Top 10 Best Nintendo DS Emulator for Android (Play Nintendo DS Games 2018)

June 14, 2020 (2 years ago)

Looking for an application to play Nintendo DS on your Android Smartphone? Please check out the Nintendo DS Emulators for Android list in this article!

The Nintendo DS is a senior handheld console released by Nintendo. The first Nintendo DS device was officially released on November 21, 2004. So far, Nintendo has officially stopped supporting these devices and is focusing on new handheld devices with the more power.
According to statistics, there are millions of Nintendo DS devices sold, accompanied by a diverse ecosystem of the exclusive game titles. Some of them have been franchised for release on mobile platforms including Android and iOS. You can find them on the Play Store. However, it is not much. Nintendo DS games are always attractive to players and are associated with the childhood of many people.


Top Nintendo DS Emulator – Easy way to play Nintendo DS Games on Android

Today, with the advancement of technology, we have found a good solution to bring the Nintendo DS gaming experience to mobile devices with ease. I am talking about the Nintendo DS Emulator app on Android. In this article, we bring you the list of the 10 best Nintendo DS Emulators for Android today, supporting you play all Nintendo DS games on Android devices. They even do so much better when they bring to the users the options to improve image quality and graphics that make the game smoother.
You guys can download The Nintendo DS Emulator from the Play Store or installed with an APK file, some free, some not. Listed below will give you an overview of the best Nintendo DS Emulator available for Android and iOS. We also provide links to download APK files for these applications for free.

How does the Nintendo DS Emulator work?

If you are a regular gamer, you will not care about this. However, I think we should understand a bit more about how these applications work. Nintendo DS Emulator is an application that allows you to play .gba (Roms) files – the format of the Nintendo DS game, which is complicated to be read by the app. We just need to pay attention to the outcome that the game will display on your phone screen and be ready to experience at any time.


Where can I download Nintendo DS Roms?

Admittedly, Nintendo does not provide the files of their games (ROMs), so you can only search for them from 3rd party websites. These sites work without any official announcements from the developers. However, it is great to have brought most of the Nintendo DS Game files through direct download links. Here are some sites that provide free Nintendo DS Game download links that we have verified to be safe for your device:

10 Best Nintendo DS Emulator on Android (2018 Updated)

1. Drastic DS Emulator

Drastic DS Emulator is the best Nintendo DS emulator available today on Android and iOS. Drastic DS Emulator is the perfect solution to play any Nintendo DS game on your Android Smartphone. It brings a lot of customization that allows players to set up two screens on their device. You can also customize the resolution and layout of these two screens.


New technology in Drastic DS Emulator allows for enhanced gaming experience as it can accelerate the performance of older games, improve graphics quality and more. In addition, the application can operate smoothly on the low-end devices. Drastic also supports save to Google Drive, so you can experience the Nintendo DS easily on any device without worrying about syncing the gameplay.
Drastic is a paid application. There is a trial version available on Play Store, but you can only try it within 30 minutes before deciding whether to buy the full version or not. Do not worry because you can download it completely free via the link below.

2. Pretendo NDS Emulator

Pretendo NDS Emulator is the second name that we would like to recommend to you. This is an Android emulator that allows you to play most Nintendo DS games on your Smartphone or Android Tablet. Pretendo NDS Emulator can load the ROM games in many different formats. They can be .rom files, .ds files or compressed files (.rar and .zip). This feature makes it easy to install and play games in just a few steps. You do not even need to extract the game files or copy them into the correct folder. You just use Pretendo NDS Emulator and open any game file. It will run almost immediately.

Pretendo NDS Emulator apk
The in-game control system is simple and intuitive. It accurately simulates the buttons of the Nintendo NDS on the touch screen of the device. You can also customize the buttons for a better gaming experience.
Pretendo NDS Emulator brings the auto-save feature. Your gameplay will not be interrupted to “Save.” Everything will be done automatically. The worry of “crash” the application or forget “Save” will no longer appear. The application also offers some customizable enhancements to simulate performance such as mute sound, reduced graphics setup level and more.

3. NDS Boy (NDS Emulator)

This is the third NDS Emulator appearing on this list named NDS Boy.
NDS Boy is the application of the Vietnamese developers. Although a new NDS emulator is released, it has received many positive reviews from users. The only exception to the NDS Boy is that if you want to have the best experience, you need to use it on mobile devices with 2GB of RAM or more. With both options, NDS Boy fully supports basic functions including quick save and load schedules, customizable button controls, and support for most Nintendo DS game formats.

