Pirates Outlaws Mod APK 3.30 [Paid]

Pirates Outlaws Mod APK 3.30 [Paid]

Version: 3.30 ·
March 6, 2021 (2 years ago)
Full NamePirates Outlaws
Publisher FabledGame Studio
Mod FeaturesPaid. Unlimited Money
Latest Version3.30
RequireAndroid 4.4
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Pirates Outlaws is a paid game which is recently released takes the theme of piracy. The game has beautiful graphics and relaxing gameplay. Players will in turn conquer the islands and collect treasure chests. Currently, the game has a full version for Android and iOS for players to download.

Pirates Outlaws is not a free game for all. If you want to experience it, you need to make a payment from Google Play Store. Don’t worry if you want to experience it for free, we will help you. The latest APK file of the application has been provided, so you can install and play Pirates Outlaws completely free.

Pirates Outlaws apk download

Pirates Outlaws Gameplay

Pirates Outlaws take players into a world of pirates. You will control a ship in turn to explore the islands and cities and defeat other pirates. The ultimate goal is to destroy the bosses and win huge treasure chests. The game uses a simple card game. Each card will represent an attack. The player’s job is to drag and drop them at the enemy they want to attack. In battles against more than one pirate, you should focus on destroying an enemy first. Because when the attack ends, all enemies will attack simultaneously. Reducing the number of enemies is a simple way to help you dominate in battle.

Pirates Outlaws gameplay

Features of Pirates Outlaws

Highly entertaining

Pirates Outlaws has a simple and non-addictive gameplay. Players can play games for entertainment at any leisure time. Each game screen only lasts for a few minutes. How to play drag and drop suitable for a mobile screen. You can play games with just one hand.

Minimalistic graphics

While the current games focus on beautiful action effects, Pirates Outlaws follow a simpler style. Although, the game’s graphics are also appreciated. However, players will not see the action phase, shooting magnificent. The characters hardly moved from their positions. This also makes some players feel disappointed.

Battle with bosses

During each journey, the player, in turn, travels from island to island and fights with the enemy. After completing a winning sequence, the player will face the boss. Boss is a dangerous enemy and possesses many powerful skills. This is also the most difficult challenge and you need to win if you want to continue a new journey. Use all your best skills and cards.


Cards are at the center of the game. Pirates’ skills and weapons are simplified into cards. Your victory will be easier if you have many strong cards. There are more than 250 cards waiting for the player to unlock. You can buy them when your ship goes through the pirate market. Pirates Outlaws has turn-based gameplay. Enemies will attack you after you complete your turn. So, kill the enemy as quickly as possible if you don’t want to be killed first. Upgrading your card is an important thing you need to do to increase the damage to your attacks and finish the match early.

Action Points

Action Points has a boat-shaped icon that can be viewed as a special currency. Without it, you will not be able to continue your journey. Each time you move to an island, you will lose some Action Points. This number will vary depending on the island you want to visit. The player should not be too worried about this because he will receive 100 AP (Action Points) for free during the first game. You can also recover AP by planning your journey to the Tavern at the right time.

Pirates Outlaws key features


Pirates Outlaws is a game with beautiful graphics which suitable for players who prefer simple game genres. The system of characters and weapons is beautifully designed in a cartoon style. The game has highly relaxing gameplay. Overall, Pirates Outlaws is a game suitable for entertainment purposes. Players only pay $1 to permanently own this game. You can spread the game with the link below to experience.

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