Nova Launcher Prime: Best Trick To Customize Android Launcher

June 14, 2020 (2 years ago)

Today, we back to Nova Launcher after a long time of using the default launcher of LG and Google Play Launcher. There are some points we would like to share with you about the great features or the settings that we can change for the better experience. We will start with a swipe to look like the iOS Spotlight, icon adjusting, a hidden folder, and a swipe on an app to launch another app. If you have any tips on Nova Launcher, please share in this topic by leaving a comment below.

How to use Nova Launcher Prime (Best Tips and Tricks)

First of all, you need to download and install Nova Launcher Prime now!

Drag your finger to search or open Apps

This is the reason why we recommend using the Prime version of Nova Launcher. Manipulating the finger from top to bottom will open the notification by default, but I prefer to open the search bar like iPhone or ZenFone. With only one finger operation, you will be able to start typing the keyword for researching immediately without pressing the Google button nor the second confirmation because the virtual keyboard has automatically appeared.

For those who use large screen devices like the LG V10, the V20, the Galaxy Note or Nexus 6P, you will certainly agree with what the feature supports, so you can easily use the phone with one hand. You can also customize this finger gesture with a variety of customizations. For example, you can open notifications, open the app list, perform quick settings, even lock the screen, and even touch one or more finger to perform the action. In general, Nova lets you edit a lot of things, experience and find out the best for you.

To make these customizations, you need to hold down the main screen> Settings> Gesture & input> Swipe down.

Adjusting the size and icon type

Nova Launcher Prime is compatible with most current icon pack, so you can freely download from Play Store and apply them. I like to use the round icon, which is similar to Google Pixel and Pixel XL, which should look pretty phone and bring the new feelings. Some Google apps have default icons, such as circles, such as Google Messenger SMS. Some others are surrounded by circles outside the old icon, which creates a unified interface.

Nova Launcher has not only the ability to freely customize the icon, but there is also another feature that is highly appreciated: unifying the icon size. For some reasons, many applications have bigger icons than the rest of the app. Therefore, by default, our launcher will not look good. Whereas, with Nova Launcher, the default size for the icon is activated for you. You can also resize the icon if you want.

You can adjust this setting by holding down the Home screen> Settings> App & Widget drawer> Icon layout> Icon Size.

Displays the number of unread notification on the icon with Tesla Unread

Tesla Unread is an additional plugin for Nova Launcher Prime that will display the number of unread notifications on each app like the default launcher for Samsung and LG. This function only applies to Nova Launcher paid version only. You can adjust the colour, the size of the number will appear depending on preferences. If you do not want to adjust, you can keep the default because it is pretty nice.

The hidden folder

This feature is probably the most secret that makes me happy the most to discover it. Basically, the hidden folder will still look like a normal folder. However, when you touch it, it will run exactly the same app you specify. Just when you swipe your finger, the new folder opens and lists the app inside. We have a hidden folder with Google apps: By default, Google Maps opens, when you need to view the other applications, you just swipe up.

To adjust the folder to hidden folder: Drag the app overlapping to create a folder, then hold down the folder, select Edit> Swipe to open the folder. In the Tap action, you select the app or whatever action you want to run at once.

Swipe icon to open another app

It is the other nice feature of Nova Launcher. With this feature, you can open an app that is related to another app without having to put the icon on the screen. A simple example: with the camera app, if you touch it lightly, run the camera, while swiping for the current app gallery. Or with Facebook, tap once to open the main app, swipe open Messenger. We can quickly run the application we need without having to search for it in App Draws.

To customize this feature is very easy: hold down any icon, select “Swipe action” and select the app that you want to finish.

Backup configuration

This feature is very important if you are using more than one Android device. When changing to a new device, you need to arrange the icon manually. It will take time. Sometimes, you do not remember the exact location where the app is located properly with your habits or not. Meanwhile, Nova Launcher supports backup of the launcher, from the arrangement of icons to the settings… you just select “restore” to complete the application automatically. It is very fast and simple.

This configuration can be saved anywhere. As per my experience, you should save it to a cloud service such as Dropbox or Google Drive. When you change devices or reset your phone, you can simply download the configuration that is available for use instead of going from one computer to another or copy from computer to the phone.

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