Penguin Isle 1.33.2 (MOD, Free Shopping)

Penguin Isle 1.33.2 (MOD, Free Shopping)

Version: 1.33.2 ·
April 28, 2021 (1 year ago)
Full NamePenguin Isle
Publisher Habby
Mod FeaturesFree shopping
Latest Version1.33.2
RequireAndroid 4.4
Get it On Google Play
MOD Infor?
  • Modify the diamond price of items in the store to 0 (the icon of the “handbag and diamond” in the upper right corner is the store button after the game beginner tutorial)!

Surely, we all have seen images of penguins on TV, internet, or famous movies like Happy Feet. Besides the daily life of the penguins, we also see images such as snow, white bears, or fish. It is very difficult for us to meet them directly because they are in an extremely cold place where people can hardly exist like Antarctica. However, you can experience that exciting life through the game Penguin Isle. Please join us to find it out right now!

Penguin Isle mod download

About Penguin Isle

Penguin Isle is an interesting game from the developer Habby, a company in Singapore. The game takes the theme of the lives of penguins. In which, players help them catch fish, decorate the habitats, cook and do missions. After these activities, you will receive bonuses to upgrade and expand the island. It can be said that the activities in the game take place in a loop: the penguins produce, upgrade and expand the island to continue the work. However, it is very appealing because of interesting idle gameplay, diverse unique missions and extremely cute graphics. After a year of launching, Penguin Isle has reached more than 10 million downloads in Google Play.

An interesting idle clicker game

Penguin Isle revolves around the life of penguins in Antarctica. Your task is to build and expand the island, creating an environment for penguins to grow. Besides, the developer introduced that the game helps players relax and heal. Although there are many activities to experience, the gameplay is simple. Also, the game tempo is slow, combined with the perfect sound to make you always feel comfortable. Players will receive instructions before starting the game.

Penguin Isle Gameplay

Besides, gamers can see all the areas with zoom in/out feature. It is an island, or more accurately, an iceberg in the middle of the sea. Here, there will be all activities in the game. Similar to other idle games, what you need to do in Penguin Isle is quite simple. With just one finger, players can control all activities. They mostly happen automatically, so your task is to wait for an activity to complete, tap on it to receive a reward. After accumulating enough money, you can buy new characters, upgrade and expand the island to increase profits every second.

Penguin Isle is an idle clicker game similar to Idle Minner Tycoon. Even if you exit the game, the process still happens automatically. The penguins may seem gentle and slow, but they are hard-working. In the game, they continue to work even if you are offline. When you return the game, you will still receive the resources that these offline activities have created.

Many attractive activities

In Penguin Isle, you will help penguins in many different activities: fishing, mining, growing flowers, decorating designs, cooking, cleaning, photography, swimming, playing, recreation, selling ingredients… After each activity, you will receive a reward such as coins, hearts, items… These rewards will help you upgrade characters and expand the island. The more you expand the area, the more diverse your activities will be, as well as the higher the rewards you will receive.

When finishing each activity, you need to click to get a reward. If you forget to receive bonuses from the previous mission, it will cause a delay to start a new one. Activities can take place automatically if you use your heart to upgrade. The higher the upgrade is, the greater the reward will be.

To master the activities, gamers should pay attention to the game’s notifications. They are number symbols, exclamation marks, or images. Also, the main task is to unlock new types of penguins, buy an item or upgrade your island. You should take care of them to not to skip or delay tasks as they may affect the progress of upgrading your island.

Also, designing landscapes on the island is one of the interesting activities that many players can enjoy. In Penguin Isle, there are many different items available for you to decorate your island, such as trees, light bulbs, chairs, pinwheels, telephone cabinets, mailboxes, teddy bears are available… Players need to meet the blacksmith in the workshop with the ingredients to create items or buy them directly from the store. After that, you can place items on the island for decoration. These items do not increase the amount of gold you receive per second, but they contribute to making the island more beautiful. You should only buy decorative items when you have already had enough gold to make all the upgrades.

Penguin Isle mod download

Unlock new creatures

Looking at the name of the game, you will think that the game only has the appearance of penguins. However, Penguin Isle has a multitude of other creatures. We can see rabbits, seals, reindeer, walruses, deer, cows, dogs, bears, fish, squid… The more you level up, the more creatures you will unlock. There are types you need to collect to unlock. However, some types you need penguins to catch on. Besides, players can sell these animals to get more money. Moreover, they can help you increase the percentage of money received from penguin activities.

Besides the penguins, there are 42 characters with different names, shapes and functions on the island. They are fishermen, gardeners, blacksmiths, chefs, directors… Each type of penguin plays a unique role in the activities on the island. After completing the work, each of them will give you a unique reward. You can upgrade them to work more efficiently and receive more money. Also, the development of the island is measured by the number of coins that all penguins produce per second. Once you have collected enough coins, you can expand the island and build new structures.

The graphics and sound

The game has beautiful 3D graphics. In photography mode, players can rotate 360 ​​degrees and shoot to share your island with everyone. Also, you can view the whole scene from all sides. Images of characters and landscapes are designed lovely with gentle colors, which is suitable for winter.

Besides, the sound has a slow, gentle melody, along with the sound of the waves. They bring you relaxing moments.

In-app purchase

You can use real money to buy in-app items. In the game, there are special packages including high-end items, hearts, diamonds, gold coins, x20 money, and x20 hearts. They will help you accelerate faster in the game, instead of you having to collect in the usual way. So if you want to speed up the game process, you should buy special items from the store. However, the cost of each item is quite expensive, so it would be better to use the mod version of the Penguin Isle that we have provided in this article.

What’s in Penguin Isle mod?

In this article, we give you the latest mod of Penguin Isle. The mod feature allows you to shop in-game items for free. You only need to complete the tutorial at the beginning of the game, visit the in-game store to buy some items like Gold and Chest. Besides, you can also upgrade the works in the game for free.


If you love penguins and want to learn about the lives of animals in the cold area, Penguin Isle is the best option for you. Also, this game is easy to play and highly entertaining. Readers can download it at the link below.

Download Penguin Isle 1.33.2 (MOD, Free Shopping)

Download (74M)

You are now ready to download Penguin Isle for free. Here are some notes:

  • Please check our installation guide.
  • Some applications will only run when you install the correct file that matches your device’s chipset. If you don’t know what chipset your device uses, check it with CPU Z.
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