@picn2k camera 1.11.0 (MOD, Paid)

@picn2k camera 1.11.0 (MOD, Paid)

Version: 3.2.3 ·
March 24, 2021 (2 years ago)
Full Name@picn2k camera
Publisher 2U
Mod FeaturesPaid, Unlocked
Latest Version3.2.3
RequireAndroid 4.4
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@ picn2k camera (Paid) is a great photo editing software developed by Korean developer 2U. If you want to find an application that can turn your normal photos into magics, @ picn2k camera is a perfect option that you should not miss. Currently, the app costs $ 1.99 and is available on Android and iOS app stores. In this article, we would like to bring you all the information about the app as well as provide the APK file of this application for you to download and install it for free. Let’s find it out right now!

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About @picn2k camera

@picn2k camera is a great photo editing application on Android. It helps you modified the boring photos as well as make them more lively, attractive and unique. Surely, you have made travel trips and taken many photos. However, if you are an amateur, creating photos with beautiful colors is difficult. This would be easier if you use a mobile photo-editing application. @ picn2k camera is such an app that we want to mention. Inheriting the good of Korea with the developed entertainment and beauty industry, @picn2k camera gives you full features to turn the girls into more gorgeous and prominent on social networks.

Previously, to have impressive photos, users need to have specialized cameras such as DSLR and professional photo editing software on PC. This approach has certain inconveniences to users. You can’t always carry a large camera with you. Besides, to have fantasy and unique features, users need to have certain knowledge about how to use photo editors. At the moment, with the development of mobile devices, especially smartphones, most users can do everything right on their mobile device. Creating a beautiful photo is an interesting activity.

In addition, @picn2k camera is developed for amateur users. Therefore, the application has integrated many features that help users to create a beautiful photo with a few simple operations.

In the application, there are still many parameters that require users to have some knowledge regarding image editings such as contrast, exposure, tint, and temperature. However, you may not need to care about them. Normally, you can only use the presets and films available than you can create beautiful images. If you want to have a more professional picture, you can ask for help from friends or system users. They will reveal to you the modified formula that they have applied. You just need to drag the slider to adjust the parameters to match the recipe and have a great photo.

picn2k camera apk features

What can @ picn2k camera do?

@picn2k camera is developed towards young people. They do not need to know too much about technology to be able to master all the features of the app. If you want a more professional photo editing tool, we suggest Picsart Pro. Here is a list of outstanding features of @picn2k camera:

Beauty mode

Beauty mode is always a great feature that young users hunt and love the most today. You do not need to have an understanding of image editing and take the time to edit operations. You can still have a beautiful and impressive selfie photo. With @ picn2k camera, this is easier than ever. Users just need to select Beautify mode and drag the slider to the left or right to adjust the level accordingly. Also, you do not need to care about the adjustment parameters.

Many photo editing formulas

At the main screen of the app, users can find a lot of photos edited by the developer. These photos have a wide variety of topics, such as taking a close-up of objects, food or capturing landscapes, buildings, kissing scenes and low-light shots.

In addition, the developer did not forget to add the correction parameters of the photo. You can completely create an impressive color as in the sample photos. The first thing you need to do is select a photo with a similar theme to the photo you need to edit. After that, you click the Edit button at the bottom right of the screen and select your photo. The editing parameters will automatically apply and make your photos more impressive and attractive. If you are not satisfied, you can also use the sliders to adjust the colors and brightness of the image. Everything is quite easy and fast. It only takes a few seconds that you have a beautiful and virtual picture to share with your friends or post on social networks.


The camera feature of @picn2k camera can completely replace the default camera of the phone. The image quality is very good with high detail. Besides, the app also integrates more than 50 presets and films right on the photography process. It helps users to create beautiful photos quickly without having to edit after shooting. Also, presets and films allow users to drag the slider to adjust the same level as in beauty mode.

Editing a series of photos

If you have just taken quite a lot of photos and you want to use an editing formula for all those photos, the batch editing feature will help you do this more quickly. Although the application only allows users to edit up to 9 photos at once, this can also be considered a plus point. Image editing time will be shortened quite a lot.

Make the picture sharper

If you have important photos with blur text or image, the Sharpen feature will help you make those photos more clear. You will be quite surprised by this tool. You just drag the slider until you feel satisfied with the picture. Too much dragging to the right may cause the image to break and look unnatural.

Make the picture brighter

Although many apps have improvements in sensor size, aperture, and algorithm, low-light photography is always a disadvantage of the phone compared to professional cameras. Therefore, most of the mobile photo editing software is now integrated Brightness tool. With this tool, users can make the picture brighter or darker as you like.

Adjust the contrast

The main contrast is only the difference between black and white close together. Adjusting Contrast helps you separate the objects in the picture and see it more realistic. The developer of @picn2k camera did not forget to integrate this feature for its application. Users can use this powerful tool to create a perfect photo.


@picn2k camera is an application for users who love the Korean photo style. After editing, the photos become prominent thanks to the beauty mode and naturally smooth skin and not too harsh. The application is easy to use and even users who have never used photo editing applications before can create an amazing photo. All you need to do is drag the sliders. You don’t even need to understand what features you are adjusting, just drag the slider until you feel satisfied with the picture. After completing all the modifications, users can share via message or social network quickly via the Share button at the bottom of the picture.

Download @picn2k camera 1.11.0 (MOD, Paid)

Download (43M)

You are now ready to download @picn2k camera for free. Here are some notes:

  • Please check our installation guide.
  • Some applications will only run when you install the correct file that matches your device’s chipset. If you don’t know what chipset your device uses, check it with CPU Z.
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