Payback 2 (MOD, Unlimited Money)

Payback 2 (MOD, Unlimited Money)

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June 8, 2021 (2 months ago)
Full NamePayback 2 - The Battle Sandbox
Publisher Apex Designs Entertainment Ltd
Mod FeaturesUnlimited Money
Latest Version2.104.12.4
RequireAndroid 4.0.3
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Payback 2 is an attractive action game on Android, which has attracted players by spectacular graphics. At the moment, the game is available for free on Android and iOS apps stores. Besides, the game also provides players with in-app purchase options to remove ads permanently. In this article, we bring the latest Payback 2 MOD, allowing you to remove ads as well as provide the in-app purchases for free.

The gameplay

Payback 2 recreated a chaotic city with nightly gunfights between the criminal gangs. Real-life traffic, vehicles, and high-rise buildings are a point that has created the appeal of this game. In Payback 2, the gameplay is inspired by GTA series. You will play the role of a criminal and participate in stealing and fighting missions in the underworld. The tasks will change through each level. You can replay them to achieve higher achievements and rewards. However, some missions require the player to reach 3 stars in the previous mission to unlock. If you have played GTA 5 or GTA San Andreas before, you will see many similarities between them and Payback 2.

Many game modes

In Payback 2, the first thing that impresses players is the diverse tasks system. Players will have to complete the missions in turn. Also, each task has a different way of calculating points and implementation. If you have just finished playing a level of Payback 2, you will probably want to play another to see what the next level is like. It could be a dramatic race or a bloody gunfight. Here are Payback 2 game modes:

  • Brawl: In a Brawl match, killing opponents will help you score points but you can also lose points if you are killed. Your rankings will be displayed in the top right corner of the screen.
  • Gang Warfare: In this mode, 2 gangs are fighting each other. The score of 2 teams will be displayed in the top right corner. Your allies will be marked with a blue icon on the head. Enemies will be with red symbols that are the targets you have to destroy.
  • Capture The Swag: To win in this game mode, the players have to occupy the opponent’s Swag and bring it back to the allied base marked by the blue ring.
  • Kingpin: Capture the zone indicated by the arrow. If only you are in that area, you will earn a double score. Don’t forget to observe the colour of the zone. If it is green, everything is easier for you. This sign shows that there is no one in that area then you should take it. If the zone is yellow, there are many competitors in that area, as well as the red indicates that there is only one opponent.
  • Conquest: In Conquest matches, the player and his team will have to compete with the opponent. Your team needs to control more areas than the opposing team and kill as many opponents as possible to help you increase your score. You can see the score of the two teams in the top right corner. Besides, your rank in the team also depends on the achievement you have made. You will get 5 points when capturing an area as well as earn 1 point when killing an enemy.
  • Race and Sprint: These games may be too familiar to racing fans. In this mode, the players will take part in a race. You will win when you finish in the first position. Don’t forget to observe the arrows along the way. It will help you know about the curves on the road. Some levels take place during the night, so the player’s view may be limited.
  • Rampage: There is no opponent in a Rampage fight. The player must complete a certain number of points in time to complete the level.

Customize character appearance

In this game, you can customize your character at will. Surely, you will be surprised because Payback 2 allows players to customize even the smallest details such as check size, neck size, feet size or position and size of ears. There are dozens of editing options for players to choose from. Moreover, you can create a character with a completely new appearance. Most options are adjusted by dragging the slider.

Besides, all customizations are free, except for weapons. You can change the colors of their weapons and bullets by buying them with coins. The players have to pay 75 coins to change the color for a weapon. The color of bullets will have different prices. In it, the most expensive is the Rainbow (495 coins).

Transportation and fighting vehicles

In the game, using the vehicles will help players move to destinations faster and dominate more when fighting with enemies. For example, a normal car helps you to avoid the damage of explosions. Besides, you will be safe while in a tank. At that time, you can shoot enemies without worrying about being attacked. Also, the tank’s control system is similar to when you drive a car. There are the forward and backward buttons on the left and right sides. Some special cars are equipped with guns, so there are additional firing buttons in the right corner of the screen.

Payback 2 vehicles

Escape from the police

Police are an integral part of maintaining order in cities. In GTA games, police escape always brings interesting experiences to players. If you kill or injure someone, the police will probably come to you. They will constantly shoot at you and try to kill you. In this situation, you can choose to run away for a while to avoid the attention of the police, but can also kill them to earn extra points. Especially, you should be careful with the second option because the police can call more troops then you will really in the big trouble.

Large map

The map in the top left corner will help you know where the enemy and your ally is. Enemies will be shown with red dots while blue dots are your allies. Your position will be indicated by a white dot. In Payback 2, there are many games with limited time. While the city is quite large, you should not move without knowing where you are going. Taking advantage of the map will help you quickly find goals as well as recognize the hazards.

The impressive graphics

Payback 2 has impressive graphics as well as brings authentic experiences to players. Most of the stages take place at night. The lighting and fire effects are all vivid. Besides, the background sound is also a plus point of this game. It reflects the disturbance of the street and somewhat brings a creepy feeling for players.


Payback 2 takes players into the battles of criminal gangs. The city was always in turmoil by gunfights all night. Thanks to beautiful graphics and vivid sound reproduction, Payback 2 has brought great moments to players. If you want to experience a GTA game on your smartphone, please download Payback 2. You can download it for free from Google Play and App Store. We also bring the APK file of the latest Payback 2 Mod, please click the download button below to download and install this game. Have fun!

Download Payback 2 (MOD, Unlimited Money)

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You are now ready to download Payback 2 - The Battle Sandbox for free. Here are some notes:

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