Plants vs. Zombies 3  20.0.265726 (MOD, Unlimited Suns)

Plants vs. Zombies 3 20.0.265726 (MOD, Unlimited Suns)

Version: 20.0.265726 ·
October 21, 2020 (2 years ago)
Full NamePlants vs. Zombies 3
Mod FeaturesNO
Latest Version20.0.265726
RequireAndroid 4.4W
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Mod features?
  • a lot of Sun

Plants vs. Zombies 3 is the sequel of the Plants vs Zombies series. The game was developed by PopCap Games and released by EA. It has officially set its release date this year. Accordingly, Plants vs. Zombies 3 will be available for many platforms including Windows, Console, and Mobile. Plants vs. Zombies is considered one of the most popular brands of PopCap Games. The first version of the game was released in 2009 on PC and Mobile, which quickly gained incredible success. Following that achievement, PvZ 2 also debuted four years later and reached millions of downloads on Google Play. Also, EA has released some other PvZ-based games but there are major changes in gameplay. They are Plants vs. Zombies: Heroes (Card Game) and Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare (3rd-person shooter). However, the fans are still waiting for the next version of Plants vs. Zombies with traditional gameplay, which has created this brand’s success.

At the moment, Plants vs. Zombies 3 is limited to several countries. This is the Alpha-test version of the game so there will be points that the developer will continue to improve until the final release. If you are a big fan of tower defense games and love Plants vs. Zombies, you can’t ignore this game. In this article, we provide you with an APK file for Plants vs. Zombies 3, so you can install and enjoy this game early.

Plants vs. Zombies 3-apk-download

Protect your house from zombies

You had a peaceful life in a small town and did the work of a farmer. One day, the Zombie broke out and quickly spread to your town. They appear everywhere, every time. They attacked anyone to spread the disease. Finally, they came to your house. However, to reach and attack you, they are forced to cross your garden.

The fact that you won’t have to fight Zombies like other survival shooting games like LDOE or Fury Z. You now have more powerful “weapons”, they are a garden and strange plants. You will put them to face the attack. An interesting association that we think you have had is that the disease of zombies cannot spread to plants. At least there has never been a video game or movie about this. Perhaps, that is the reason why these trees can defend against these dangerous zombies.

The gameplay

If you are looking forward to traditional gameplay like Plants vs. Zombies as before, you will be satisfied with Plants vs. Zombies 3. The gameplay mechanics remain the same. Besides, there will be some new features to bring new interesting things to players. If you have ever played one of the previous 2 versions, you will be able to participate in the game without any difficulty. If this is your first time, let us explain the rules of Plants vs. Zombies 3 below:

Your garden is divided into plots (5×7). This will be the place where you will control your plant army to fight against the Zombies. You will plant different trees on the map and wait for the attack. The rule is still very simple. You have to do everything to prevent zombies from approaching your house. If any ones are crossing the garden and entering the house, you will lose the game. To defend, you will use plants with special attributes to kill zombies. After each win, you have the opportunity to receive cards to unlock new plant with a more interesting and powerful ability. The higher the level is, the more new types of zombies you will have to face. Besides, some of them cannot even be destroyed by normal means.


There is a bit of change in Plants vs. Zombies 3, that is you don’t need to collect the solar energy to plant trees. It means that you will not need to plant sunflowers at the beginning of each round to have enough energy to grow new plants. Instead, the light will automatically increase over time, so you can plant any tree if there is enough energy.

Conquer challenges in new maps

Plants vs. Zombies 3 has a large map to help you know which stage of the journey you are in. It is quite similar to Candy Crush Saga. There will be new places that players need to conquer such as Rainforests, Pyramids, mysterious temples, etc. Each area will have its specific type of zombies. Therefore, you need to know their properties to build appropriate tactics. Also, some plants can be very strong in a certain area. If they go to the new map, they even become harmless. Therefore, you should choose suitable plants to fight, which is the most important factor to bring you to victory.\


The game modes

Plants vs. Zombies 3 still has a lot of different game modes for players to conquer. In addition to Adventure Mode, players can explore other interesting ones like Mini-games, Survival Mode, Co-op … Adventure Mode is definitely the thing that makes you the most time to complete. Also, this is the default mode that you must complete before unlocking some new game modes. You will meet all kinds of zombies and plants in this mode. Besides, Survival Mode is also worth a try. Here, you will face powerful and continuous waves of zombies. The game ends when you fail. The next is Co-op mode. Many people love in previous versions. It is also available in Plants vs. Zombies 3.

The graphics and sound

Plants vs. Zombies 3 has had graphics upgrades. In the game, images are sharper than the 2 previous versions. Besides, the colors are quite harmonious and bright, always creating a sense of comfort for players. In addition, the sound will not disappoint you with the interesting background music. It will make the battle more intense. Plants vs. Zombies 3 is quite lightweight, so it can run smoothly on most Android devices. However, since this is only a trial version, there will be some bugs during the game. Even some devices will not be able to access the game. The publisher has also announced this as well as is improving. Surely, the official version will be perfect.



The trend of Plants vs. Zombies is back with the 3rd version. Surely, you can’t miss it. The game has simple gameplay, easy to understand and lots of interesting challenges. Years ago, we used to play the first version of Plants vs. Zombies on PC. Now, we can play it on smartphones with the same gaming experience. Let’s download and enjoy Plants vs. Zombies 3 right now.

Updated February 28, 2020: Currently, the beta test of the game is officially available in some countries. If your IP is not on the support list, you can download and install the game thanks to the APK file we provided.

Download Plants vs. Zombies 3 20.0.265726 (MOD, Unlimited Suns)

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You are now ready to download Plants vs. Zombies 3 for free. Here are some notes:

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