Phone Color Screen – Colorful Call Flash Themes APK v1.5.2 Download

Phone Color Screen – Colorful Call Flash Themes APK v1.5.2 Download

Version: 1.5.2 ·
March 11, 2019 (4 years ago)
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Latest Version1.5.2
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If you often make phone calls to communicate with your friends or partners and feel bored with the phone’s default receiving interface, you should try Phone Color Screen – Colorful Call Flash Themes. This is a pretty application or Android user support to customize the background photo when receiving calls.

In this article, we will guide you how to use this application. Our detail instruction will also show you how to download and install Phone Color Screen APk for free.

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What is Phone Color Screen – Colorful Call Flash Themes?

A highlight of the device running Android OS is the ability to customize the interface easily. One of the easiest ways is to change the launcher of the device. We have referred to you the best application to do this, which is Nova Launcher Prime. However, there are other ways to make your Android device more unique and personal.

If you get a lot of incoming calls every day, you should think of changing the boring default interface with random 3D effects. Make sure your friends will be surprised when your phone rings with the same animated background. With many useful features and beautiful interface, Phone Color Screen – Colorful Call Flash Themes will make your device more unique and make calls no longer boring anymore.

Phone Color Screen download

Download and install the application

First of all, you need to download the application at the link below and install the application as usual. In order for the application to work properly, it requires access to phone directories and calls management. You need to accept them. In addition, you need to allow the app permission of drawing over other apps and Notification access.

If you have done everything but the application is not working, you should go to the Permissions Option in the Settings. In which, you can check if the permissions that you have granted for the application are full or not.

Phone Color Screen apk download

Key features of the application

  • There are about 20 wallpapers with amazing animated effects for the user to choose from. You can press “Apply” to activate the wallpaper that you have selected. Then you can click the top right corner icon if you want to customize Answer buttons. You can select different icons for rejecting or agreeing to the phone call such as star, heart, smiley face, etc.
  • If you want to create the live wallpaper just for yourself, you can go to Video Show and select Add Videos. The application allows users to insert their favorite video to use as a background photo. You should note that your video cannot exceed 30Mb. You should use shorter video or lower resolution to reduce the size.
  • Phone Color Screen – Colorful Call Flash Themes also allow users to use effects from the Flash to make the call more impressive. To enable this feature, go to Setting and turn on Led flash for calls. In addition, you can change the flashing speed of the lamp. You can visit the flashlight icon tab in the middle and switch to enable the Flash preview. There are 6 levels for users to choose from. The users can select level 0 if you want to light only when incoming call or SOS mode if you want the flash at the fastest speed.
  • You can also use this app as a quick turn on the flashlight. What you need to do is shake the phone. You can shake the phone to turn on the lamp and shake it again to turn off. This is useful in cases where your hands are wet or you regularly use the flash as a flashlight. To enable this feature, you can enable Shake to turn on in the Settings section. The application also allows users to adjust the level of shake to avoid confusion.


If you love simplicity, the default phone call is enough. If you want to experience a new feeling with the unique wallpaper and interesting lighting effects, you can try to download and use Phone Color Screen – Colorful Call Flash Themes. This is a lightweight application that does not take up much of the phone memory or battery life. The animated wallpapers of the application are diverse and beautiful. Users can also select a favorite short video to apply. Moreover, you can use this application as a smart flash turn-on and convenient flash.

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