Pokémon Rumble Rush 1.0.7 (MOD, Damage/Defense)

Pokémon Rumble Rush 1.0.7 (MOD, Damage/Defense)

Version: 1.0.7 ·
February 14, 2020 (3 years ago)
Full NamePokémon Rumble Rush
Publisher The Pokemon Company
Mod FeaturesDamage/Defense
Latest Version1.0.7
RequireAndroid 4.1
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Pokémon Rumble Rush APK is a great product of The Pokémon Company, which was released for free on mobile platforms. In fact, this game is an alternative product of Pokéland – a project that has been delayed since 2017. The Pokémon Company announced that they would release Pokéland in late 2017. For some reason, the product had been canceled and replaced with another name. After more than 2 years of development, this developer also officially launched their product as Pokémon Scramble SP in April 2017. However, it was only available in Japan. Finally, the global version of the game has officially released on Google Play called Pokémon Rumble Rush.

Pokémon Rumble Rush apk mod download

New Pokemon Game on Android

Pokémon is one of the most popular game series in the world. There have been hundreds of different versions on console platforms. However, there are not many products available on Mobile. Pokémon Rumble Rush is one of the few names that will appear on Google Play. It promises to bring the developer great success. In this article, we provide you with this APK file of the game. Besides, we give you all the information about the game as well as bring you the detailed instruction to download and install the game. First, let’s explore the outstanding features of Pokémon Rumble Rush right below!

Adventure with Pokemon

From the first impression, you will see the gameplay of the game brings a big difference compared to previous traditional game Pokemon. It is even more like an endless runner game (like Super Marion Run) rather than an RPG.

In Pokémon Rumble Rush, gamers will start on a tropical island where is covered by special creatures with strange skills. They are called Pokemon. Players will become a Pokemon Trainer who has a great interest in Pokemon. Your mission is still to catch and train wild Pokemon and participate in battles with other players around the world. However, its gameplay is completely unique.

Pokémon Rumble Rush game features

Instead of controlling a Pokemon Trainer, you will control the Pokemon. Other Pokemon appears on the way and attacks your pokemon. In which, your mission is to touch the screen to navigate your Pokemon and destroy the opponent. At the end of each level, you will face Boss which are special Pokemon (Rare or Legendary) that is very hard to catch. You will start your adventure with just one Rattata. During the game, you have to try your best to fulfill your Pokedex by winning the challenges.

Fight and upgrade

Pokémon Rumble Rush brings a large map with many different islands. If you want to search for more Pokémon, you need to find new islands. Each island will have specific Pokémon for you to catch. However, in the early stages of the game, there are very few Pokemon that you can find. Besides, to catch more Pokemon, you need to join the battle with Super Boss. In addition to Gold and Pokeball, you can get another item called Guide Feathers when you win the game. Guide Feathers will help you unlock new stages with more Pokemon. Don’t forget to catch the strongest Pokémon on islands and seas to exploit their full power.

Pokémon Rumble Rush gameplay

Moreover, your pokemon can evolve to be stronger. By completing quests or winning boss battles, you can get the ore to upgrade. You will need them to make Power Gear. Besides, it is an important ingredient to help strengthen your Pokemon. Even these items can create unique equipment that can summon Pokémon and help them use their strongest skills.
You can equip Pokemon with 2 other items including Summon Gear and Power Gear to increase attributes.

The game modes

Currently, Pokemon Rumble Rush has 2 different game modes including Adventure and Tournament. Each game mode brings different challenges. Completing the missions in the game modes will bring you great rewards.

  • Adventure: This is the main game mode of Pokemon Rumble Rush. In which, you will fly on a hot air balloon, adventure through the islands and catch new Pokemon.
  • Tournament mode (PvP): This mode is similar to a real-time game tournament where players will have to overcome many different rounds including Great class, Normal class, Prelims Finals and Prelims First Round. After conquering all of them, you will become the best Pokemon trainer in the world.

Pokémon Rumble Rush game mode

Create your Pokemon island

Each player in Pokémon Rumble Rush can own an island, which will be the home of the Pokémon that they captured during the game. The gamers can see all the Pokémon appearing on this island instead of storing them in Pokedex. Besides, you can visit the other’s island, make friends with them and exchange experience through the chat feature.

Play with one hand

You may not believe it, but you can play Pokémon Rumble Rush with just one finger. The gameplay is similar to an endless runner. Although there are a few differences, the common point is to touch the screen to navigate your character, attack opponents and finish. All you need to do is touch the screen to order your Pokemon to attack other targets. Besides, the game allows you to automatically lock the target. In this situation, you just need to touch to order or change other targets. Although it is easy to control, you need to be careful not to be attacked by an opponent. There is a CP bar at the top of each pokemon. If it is deducted completely, you will lose the game.

Download Pokémon Rumble Rush right now!

Pokémon Rumble Rush is the 5th part of the Pokémon Rumble Series. The first Pokémon Rumble game was released in 2009 on the Wii console platform. In fact, Pokémon Rumble Rush is the only version of this series that you can play on a platform that is not Nintendo. Below is a list of all Pokémon Rumble games with their respective consoles:

  • Pokémon Rumble (2009) – Wii
  • Pokémon Rumble Blast / Super Pokémon Rumble (2011) – Nintendo 3DS
  • Pokémon Rumble U (2013) – Wii U
  • Pokémon Rumble World (2015) – Nintendo 3DS
  • Pokémon Rumble Rush (2019) – iOS / Android mobile device

Pokémon Rumble Rush is officially available on Android / iOS. Please follow the instructions below to download the game:

  • Download all the files we provide and save it to your device.
  • Install APK file as usual. Then, you can see the game icon appear at the App Drawers but you need to do one more step to play it.
  • Open the OBB file, unzip it to the directory “com.pkmrumble.nin” and move it to the link “Android / OBB”.
  • That’s it. Now, you can open and enjoy the game.


Pokémon Rumble Rush does not bring the traditional gameplay like other pokemon games, but it is still interesting and worth a try. The game also brings over 150 different types of pokemon for you to explore. At present, it is available on Android and iOS for free to download. If you have any question about the game, please leave a comment below. Do not forget to visit our website regularly for more interesting games and apps!

Download Pokémon Rumble Rush 1.0.7 (MOD, Damage/Defense)

Download (65.77MB)

You are now ready to download Pokémon Rumble Rush for free. Here are some notes:

  • Please check our installation guide.
  • Some applications will only run when you install the correct file that matches your device’s chipset. If you don’t know what chipset your device uses, check it with CPU Z.
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