Best Nintendo DS Emulator android
NDS is a completely free app and does not sell in-app items, a great option for the latest mobile owners. As usual, NDS Boy has no available Roms, which means you need to download the game’s files from the websites that provide them. As mentioned, this emulator supports most formats including .nds, .zip, .rar and .7z. Now you can play Mario Games or Series Pokemon on your Android device.

4. AseDS

AseDS is a Nintendo DS emulator developed by YellowES. This is a good choice for playing Nintendo DS games on Android. However, you cannot even find it from Play Store. We provide this application’s APK file below. You can download and install it easily.

This emulator allows you to load games in a variety of formats, customize the position of the keys, support cheat codes, save and sync data, and other features to make the game smoother (like skipping frames). You can play Nintendo DS Games through AseDS without any difficulty. AseDS works well on most Android devices, which also consumes less RAM. In particular, AseDS is completely free, so it is worth trying even once.

5. RetroArch

RetroArch is an open source application. Its special feature is that aside from the Nintendo DS. It can simulate other platforms such as Nintendo GameBoy, PlayStation 1, Sega Genesis, SNES, Super Nintendo, etc. After setting up and opening this application, at Home Screen, you can see the list of supported platforms and corresponding games. You need to use the ROM file of the game stored on the SD card of the phone. Once you have the ROM files on your SD card, you can use the automatic scan feature or specify the folder that contains the ROM files. The app identifies supported games and lists them in the main screen.

Nintendo DS emulators for Android
The application runs smoothly with many customizations to bring the best experience for the player. Like the Drastic DS, RetroArch is compatible with many types of gamepads. RetroArch requires Android 3.0 or higher. You can download the software completely free on the Market or use the link directly below.

6. EmuBox

EmuBox is not only a Nintendo DS Emulator, but it is also a offers more options for players when it can emulate other platforms like NDS emulator, PSX (PS1) emulator, SNES emulator, GBA emulator, GBC emulator, NES emulator…

Nintendo DS emulators for Android

The application has a flat design interface that gives you a professional feeling for the first sight. Usage of EmuBox is really simple that is the same as other emulators. At the main interface, you can Add new Roms Normally or Auto Scan Roms from the Device and then start the game without any other settings. What impresses me at this emulator is that it works really stable and is compatible with most of the Android devices. EmuBox control system still provides keyboard layouts of the platforms that it emulates, bringing a familiar feeling to the player.

EmuBox is completely free. You can download it easily from the Play Store. If you want to install it via APK, please click on the link below.

7. Free DS Emulator

There are more than 1 million downloads from Play Store and 4-star reviews from users that are the proof of the success of this app. Free DS Emulator brings minimalism to the user. It does not have many custom options, but everything is automatically optimized. You still have the option to change the layout of the keys, save and load games at any time.

Nintendo DS emulators for Android

Free DS Emulator can work on any device running Android 4.0, which has a lightweight capacity of only 19MB. You can download the link below.

8. nds4droid

Although it has stopped updating from 2016, nds4droid is still one of the best Nintendo DS emulators on Android. Currently, the application has reached over 10 million downloads. nds4droid is a pure Nintendo DS emulator, which does not bring you many other platform emulation options such as RetroArch or EmuBox. However, nds4droid is the perfect choice for those who want to play Nintendo DS Game on Android.


nds4droid supports visual and audible displays on the OpenGL (Open Graphics Library) platform so you can optimize games to achieve better frame rates per second. Also, nds4droid is free without IAP packages and ads. This is a good application for beginners to use emulator software, or for developers who want to create a new emulator platform.

9. viDS (NDS Emulator)

This is not a very popular app, but it is quite good and worth to appear in this list. At present, you cannot find this app from the Play Store and can only install it through the APK file. If you want to try it, please click on the link below.

Nintendo DS emulators App Android

viDS will support fast Roms loading without unpacking. The supported file formats are .rar, .zip and .7zip. As usual, viDS allows players to customize the layout of the keys, load or save at any time. It also offers some features that allow you to optimize your gaming experience by increasing download speeds, display quality, and sound quality.


10. Smart NDS Emulator

Smart NDS Emulator is a free NDS Emulator for Android. It works well and smoother although there are some Roms with the buggy sound. Overall, the quality of the graphics is acceptable. You can load games directly from the memory card without unpacking, easily save or download the game at any time.

Final Verdict

The Nintendo DS is still a legendary handheld console device from Nintendo that everyone wants to own. If you have trouble finding these devices, you can easily simulate them on your Android Smartphone by using the emulator that we introduced in this article.

No Nintendo DS Emulator is perfect. It depends on the needs and how you use it. In this article, we have brought you ten best options. You need a good Android device and of course the Roms Game to start experiencing them right now. How do you feel about this list? Please leave a comment below so we can find out what is the best Nintendo DS for Android.

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