OSS: Order of the Seventh Sphere Mod APK 1.1.190114 (Menu Mod/One Hit)

OSS: Order of the Seventh Sphere Mod APK 1.1.190114 (Menu Mod/One Hit)

Version: 1.1.190114 ·
March 18, 2019 (4 years ago)
Publisher Hot Head Co., Ltd.
Latest Version1.1.190114
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OSS: Order of the Seventh Sphere is a tactical role-playing game run by Hot Head Co. Ltd – a developer from Thailand. The game is released on Oct 3, 2018, for the Android and iOS platforms. According to one of the founders of Rising Soft, the game is inspired by a Viking legend. The unique feature of the game is that you can see day and night changes as they are in real time.

Are you looking for the latest OSS: Order of the Seventh Sphere Mod? If the answer is yes, this article is for you. We will also guide you on how to download and install it easily in a few steps.

OSS- Order of the Seventh Sphere apk

OSS: Order of the Seventh Sphere APK download

Like other RPG on mobile, to start the game, players will need to select a character. Currently, there are four character classes including Warrior, Mage, Ranger and Assassin, each of which has its advantages and disadvantages. You should read through the summary of each class before deciding which class you should choose.

OSS: Order of the Seventh Sphere Gameplay is built on elements of nature. The attacking skills are modeled on natural elements such as fire, earth, wind, water or light and dark. In-game enemies are divided into separate element types. If you want to deal massive damage to an enemy, do not forget to use elemental attacks that are not similar to the enemy type. In contrast, your heroes also receive more damage if they are attacked by these enemies.

OSS- Order of the Seventh Sphere apk mod

Initially, the game was only released in Thailand, but its unexpected success led the developer to decide to bring it to the whole world. Now, you can experience the game easily with additional language packs including English.
OSS: Order of the Seventh Sphere deserves to be one of the most successful mobile RPG games of 2018. Here are some key features of the game.

Collect the Ability Spheres

There is a point that makes OSS: Order of the Seventh Sphere different from many other Mobile RPG games that Instead of recruiting soldiers and recruiting new heroes, you have to collect the Ability Spheres. These are colorful gems corresponding to different abilities. There are over 1000 different pearls with special abilities like attack, defense or support. The player chooses one or more gems of the same type for an attack. The more gems you use, the more powerful your attack will be.

OSS mod apk

Spheres selection intelligently helps you quickly pass the game. The element correlation board will suggest what element to use to defeat the enemy. The enemy is ready to attack you at any time. You can use the shield to block their attacks. After using, the shield should take some time to recover.

Earn Gold, Equip new items

After each battle, players will receive some gold and items if they win the game. You can check how many items you have received by visiting the sack icon from the Menu. The heroes will need to go through a long journey and overcome many challenges before reaching the final destination.

Players will jump through the squares in turn by rotating the same number of dice. You get a number from 1 to 6 corresponding to the number of steps you will move. If you roll a number greater than the event square, you will lose some events. On the journey, you will encounter some events with the halt symbol, which means that they will block you. Now You need to complete the battle to keep going.

The events in the game take place quite often, they give you the opportunity to own the valuable items. You should follow the Fan Page of the game to update the information and do not miss any interesting events.

Explore new lands, participate in other play modes

Passage gates will take you to an unexpected area. You have to try to explore them. At the end of each journey, you must fight the boss. Completing this level, you will gain experience points and the chance to open a private inventory of valuable items. If you fail, you will not get anything.

OSS- Order of the Seventh Sphere gameplay

In addition to completing missions in the main journey, players can choose to participate in daily tasks, PvP arena or boss battle. Real-time battles and competitions with players all over the world make the player does not feel bored. The ultimate goal is to upgrade the power of your character and achieve high rankings.

Impressive graphics

OSS: Order of the Seventh Sphere has impressive 3D graphics. The characters are designed in a cartoon style, which makes me think of Dragalia Lost. Music and sound effects are very attractive. By using colorful gems, players can use the more beautiful attacking effects.

OSS- Order of the Seventh Sphere mod apk

OSS: Order of the Seventh Mod APK Information

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OSS: Order of the Seventh Sphere Mod Features:

After successfully installing the game, you need to open the game and wait to download and install the Game data (69M).  OSS is a role-playing game with tons of missions that players need to complete. To overcome all Stages in the game, you guys need to equip items powerful enough to win.

You can buy or upgrade them with the money in the game, but there is a simpler way to use the OSS: Order of the Seventh Sphere mod that we provide in this article. We have updated the latest version of the game and you can download it at the end of the article.

Here are the mod features of the game:

  • Mod Menu
  • One HIT.

Thanks to Blackmod Team for this mod.


Thank you have the visit the Our Blog to download and install the latest mod of this game. OSS: Order of the Seventh Sphere is a real-time strategy RPG with a unique and simple gameplay. The game does not have too many complicated features, but it is full of great elements to become a successful RPG. In order to get high rankings and pass many levels, players need to use the Spheres combination wisely and use items to upgrade their character. Do not forget to leave your comments on this game if you have any concerns.

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