Pictail – Cykik APK Download for Android

Pictail – Cykik APK Download for Android

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October 21, 2020 (2 years ago)
Publisher JP Brothers, Inc.
Latest Version1.5.3.2
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Pictail – Cykik is a free photo editing application on Android, which brings the same features as the Kirakara+ app on iOS. This app brings a professional photo filter with hundreds of different effects, making it easy to make your photos more beautiful. Pictail – Cykik is the latest photo editing app for the cocktail camera app series released by JP Brothers. The app is available for free on both Android and iOS platforms. With Pictail – Cykik, you can easily take photos, record videos and apply photo filters to bring sweet effects like a fruit wine on a summer day. Pictail – Cykik is very easy to use. Its interface is completely clear and simple. This application is suitable for taking a selfie, landscape, snaps or short video clips with charming effects.

PICTAIL - Cykik apk for android
Free download PICTAIL – Cykik APK for Android

Download Pictail – Cykik APK for Android

There is a distinct difference between Pictail-Cykik on Android compared to other apps in the series. For example, JP Brothers updated their natural sparkling effects, which made us think of the Kirakira + on iOS – One of the most popular photo editing applications used by celebrities and bloggers. You probably do not know yet, Kirakira + is an exclusive app on iOS, so it is not available on Play Store. If you want a solution to replace it on Android, Pictail – Cykik is a great choice.

PICTAIL - Cykik android

Pictail – Cykik Key feature:

  • Automatically optimizing your photo in real-time. After capturing, your photos will be perfect with Pictail – Cykik.
  • Supporting high-resolution camera, which is easy to capture the best and most beautiful photos. Do not worry because your stock camera will be fully supported in this app.
  • The Pictail filter is also supported when you record video. Applying them in real time is easy.
  • Supports multiple frames ratios such as 3: 4, 16: 9, Fullscreen, square…
  • Apply the Pictail filter for easy photo editing with hundreds of customizations. You can capture a photo directly or pick it from the gallery then start editing it easily.
  • Easily Sharing the photo: After capturing or editing a nice photo, you will definitely want to share it with everyone. At this point, Pictail – Cykik supports you to do this easily. At the photo editing interface, you can easily upload and share your photos to social networks like Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. It also allows you to send photos via email or text messages.

PICTAIL - Cykik apk download

All the permissions of the application:

Pictail – Cykik is a photo editing application, so for this application to work properly, you need to provide system access to it. Of course, this application will not work or be interrupted if you do not have full access rights. Here is a list of the Permissions of Pictail – Cykik:

  • Camera: Allows the in-app camera to access the device camera for taking pictures or recording video
  • Mic: Access your device’s Micro when recording video (If you reject it, your video will not have audio)
  • Library: Permission of saving and managing photos and videos in the device.
  • Location: This permission allows the user to add location information to the photo. You can skip it.

PICTAIL - Cykik apk features


JP Brothers released Pictail – Cykik not long ago. It quickly gained a lot of positive reviews from users. Mostly, this is a perfect copy of Kirakira + on Android. Of course, Pictail – Cykik also brings many new features to help users edit photos simply and better. If you are a fan of the selfie or simply want to capture beautiful and unique photographs, Pictail – Cykik is a good choice. Please download this application for free at the link below!

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