Pigeon Wings Strike APK

Pigeon Wings Strike APK

Version: 1.0 ·
April 17, 2019 (4 years ago)
Publisher Ignacio Schiefelbein
Size81 MB
Latest Version1.0

The Pigeon Wings Strike originated from the story of the evil Duke Dexter and his minions returned and invaded Velo City. They brutally took over the wealth and destroyed the city with rapid speed and powerful force. And Pigeon has appeared with a strong lineup. These heroes will participate in the battle against the Dexter group with great skills: shooting, dodging and strengthening the power to rescue the inhabitants of the city of Velo… Come with Pigeon Wings Strike immediately and join Pigeon in a dramatic chase to rescue the rest of the beautiful city of Velo.

Become the Pigeon hero

The idea of the Pigeon Wings Strike game is merely a car race, chasing between two righteous and non-righteous factions, tied to the story of Pigeon hero and teammates on the journey to rescue Velo city residents, by chasing and catching the evil invaders. You will transform into Pigeon in the image like a bird sitting on a spaceship, rushing forward, approaching and defeating enemies with large black bodies and always firing bullets towards you. Make sure you avoid all the bullets fired by the enemy and at the same time be aware of the rough terrain to pass easily and not waste your life because of plunging the area to turn over the neck due to tripping.

Features and characteristics

Pigeon Wings Strike has a super fast racing game in the cave terrain. The player will, in turn, experience 50 levels of easy to difficult play, associated with the character and plot of Velo city. Previously, Ignacio Schiefelbein and Kris Hattori’s founders have released Pigeon Wings with a non-table game mode, playing until the loss of life. However, seeing that there are many limitations, the founder has improved and launched the Pigeon Wings Strike to create the most ideal model. In addition to the split feature to create excitement for players, Pigeon Wings Strike also possesses a flexible and responsive scoring system, closely following the game process with the player’s fast speed. Along with the two typical features mentioned above, the Wings Strike Pigeon also maximizes support for players who hate to be afraid of advertising with the ability to turn off ads with only one IAP, and the game is also completely downloaded for free. on the operating effectiveness of the iPhone and iPad. Let’s enjoy these unique features in today’s Pigeon Wings Strike.

Graphics, sound

Owning a simple, easy-to-see image system, creating comfort for players when playing games at a fast speed. Known as a racing game that combines top-speed rapid on mobile devices, Pigeon Wings Strike has a graphical configuration that is good enough to ensure every move in the playing process is of the best quality. Along with that is a funny, lively sound effect, in harmony with each movement, making the Pigeon Wings Strike worthy of being a strong person in the world of racing games today.


There are so many interesting and dramatic things in Wings Strike Pigeon that you just can feel the fullest only when you participate directly.  Let’s come to this endless arcade format game and become the best and the best racer and gunman, unlock all of your allies, fight hard and enjoy really fun moments along with Pigeon Wings Strike. It is possible that Wings Strike Pigeon will make you angry, even to the throw your phone for silly deaths, but still ensure fun and help you relax after tired working and studying moments.

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