather system that is simulating actual weather conditions, day and night cycles. According to the publisher, they have adopted the latest Unreal Engine technology on Project: SU. Moreover, there are many modern image technologies (which are only seen in the blockbusters on PC / Console). Project: SU is also applied as Global Illumination, Dynamic Lighting, Bloom, GPU Particle Effects and PBR Rendering. This shows that game graphics are even more beautiful than many current PC games, which show great progress in mobile games.

Project SU APK features


Project: SU brings stunning graphics and advanced gameplay that is often seen on video games on PC and Console. Currently, Project: SU is still in the commissioning process. It will be officially released on mobile in the near future. However, we do not know if it is a free or paid game on Google Play. However, it deserves to wait and expect. Don’t forget to bookmark this article to track the latest information about Project: SU. Besides, we will also update the link to download the game as soon as it is available on Google Play.

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