Nonstop Knight 2 APK 1.0

Nonstop Knight 2 APK 1.0

Version: 1.0 ·
April 17, 2019 (3 years ago)
Publisher Flaregames GmbH
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Latest Version1.0

Nonstop Knight 2- After the success of the free version of the Nonstop Knight on the ios operating system, the producer Kopla Games and the publisher Flaregames announced the sequel to the Nonstop Knight under the name Nonstop Knight 2 after only 3 years. Still a model of an action role-playing game and a familiar collection of booty available in the original Nonstop Knight, the Nonstop Knight 2 will have a more complete and wider model of social structure.

If you haven’t played the original Nonstop Knight released three years ago, let’s download it for free on the app store to experience the appeal of a game with more than 15 million players, and if you still have concerns, read more reviews from those who have played through Nonstop Knight. Then wait for the new version of Nonstop Knight 2 with many new features that will surely satisfy your passion for action RPG on your mobile.

Nonstop Knight 2 apk download

Interesting Gameplay

Nonstop Knight 2 is exactly a new version, but also an addition to the original Nonstop Knight. Because all the shortcomings in the original Nonstop Knight will be completed in this Nonstop Knight 2. Do you remember the dungeons in the Nonstop Knight? So meet them again in the Nonstop Knight 2 but with a more enjoyable experience. Monster races have been multiplied both in number and in danger. Spoils are scattered throughout the dungeon with special effects and much more interesting.

Nonstop Knight 2 Gameplay

At the beginning of the game will be the setting of Newbie Castle, the player plays the character and through dense forests, battling fearsome opponents at Volcanic Forge, crossing Wicky Wilds and coming to Elemental Conflux after a series of challenging locations. In places where you will stop and fight, welcome you will be savage and evil monsters with the countless worth of spoils (guns, armor, chests, spears, …). Fight your way and deal with monsters as quickly as possible, collecting as many spoils as possible before coming to the next challenge. In the Nonstop Knight 2, players will experience a non-level RPG mode, which means that when playing is never qualified to continue the table, it will end.

The new feature in Nonstop Knight 2

Now let’s look at some of the new features of Nonstop Knight 2 and compared to the original since 3 years ago. First, it must mention the set of items and equipment added in the booty category. The set of items in the Nonstop Knight 2 has been expanded in terms of categories and has more decentralization, creating a sense of excitement and more excitement for players such as armor, helmets, gloves, boots, and shirts. cloaks, long-range and melee weapons such as masks or wand, sword, blade,…

Nonstop Knight 2 features

The second is about the style of play and skill of the character. With the form of a role-playing game, the style of play completely depends on you. In the Nonstop Knight 2, with the knight character, you will be given a new skill called melee like a real knight, creating storms or fire to deal long-range damage to monsters.

In addition, Nonstop Knight 2 contains a new and more interesting game mode than the original Nonstop Knight. Such as: Play with friends to form groups and increase damage to dungeon enemies; control characters in various terrains like rainforests, deserted lands, dark castles or arid deserts; survival mode is raised to a new level: or glorious straight combat and collect many attractive spoils, or lose, lose their lives and have to play again from the beginning …

Graphics, sound

Nonstop Knight 2 succeeds in 3D graphics from the original Nonstop Knight and has further improved visual and sound. If you were a player of the original Nonstop Knight and were playing the Nonstop Knight 2, you would notice the upgrade in the image of this 2nd Nonstop Knight easily. The image of characters, items as well as the background of the battle has been hardened and become sharper and more vivid. The sound in Nonstop Knight 2 has also been changed to create a new game that has been played by more than 15 million people from around the world.


Nonstop Knight 2 has officially created a new page for the role-playing and action games of producer Kopla Games and publishers. Nonstop Knight 2 is exactly a role-playing game with successful improvements based on the original version. Coming to Nonstop Knight 2, you will have the opportunity to experience the immersive, exciting and dramatic action scenes. What are you waiting for without downloading immediately Nonstop Knight 2 to your cell phone and enjoy dramatic, awesome fighting moments just by controlling your fingers on the mobile screen?

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