Pokémon Masters APK 1.0 (Official)

Pokémon Masters APK 1.0 (Official)

Version: 1.0 ·
July 27, 2019 (3 years ago)
Full NamePokémon Masters APK Latest Version
Publisher DeNA Co., Ltd.
Mod FeaturesSoon
Latest Version1.0

Are you ready for a new pokemon game on mobile? Try Pokemon Master now!

Pokemon is one of the leading entertainment icons in the world today. The brand of Pokemon was created by Satoshi Tajiri in 1995. So far, the commercial value has amounted to several tens of billions of dollars. Revolving around the story of Pokémon, strange creatures have the ability to evolve under the guidance of coaches. In the beginning, they were just a few video games belonging to Nintendo Game Boy. Soon after, Pokemon became popular with many franchise products from movies, videos, anime, comics …

Pokémon Masters APK download

There have been a lot of Pokemon video games on the market, which make the pokemon community more and more popular. Previously, when referring to Pokemon Games, we always thought about the exclusive rights for Nintendo devices. At the moment, things are different. This developer has gradually become more open when releasing their products to other platforms, which can refer to mobile devices. Recently, Nintendo continues to announce the latest product with the Pokemon theme named Pokemon Master. This is a franchise game developed by The Pokemon Company. It is expected to be available on Android and iOS this summer. We will update its download link as soon as available. First of all, let’s find out the outstanding features of this game below.

Trainer and Pokémon Sync Pairs

The story of Pokemon Master takes place on Pasio – an artificial island. It is home to many Pokemon. You will become the main character of the game. One day, you received an invitation to participate in a competition for Trainer, which is Pokémon Masters League. Of course, you are very interested in it and will definitely be there. Let’s start the adventure now.

Pokémon Masters pasio island

Pokémon Master introduces a new feature called sync pairs. It can greatly change the gameplay of the game. You and another trainer will form a pair (sync pairs) and participate in matches with other Trainers pairs on the island. Many good trainers gathered on the island, who also paired with others and formed sync pairs. Therefore, the game will be very dramatic. Along the way, you can meet and make friends with other sync pairs to form a team. You and the team will aim at the only goal of winning this tournament. In addition, the sync pairs feature requires players to work together in matches. The outcome of the match will depend greatly on your understanding of each other and reasonable strategy.

The Relationship between Pokemon and Their Trainers

With the help of a tool called a Poke Ball, the relationship between creatures (Pokemon) and humans is strong in the Pokemon world. Regardless of their age and gender, people can manifest great power through their connections with Pokemon.  For both humans and Pokemon, being together is the most important thing.

Pokémon Masters trainers and pokemon

About the Pokemon Trainer Characteristics, Trainers have preferences of type, color, and shape that influent on how they choose their Pokemon. Each Trainer wears clothing that matches their region’s climate. For example, Erika, who is a Gym Leader from the Kanto region, looks like she could teach flower arrangement. So it seems she would like Grass-type Pokemon. I hope the fun of collecting not just Pokemon but also different kinds of Trainers, which will bring new depth to the Pokemon world.

The 3vs3 battle in real time

Matches in Pokemon Master take place in real time with each team consisting of 3 members. In which, players will order Pokemon attacks as quickly as possible by using the gauge which fills as time passes. The game offers a feature called sync moves, which allows Pokemon to perform massive attacks with impressive effects. Besides, trainers also have their duties. By using moves, they can restore Pokemon power or enhance their properties.

Pokémon Masters gameplay 3vs3

After the battle takes place in real time, there will be no room for mistakes. Besides, fighting with different sync pairs, Pokemon attributes are not the same. Therefore, you need to choose the right pokemon and use the right tactics to win the game.

The graphics and sound

Pokemon Master’s graphics are a major upgrade compared to previous Pokemon games. In which, the Pokemon is designed in detailed and cute. Besides, the in-game island is beautifully built with many different types of terrain. The matches do not disappoint you with the beautiful skill effects.

In addition, the sound of Pokemon Master is mainly background music and sound effects from battle. Overall, it still creates excitement for players. However, it will be more impressive if the developer adds classic soundtracks from previous versions.


Pokemon Master will soon launch on the mobile platform in the future. With features that have been released from the developer, it promises to bring great experiences to pokemon fans. We will update the download link of this game (and the mod if available) as soon as it is available on Play Store. Don’t forget to Bookmark this article for more coming updates. Besides, you can also refer to another Pokemon game we introduced like Pokemon Rumber Rush.

  • Update 1: The game is now available on Play Store, you can pre-register now.
  • Update 2: The APK file of the game is available, you can download and install it now.
  • Important note: You must change your IP address to Singapore or Canada before logging in to the game. (We recommend ExpressVPN)

Download Pokémon Masters APK 1.0 (Official)

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You are now ready to download Pokémon Masters APK Latest Version for free. Here are some notes:

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I love this game
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roderick Johnson
I absolutely love the game but I wish we could pick our own starter's that's what makes Pokemon games fun and if we can pick our own or at least be able to switch later after the tutorial when we meet the professor it would be awesome
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Download the game
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Rajat babakar
Time please
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Please come pokemon master in India
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Gosto muito de jogos de Pokémon
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